Dry Nights with GoodNites Underwear

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Okay, I’ll admit it...Potty training is probably my least favorite part of being a mom. But, the satisfaction of watching your little one conquer keeping their pants dry all day is worth it in the end. Once you’ve conquered daytime dry pants, the night time potty training always takes a little longer.  And this night time training doesn’t always come easy for some kids. In my opinion, one of the worst ways to start your day is changing wet bed clothes.

So, how do you overcome the night time potty training without defeating the progress of the day time dryness?

For us, night time potty training took time and required a balance of eliminating wet sheets without losing the confidence of day time dryness. GoodNites was a great compromise. With the confidence of its discreet nature, my daughter can wear them without feeling like she is wearing a diaper (like her baby brother). 

So we took the GoodNites 3-night challenge. Night one was met with resistance, but with a little encouragement she did it. It was a dry night! Night two was a little more exciting because we had a big milestone the night before. Again another dry night! Night three was no discussion. And again it was dry!

Was this success because of GoodNites? It’s hard to say. But the challenge was a fun and confident way to encourage dryness. Plus, the satisfaction on both sides of waking up to dry sheets and dry pants is the perfect way to start my day!

GoodNites Underwear are the most absorbent pants for boys and girls for ages 4+. They are made specially to protect while lying down. They have a discreet design so your child can maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem while overcoming bedwetting. They are also soft and plush so no irritation while they sleep.

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