Hard Copy Books vs E-books for Kids

I love reading with my kids. It has been an integral part of our bedtime routine since before my oldest could talk. Both of my kiddos love to read - to me, to each other, or by themselves. We have a shelf full of close to 100 books for the kids to choose from, play with, and explore. 

But until recently, I've been a little 'old school' with kids books. I've been hesitant to incorporate e-books in their routine. Perhaps its because I believe there is joy created by physically holding a book and turning the pages. Or my risk-adverse nature to not put my Kindle in the hands of my sticky fingered little ones. Plus, I still enjoy reading a great book and turning the pages is satisfying as you progress through a great read. 

Regardless, when Julia Dweck offered to share her kids books with me, I knew we would love to explore some new stories. The fact that they were electronic made story time more exciting for everyone. My kids, who rarely get to use "Mommy's Tablet", were even more thrilled to sit down with me to read these new stories. It was a revived excitement for reading. Despite a battle who would touch the screen to turn the page and trying to explain to my 2 year old that he couldn't touch the picture because it would move the page, this transition to electronic literature is an interesting journey. Overall, I may be convinced that e-books for kids are a pretty cool treat for them.

This week I will be reviewing each of the stories Julia shared with my family, but I thought I'd ask how other families feel about e-books for kids.

So, I want to know, do your kids get to enjoy books on your tablet? Or do you prefer 'old school' books for the kids?

Stay tuned for my book reviews of Author Julia Dweck's children's books.

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