Book Review: Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

Book Review: Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

A classic nursery rhyme turned on its head with silliness. We loved this story! My kiddos were giggling through every page of Mary's adventure with her sleepy sheep. Julia Dweck captures the essence of the nursery rhyme we all know in love in this new adventure Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep.

From a her mother who kicks the sheep out to the resourceful ways Mary tries to keep her sheep awake, this is a fun adventure with a little twist at the end. Julia delights us with additional activities at the end of the book. And illustrator, Wilson Williams, Jr, captured the ridiculousness of the story in each characters expressions, making my kids giggle even more at all the action happening on the page.

If your kids like silly books, Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep, is a great book to have on hand. The rhyming cadence makes it easy to read, but is a great level for my beginning reader to try her hand at the simple language used. This book is age appropriate for families with a wide span of young children.

You can buy Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep on Amazon for $3.19.

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