Productivity Tips for Busy Moms in Business

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Being a busy mom requires organization and scheduling skills that keeps everyone on task and on time for school, activities, meals, chores and everything else in life. I personally rely heavily on a variety a calendaring options to schedule myself, my kids, and my husband. 

From a shared Google calendar for work, blogging and business schedules to physical calendars on the walls in the kitchen and office to my pocket calendar in my bag, I have a calendar everywhere for everything. It may seem silly and repetitive, but its what works for me. 

Productivity Tips:

  1. Find the right calendar planning option for you (wall calendar, pocket calendar, digital calendar, etc).
  2. Color code your tasks (green for business, purple for personal, blue for spouse, red for kid activities, etc).
  3. Ink the time on your calendar dedicated to key business activities (marketing, accounting, organizing, networking, etc).
  4. Ink the time on your calendar for required family, kid and spouse activities (nightly dinner prep, dance class, football practice, etc).
  5. Don't be flexible with 'inked' calendar items.
  6. Use a pencil for non-essential activities (social activities, play dates, etc).
  7. Don't be afraid to ink in some personal time on your calendar (for reflection, relaxation, a massage, mani/pedi, etc).

One of my favorite stops at the end of the year is the calendar store. This year I've found It is e-tail equivalent of the calendar kiosk pops up every year at your local mall. At you can order wall calendars, desk calendar, themed 'of-the-day' calendars, pocket calendars, and even calendars designed to keep mom organized. has themes for any passion, pet, sports hero, or classic design you can think of. Check out their top 50 calendar designs and check out their December savings.Shop our 50 most popular calendars. Free Shipping available!

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Calendars make great holiday gifts for kids, parents, friends, and co-workers. So, shop now for holiday savings.

Do you have a calendar strategy? How do you stay organized? Share your productivity tips with us in the comments.

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eMeals: Menu Planning Made Easy & Affordable

eMeals is offering 35% off
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I have been menu planning for my family for the past 2-3 of years. I love it...most of the time. My family knows what to expect for dinner each night. It makes grocery shopping easier, more organized, and keeps me on budget.

The best part of menu planning, my hubby (who has 2 culinary degrees) knows what to cook. Typically, the more involved cooking meals he is responsible for cooking, while I keep get the easy recipes (spaghetti, grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese). So, when I have a craving for something 'fancy', I can put it on our menu board and it will get prepared...most of the time.

The worst part about menu planning finding new recipes. There are many times I am uninspired, but I'm tired of the same ol' recipes. No matter how much I search Pinterest, I have a hard time committing to new recipes. Not to mention, preparing a grocery list for the new menu items can often take more time than I have or cost more than is budgeted.

eMeals - the market leader in menu planning

Then...I found eMeals. Ohmygoodness...this is exactly what I needed! eMeals arrived in my life when I had started to slack on my menu planning due to a lack of inspiration combined with the obligatory holiday meal prep. When they offered a free 1 year subscription for a review of their service, I held my expectations low. I had tried some of the free menu planning services and found their variety left a lot to be desired, or their organization made the process more confusing.

eMeals is the leader in menu planning with over 50 weeks of menu plans designed to save families money and not waste ingredients. Financial expert Dave Ramsey even endorses the brand for their commitment to saving families $1,000/year with their menu planning options. 

eMeals is super affordable for a year's worth of meals. A one year subscription is only $58 (My Mom Spark readers can save 35% with code below). Here is what you will get:

Easy Sign Up with Lots of Options

The sign-up process what simple. I got to choose from 13 different menu styles. Everything from classic to Mediterranean or Paleo to vegetarian, there is literally a menu for all lifestyles. I choose "Simple Gourmet". Then, I set our family size; they have servings for 1-2 or 3-6, which works for young couples or growing families.

7 Day Menu Plan Ready Immediately

BAM! My account was ready to go and my 1st week of meals was ready for download. Then each week the next 7 days of meals is emailed directly to me. Or, I can log in and download my weekly menus anytime. This is a great convenience for busy moms (like me). 

In my download, I got exactly what I asked for - simple recipes (nothing more than 1 hour prep time), great ingredients (feta, wild rice, etc), and fully laid out shopping list of ingredients. 

Shopping Lists Included

The shopping list was probably my favorite feature. It organized the ingredients by departments (so easy to find while at the store) and it labeled the ingredients based on which meal (1-7) that the ingredient was used for. To top it off, on the sidebar of the shopping list was a meal outline of "Staple ingredients" you were bound to have in your cabinets already (salt, olive oil, etc). When went shopping for this 1st week, it was incredibly easy to get everything we needed.

BONUS: Coupons to the Grocery Store

If you have a regular grocery store, you can also get coupons for menu items each week. This would be a nice feature, however we shop at Trader Joe's for 90% of our family groceries, and the Simple Gourmet option didn't let us choose a store for coupons (TJ's wasn't on the list). But, any of the other menu options allow you to get free coupons. 

So, what did we cook?

The real test: the recipes. We decided to try the Angel Hair Pasta with Roasted Peppers, Garlic, and Feta with Sourdough Crostini on the side. We added chicken to this delicious pasta meal. Total prep time was around 25 minutes (perfect for a school night).

  • 3 large red bell peppers, halved and seeded 
  • 1 lb box angel hair pasta 
  • ¼ cup olive oil 
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced 
  • 2.25 oz package pine nuts 
  • 1 teaspoon salt 
  • ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper 
  • 6 oz container feta cheese crumbles 
  • ⅓ cup chopped fresh parsley 
  • --------------------------------------------------------------- 
  • 1 small loaf artisan sourdough bread 2 tablespoons olive oil

The Verdict: Amazingly Delicious. Easy. And the kids ate everything except the peppers...that's a WIN in our household.

Our eMeals menu plans will be emailed to me every Thursday. While we probably won't cook every meal every week, it will be nice to have new meals on the menu each week. Plus, once I get tired of the Simple Gourmet, I can change my menu preferences at any time. 


For my readers, eMeals is offering 35% off an annual subscription. Use code CYBER35 when you check out.

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A Styling Revolution - SkillShare: School of Fashion & Style

Take a Fashion e-course.

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love Pinterest...but who doesn't love Pinterest, right?

My one problems with Pinterest is that I'm always jealous of the crafty crafters and the stylish fashionistas who create those beautiful outfit collages. And then there is the to-die-for interior design images of all the perfect homes with their fabulous sense of everything in its place.

While I aspire to create beauty in my life like these outfits and homes, the reality is - like for most moms of young kids - it just never happens. I can organize til my heart is content but I am clearly missing some key interior design elements in my life.

So, when I was offered a free course at the SkillShare in exchange for sharing my thoughts, I took it. SkillShare is a community of classes from advertising & business to writing & photography. When they specified I needed to take a class in the recently launched School of Fashion & Style, I thought...this is my chance to explore my Pinterest aspirations. The School of Fashion & Style offers courses from make-up to beauty to fashion to styling and everything in between. As I searched the available courses, there was one lone course that struck my fancy - Interior Styling: How to Style Your Space Like a Pro. This spoke to every pin I've ever pinned on my Home board, but never attempted due to my clear shortcomings.

So, I dove in. Cashed in my free class to join instructor, Justina, on my styling revolution. The course was simple...5 self-guided steps through Justina's video instruction + class projects. Justina took me through her 8 steps for styling and explained each lesson clearly and with expert tips.

The whole course consisted of floral + coffee table styling, sofa and console/credenza styling, bookshelf styling, and bed styling. While I am still working on my 1st class project, I enjoy the concept of what is happening on SkillShare and I am excited to explore other classes once I've mastered my interior styling revolution.

All of the classes on SkillShare are reasonably priced (around $20 depending on the course). If you enjoy being a 'learner of things' in life...check out the SkillShare courses & sign up to take your first course! Its a fun way to explore new skills you've always wanted to develop. Plus, as busy moms with tons of other things going on, the self-led courses fit perfectly into the time we have available.

TAKE YOUR FIRST COURSE Sign Up for Any Fashion Course.

Share with willing are you to take self-led online classes for a non-degree related skill? What hurdles prevent you from exploring? 

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Fortune Girls - Building Girls' Self Esteem

As a mom of a young lady, I know the day will come when my sweet princess is overcome with all things teenage! I hope that along the journey with my daughter that I can foster a healthy relationship that encourages her self-esteem while guiding her to making smart decisions. While I have a few years before I will have a teenager, I do support any mission out there that helps to build up health esteem in young tween and teenage girls. 

When I was first introduced to the Fortune Girls, their mission stood out to me as a solid message for young girls everywhere.Their campaign is to empower tween to believe in themselves and encourage them to pursue their goals. In my opinion, there is no better mission for the young women in our world. I love what Fortune Girls is doing for girls and their self-esteem.

Who are the Fortune Girls?

Created by a smart and creative tween, Madison Ruiz, and her mom, Barbara, Fortune Girls is a movement to encourage, empower, and support young women in their development to pursuing their dreams. With a posse of characters, a virtual world, television series, publishing, dolls, toys, music, video games, and so much more, Fortune Girls is establishing itself as a multi-cultural, multi-media brand that highlights strong traits in the young women of our society. Fortune Girls is focused on bringing together tweens and teens to dream big for their futures. 

Read more about their mission & accomplishments

Learn more about Fortune Girls
Always Say You're Sorry 

Join their Mission by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter @FortuneGirls.

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Book Review: Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

Book Review: Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

As parents we want to encourage our children to dream big, think outside the box, and be themselves. In Julia Dweck's latest children's ebook, Faux Paw, Waldon Bear's mom does just that. She encourages him to embrace his dreams and live them out loud despite his teacher and friends. And when it looks like Waldon's dreams to be a bear are about to run out, Waldon's mom shows up to support her little man and his big dream. 

Faux Paw is a light-hearted story with a big message. As always, Julia captures a great kid's story with fun characters and pure imagination. Illustrator, Walter Carzon, adds more zip to each character's expression, including a less-than-encouraging teacher.

My oldest enjoyed the story and silliness of Waldon's character, but it was also led us to a fun conversation about what we would want to be when we grow up (P.S. - she tells me I'm already there.). We both have enjoyed reading Julia's e-books for kids, and the character themed facts are an educational bonus for older kids.

I am a fan of Julia's books. Faux Paw is on Amazon for $3.99. Be sure to download a copy for your kids.

Until Next Time,

Learn more about author Julia Dweck and her collection of titles on her website JuleLoves2Write and follow her on Facebook.

Book Review: Humpfree the Humpless Camel

Book Review: Humpfree the Humpless Camel

The newest story from Julia Dweck is a charming story of one camel's journey to embracing his differences to know that he is special. This problem-solving camel tries with all his might to find his humps before a stranger tells him how special he really is. 

This book has a heartfelt message to kids. Julia captures the plight of this humpless camel with an equal balance of critical thinking and light-hearted adventure. Illustrator, Young-Min Yoon, gives a great visual interpretation of the story with a lovable camel character on his journey.

My youngest was particularly infatuated with Humpfree since one of his favorite songs from school is "Alex the Camel". So we had lots of fun discussions about Humpfree finding his humps, but Alex was losing his humps. Either way, we loved this book. My oldest found the camel fun facts at the end of the book fascinating.

Humpfree the Humpless Camel is currently on presale on Amazon and will be available on 10/5 for purchase and download.

Until Next Time,

Learn more about author Julia Dweck and her collection of titles on her website JuleLoves2Write and follow her on Facebook.

Book Review: Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

Book Review: Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

A classic nursery rhyme turned on its head with silliness. We loved this story! My kiddos were giggling through every page of Mary's adventure with her sleepy sheep. Julia Dweck captures the essence of the nursery rhyme we all know in love in this new adventure Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep.

From a her mother who kicks the sheep out to the resourceful ways Mary tries to keep her sheep awake, this is a fun adventure with a little twist at the end. Julia delights us with additional activities at the end of the book. And illustrator, Wilson Williams, Jr, captured the ridiculousness of the story in each characters expressions, making my kids giggle even more at all the action happening on the page.

If your kids like silly books, Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep, is a great book to have on hand. The rhyming cadence makes it easy to read, but is a great level for my beginning reader to try her hand at the simple language used. This book is age appropriate for families with a wide span of young children.

You can buy Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep on Amazon for $3.19.

Until Next Time,

 Learn more about author Julia Dweck and her collection of titles on her website JuleLoves2Write and follow her on Facebook.

Book Review: Blucy by Julia Dweck

Book Review: Blucy by Julia Dweck

Who doesn't love a mischievous blue cat? Well, we did. Blucy is a magical story of a little girl, Mandy, who adopts a cat from the shelter. As the pages progress, we are taken through all the blue ways a little cat can get in trouble. But there is one way to Blucy's heart...

Blucy is a charming kids story filled will silly adventures and themed around all things blue. It's a delightful read before bedtime. Julia Dweck captures a rhythm and cadance with her rhymes that makes it fun to read and fun for the kids to follow. Illustrator, Erika Lebarre, captures the brilliant blue tones in each colorful adventure adding appropriately mischief expressions to the silly blue cat.

As I explored Julia's stories, I love how she incorporates additional activities for older children at the end of each book. This makes reading one book to a variety of ages more interesting. My 2 year old understood the story, while my 6 year old was challenged with more advanced activities, like finding the hidden pictures or fun facts about the characters she has created.

Blucy is available on Amazon and worth having on your tablet to read each night for only $3.99!

Until Next Time,

 Learn more about author Julia Dweck and her collection of titles on her website JuleLoves2Write and follow her on Facebook.

Hard Copy Books vs E-books for Kids

I love reading with my kids. It has been an integral part of our bedtime routine since before my oldest could talk. Both of my kiddos love to read - to me, to each other, or by themselves. We have a shelf full of close to 100 books for the kids to choose from, play with, and explore. 

But until recently, I've been a little 'old school' with kids books. I've been hesitant to incorporate e-books in their routine. Perhaps its because I believe there is joy created by physically holding a book and turning the pages. Or my risk-adverse nature to not put my Kindle in the hands of my sticky fingered little ones. Plus, I still enjoy reading a great book and turning the pages is satisfying as you progress through a great read. 

Regardless, when Julia Dweck offered to share her kids books with me, I knew we would love to explore some new stories. The fact that they were electronic made story time more exciting for everyone. My kids, who rarely get to use "Mommy's Tablet", were even more thrilled to sit down with me to read these new stories. It was a revived excitement for reading. Despite a battle who would touch the screen to turn the page and trying to explain to my 2 year old that he couldn't touch the picture because it would move the page, this transition to electronic literature is an interesting journey. Overall, I may be convinced that e-books for kids are a pretty cool treat for them.

This week I will be reviewing each of the stories Julia shared with my family, but I thought I'd ask how other families feel about e-books for kids.

So, I want to know, do your kids get to enjoy books on your tablet? Or do you prefer 'old school' books for the kids?

Stay tuned for my book reviews of Author Julia Dweck's children's books.

Until Next Time,

Mommy Fun Money with Pre-Paid Visa

As a mom you can never do too much budgeting. I've tried all the methods - cash envelopes, online budgeting services, excel spreadsheet. But sometimes I'd like to just set some money aside for myself. When I found it seems like a great fit for what I need...a place I can put my "Mommy Fun Money" and not worry about spending on bills or the kids.

So, I signed up for my account. The process was easy. It required no credit check, so my husband (who handles the big bills and hates it when I run my credit) was happy. The longest part of setting up my account was exploring their 1,000's of card designs! It was crazy. I could hardly decide. But I settled on a design that fit my mood that evening - fun and a little psychedelic.

About 4 days after finishing my account set up my card arrived in the mail. When I said "psychedelic" - I meant it! Look!

Anyway, now I have a fun Visa card that I can load with my Mommy Fun Money and spoil myself with a pedicure or some retail therapy. Plus, this card is good anywhere VISA is accepted. 

So, here are the details of this pre-paid VISA -

  • Free to order, activate and load
  • Free app and check deposits from your smartphone
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free card-to-card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds
  • No overdraft fees -- never goes negative!
  • Safer than cash - 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds
  • No debt, financially responsible, no interest/credit/APRs
  • No credit check and approval in seconds
  • 22,000 in-network ATMs

This card is not a gift card, so you can’t give or receive the card as a gift - It's better than a gift card because you don't just use it once and toss it, but instead get to replace your boring bank-issued debit card and show it off over and over.

Visa prepaid cards from

Free for 30 days - then $5.95 monthly fee, which we waive when you direct deposit over $800 in the previous 30 days.  This fee is the same as the Walmart prepaid card and way less than many of our competitors. It's also much less than overdrafting your bank account, paying for a checking account or using a credit card.

What do you do with your Mommy Fun Money?

Until Next Time,

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Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway + Free eBook from KiteReader

Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway + Free eBook from KiteReader

Do your kids love your tablet? Or do they have their own tablet?

Tablets in our house are a privilege that my kiddos will work hard for just 30 minutes on one. However, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to enjoy my tablet and finding crumbs and sticky finger prints on the screen. Its always obvious when they've earned their tablet privileges  But, I do worry about what they might do that could damage this expensive toy - especially when my sneaky 5 year old takes it to her room without permission.

Well, I've partnered with KiteReader to offer a fun and easy way to win 1 of over 20 kid-friendly tablet accessories! Whether you want to protect your tablet with a kid-friendly case, use a handy stylus instead of your fingers to touch the screen, or simply accessorize your tablet with some awesome headphones, KiteReader has got you covered!

Plus, every participant who enters the giveaway receives a FREE eBook from one of KiteReader's list of award winning titles.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter this awesome giveaway now! Read about the Giveaway Rules & detailed description of each of the prizes below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules: US Residents, 18 years and up only. 1 entrant per household. The giveaway is open to US residents only. Winners will be picked randomly through the Rafflecopter entry form. Winners will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. 
All winning entries are verified.  
Prizes Include: 
Gumdrop Kindle Fire Case (Valued at $49.99): 1 Winner
If you’re looking for the most rugged, durable yet ultimately affordable Kindle Fire protection, you found it in the Drop Tech Series Kindle Fire Case. Shock Absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the Drop Tech Series Kindle Fire case specifically conforms to the shape of the Kindle Fire and offers multiple layers of protection. This transformer case features a unique, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection. (
iPad Smart Cover (Valued at $39.99): 2 Winners
Snap the Smart Cover into place and it wakes up, stands up, and brightens up your iPad. It magnetically aligns for a perfect fit. It wakes and sleeps your iPad on open and close. It’s a handy stand for reading, watching, and typing. And it’s a way to make your iPad as personal on the outside as it is on the inside. (
iGuy iPad Case (Valued at $39.95): 2 Winners
Say hi to iGuy. He’s fun, free-standing and kid-friendly. Designed to fit all full-size iPads – even the new iPad 4! (
Fisher Price Kindle Fire Kid-Tough Apptivity Case (Valued at $29.99): 2 Winners
With a Kid-Tough rubberized casing and a clear film over the screen to protect against drips and sticky fingers, the next time your child asks to play with your Kindle Fire, you’ll be much more likely to say “sure”! (
Griffin Technology Cinema Seat (Valued at $24.99): 2 Winners
CinemaSeat turns your iPad into the perfect in-car entertainment system. CinemaSeat’s wide, adjustable strap routes around your car seat’s headrest to perfectly position your iPad for backseat riders. Without sacrificing access to Multi-Touch display, controls or headphone jack, CinemaSeat lets them watch video, listen to music, play games and more. CinemaSeat gives your riders the best seats in the house. Or car. (
KaZoo MyPhones (Valued at $19.99): 2 Winners
KaZoo MyPhones have built-in-volume-limiting circuitry that keeps the sound pressure down to levels recommended as safe for young ears. Exposure to excessive levels of sound is more than a nuisance. It’s a health issue, especially for children. KaZoo MyPhones use a built-in, always-on sound-control circuit to cap peak volume levels at 85 decibels. That’s the maximum level recommended by many auditory health organizations in the U.S. and abroad. And, of course, KaZoo are kid-friendly with fun animal designs and durably constructed. (
Felix TwoHands Stand (Valued at $19.99): 2 Winners
When you want to use your NOOK hands-free, this ingenious accessory is the perfect solution. Made of sturdy molded plastic, it opens with a gentle squeeze and securely grips the edges of your NOOK, while the base rests on a flat surface to form a sturdy stand. The spring mechanism is both strong and flexible, so the Felix will hold your NOOK in either landscape or portrait mode; when closed, it’s only 7″ long, so it will easily slip into a pocket or bag. Add in the sleek, distinctive look – enhanced by a “felix” logo script printed in silver – and this is truly a must-have item for every NOOK owner. (
Crayola Color Studio iMarker (Valued at $15.99): 2 Winners
iMarker is the key to unlock limitless discovery and play on your iPad. It’s a digital marker, crayon, pencil and paint brush that interacts with the Crayola ColorStudio HD app to create all your favorite Crayola colors on the iPad’s Multi-Touch display. As you color, animated characters, music, sound and visual effects bring scenes to life, and surprises await on every page. (
Marware UpSurge Speaker (Valued at $9.99): 2 Winners
The Marware UpSurge Mini Speaker delivers crisp, distortion-free sound from virtually any media player device. The UpSurge travels with you wherever you go, providing rechargeable, long-lasting audio enhancement in the palm of your hand. Its compact design twists and extends when in use for enhanced bass and sound quality. The UpSurge Mini Speaker is the perfect solution for your portable audio needs, whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or playing a video game. (
KiteReaders Stylus (Valued at $5.99): All Winners!
The KiteReaders Stylus is the perfect accessory to use on any of your touch devices! With a pen on one end and a stylus on the other, this stylus is a great tool to have in your pocket or bag at all times! 
More about KiteReaders:
KiteReaders is a multi-award winning digital publisher of children’s books. With over 100 titles and 30 best sellers across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, KiteReaders aims to provide quality content for children and their families and increase literacy around the world. Visit KiteReaders at and like them on Facebook!

Until Next Time & Good luck,

Mighty Handle Product Review

Okay, we've all done it...loaded ourselves to the brim with plastic grocery bags hoping to only make one trip in from the car. Strategically placing the bags and equally balancing each side of our bodies, then rushing towards the door hoping none of the bags tear or the kids don't get stuck under our feet as we make our mad dash loaded down with an extra 75 pounds of food products.

Yep, I do this on a weekly basis. Some weeks this type of activity is all the extra strength training I can muster. And darn if my 2 year old doesn't get under my feet or decide to dawdle around instead of following me inside. Ugh!

Well, I was super excited to be asked to review The Mighty Handle. This handy little contraption can't handle my massive amounts of weekly groceries, but it sure makes carrying a few bags a lot easier. Plus, it frees up one of my hands to help my 2 year old stay focused on the mission of heading inside from the heat.

The Mighty Handle is made of durable plastic. It is light weight and fits great in my glove compartment or trunk, so I always have it with me. Simply place the handles of the bags over the hook shaped arms, twist, and you are good to go. They are designed to carry up to 50 pounds each. I've even found them handy in our walks up to the grocery store at the edge of our neighborhood. It has a patent-pending design and retails at $9.99 on Amazon.

Check out this short video to learn more about The Mighty Handle.

What are your best tricks for carrying in large loads of groceries?

Until Next Time,

Dry Nights with GoodNites Underwear

This post brought to you by GoodNites. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, I’ll admit it...Potty training is probably my least favorite part of being a mom. But, the satisfaction of watching your little one conquer keeping their pants dry all day is worth it in the end. Once you’ve conquered daytime dry pants, the night time potty training always takes a little longer.  And this night time training doesn’t always come easy for some kids. In my opinion, one of the worst ways to start your day is changing wet bed clothes.

So, how do you overcome the night time potty training without defeating the progress of the day time dryness?

For us, night time potty training took time and required a balance of eliminating wet sheets without losing the confidence of day time dryness. GoodNites was a great compromise. With the confidence of its discreet nature, my daughter can wear them without feeling like she is wearing a diaper (like her baby brother). 

So we took the GoodNites 3-night challenge. Night one was met with resistance, but with a little encouragement she did it. It was a dry night! Night two was a little more exciting because we had a big milestone the night before. Again another dry night! Night three was no discussion. And again it was dry!

Was this success because of GoodNites? It’s hard to say. But the challenge was a fun and confident way to encourage dryness. Plus, the satisfaction on both sides of waking up to dry sheets and dry pants is the perfect way to start my day!

GoodNites Underwear are the most absorbent pants for boys and girls for ages 4+. They are made specially to protect while lying down. They have a discreet design so your child can maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem while overcoming bedwetting. They are also soft and plush so no irritation while they sleep.

Take the Under Cover Mission and WIN PRIZES!

If you are struggling with bedwetting, check out GoodNites Facebook page (aka “Mission Control”) to engage in conversations with other moms and dads. You can also sign up for the Under Cover Mission online for a chance to win weekly prizes! Use code 8675 (via the Facebook page or website entry).

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Monday Mantra July 15th

So we are half way through summer. Are you surviving?

Today's Monday Mantra makes me smile. It would make for a perfect day if I could end every day with champagne. I hope on this mid-summer Monday you start your day with a smile.

How would you spend your perfect day?

Until Next Time,

Fourth of July Fun from Pinterest

The fourth of July is a great summertime holiday! Everyone wears red, white, and blue. Grilling burgers and hot dogs before a fabulous fireworks display embodies what it means to be an American celebrating our heritage.

Its also a great time to find patriotic goodies perfect for any July 4th festivities. Here are some of my favorite finds courtesy of Pinterest. Share your favorite finds with me in the comments below.

Don't forget to check out Handmade aJ with her festive red,white, and blue mason jar koozies.

1. Red, White, & Blue Cheesecake Popsicles - Cool off with one of these bad boys!

2. The perfectly cool July 4th wardrobe - This is the perfect layout for every traditional fourth of July activity.

3. Decorate your door with this red, white, and blue wreath.

4. Patriotic Toes will show your spirit.

5. A Fourth of July Festive Table setting for your favorite people.

What is your favorite tradition on July 4th?
Until Next Time,

Monday Mantra - July 1st

I love the first day of the month. It is a great day to establish (or even re-establish) your goals. Take some time to decide what it is you want to accomplish this week and this month. Do it with intention. Don't be afraid to chase after your dreams. Stop running from your fears. Set yourself for success by writing down your goals somewhere you will see them every day! 

May your 1st Monday of July be filled with deliberate decisions to go after what you want and to do it with intention.

Until Next Time,

Monday Mantra - June 24th

Never a classier lady, I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. 

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway." 

Don't let the judgement of others dissuade you from achieving your dreams this week. Follow your heart and you will find happiness. By letting the thoughts of others hold you back from your dreams you sacrifice your potential. So, forge ahead. Be proactive. Have a great week!

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Etsy Shop Review - Handmade aJ

I love shopping Etsy. It is so easy to get lost in all the hand crafted gifts, decor, jewelry, etc. Handmade aJ is no exception to the quality of Etsy Shop products you can  find on this shopping site. 

Ashley from Handmade aJ creates fun mason jars knitted koozies with lidded tops. The tops have a straw hole to easily add a colorful straw as well.These are a great way for you and the kids to enjoy a cool beverage on a hot summer day. Or serve beverages indoors and these mason jar glasses won't sweat on your coffee table leaving rings.

Probably my favorite, and perfect for the 4th of July are the Americana Mason Jars. 

With the red, white, and blue pattern these mason jars would be a festive add-on to your patriotic celebrations. Whether you are watching the fireworks by the pool, at the camp grounds, or from your house, the Americana mason jars would be right in theme.

Another way to celebrate with these mason jars is to create a fun and festive gift for a birthday or housewarming.

You get the following with this order:

1. 4 (12oz) glass mason jars
2. 4 standard canning lids
3. 4 clear vellum straw lids
4. 4 handmade crochet covers
5. 4 coordinating beaded & silver tassels

Ashley has many beautiful color combinations to fit any home decor. Stop by Handmade aJ from My Mom Spark and Ashley is offering 10% off $15 or more - just use the code SAVE10.

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