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Who is Katie Childers?

Bonjour! I’m Katie Childers, owner of My Mom Spark. I’ve spent the last 10 years loving and promoting brands, businesses, and people who have quality products and services. From direct sales to corporate marketing, my working experience has incorporated a wide variety of experience that gives diversity and depth to my interactions with brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve perfected my craft of writing compelling copy and implementing successful marketing strategies for brands and businesses worldwide. My Mom Spark is my outlet for sharing products and brands that moms will love as well as practical marketing and business tips to help moms in business. 

This is a PR friendly blog open to sharing and partnering with companies looking to expand their audience and reach. All opinions are 100% my own and I only share the best products with my friends and readers. 

As a mom, a business owner, and a marketing professional, I enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle that revolves around supporting the people and products I love. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I currently live in the Raleigh area where I spend my days playing taxi to my children, marketing specialist to the corporate world, and writing about topics to improve business brand strategies for a constantly changing consumer environment. 

In my spare time (if that ever happens), you can find me at my favorite sushi joint with a glass of wine and my computer. The ideal way to spend my day is in the sun on the beach with a good book and glass of wine. Yep. Add wine to any aspect of my life and it makes it all better.  This passion has transformed into – my online wine accessories boutique that has everything you need to enjoy your favorite glass of wine. 

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