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If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know that I love Pinterest...but who doesn't love Pinterest, right?

My one problems with Pinterest is that I'm always jealous of the crafty crafters and the stylish fashionistas who create those beautiful outfit collages. And then there is the to-die-for interior design images of all the perfect homes with their fabulous sense of everything in its place.

While I aspire to create beauty in my life like these outfits and homes, the reality is - like for most moms of young kids - it just never happens. I can organize til my heart is content but I am clearly missing some key interior design elements in my life.

So, when I was offered a free course at the SkillShare in exchange for sharing my thoughts, I took it. SkillShare is a community of classes from advertising & business to writing & photography. When they specified I needed to take a class in the recently launched School of Fashion & Style, I thought...this is my chance to explore my Pinterest aspirations. The School of Fashion & Style offers courses from make-up to beauty to fashion to styling and everything in between. As I searched the available courses, there was one lone course that struck my fancy - Interior Styling: How to Style Your Space Like a Pro. This spoke to every pin I've ever pinned on my Home board, but never attempted due to my clear shortcomings.

So, I dove in. Cashed in my free class to join instructor, Justina, on my styling revolution. The course was simple...5 self-guided steps through Justina's video instruction + class projects. Justina took me through her 8 steps for styling and explained each lesson clearly and with expert tips.

The whole course consisted of floral + coffee table styling, sofa and console/credenza styling, bookshelf styling, and bed styling. While I am still working on my 1st class project, I enjoy the concept of what is happening on SkillShare and I am excited to explore other classes once I've mastered my interior styling revolution.

All of the classes on SkillShare are reasonably priced (around $20 depending on the course). If you enjoy being a 'learner of things' in life...check out the SkillShare courses & sign up to take your first course! Its a fun way to explore new skills you've always wanted to develop. Plus, as busy moms with tons of other things going on, the self-led courses fit perfectly into the time we have available.

TAKE YOUR FIRST COURSE Sign Up for Any Fashion Course.

Share with me...how willing are you to take self-led online classes for a non-degree related skill? What hurdles prevent you from exploring? 

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