Speech Essentials – A Speech Therapy App for Parents #Review

Speech Essentials – A Speech Therapy App for Parents

Understanding what your child is saying to you can be an art form for most parents. I often have to translate my four year old when he gets tired and whiney. My non-parent friends can have a hard time understanding him if they are not used to his speech patterns when he is tired. When he is rested and happy, he has clear speech and it’s never a problem.

My youngest doesn’t suffer from any speech impediments, but for those who have children in need of assistance with articulation, you may already be going to speech therapy sessions. How do you keep your little one engaged and practicing at home?

Speech Essentials is a speech therapy app for parents that has been developed by a private speech therapy practice in Utah. They are certified therapists who combine today’s technology with traditional techniques to help parents have an app at their fingertips to use.

Plus, Speech Essentials is designed to make speech therapy fun, exciting, and more interactive for children struggling with articulation. It’s a great way for parents to provide structured techniques to reinforce therapy sessions.

Test out Speech Essentials - The B sound can be downloaded for free and contains all of the functions and features necessary to facilitate articulation practice.  Additional sounds can be purchased for a few dollars.

Is this an app you would use at home if one of your kids struggled with speech?

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This post is sponsored by Speech Essentials. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. There are a few good apps out there for Apple devices, but it's great to see that there is finally a good out there for Android


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