Mighty Handle Product Review

Okay, we've all done it...loaded ourselves to the brim with plastic grocery bags hoping to only make one trip in from the car. Strategically placing the bags and equally balancing each side of our bodies, then rushing towards the door hoping none of the bags tear or the kids don't get stuck under our feet as we make our mad dash loaded down with an extra 75 pounds of food products.

Yep, I do this on a weekly basis. Some weeks this type of activity is all the extra strength training I can muster. And darn if my 2 year old doesn't get under my feet or decide to dawdle around instead of following me inside. Ugh!

Well, I was super excited to be asked to review The Mighty Handle. This handy little contraption can't handle my massive amounts of weekly groceries, but it sure makes carrying a few bags a lot easier. Plus, it frees up one of my hands to help my 2 year old stay focused on the mission of heading inside from the heat.

The Mighty Handle is made of durable plastic. It is light weight and fits great in my glove compartment or trunk, so I always have it with me. Simply place the handles of the bags over the hook shaped arms, twist, and you are good to go. They are designed to carry up to 50 pounds each. I've even found them handy in our walks up to the grocery store at the edge of our neighborhood. It has a patent-pending design and retails at $9.99 on Amazon.

Check out this short video to learn more about The Mighty Handle.

What are your best tricks for carrying in large loads of groceries?

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