Productivity Tips for Busy Moms in Business

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Being a busy mom requires organization and scheduling skills that keeps everyone on task and on time for school, activities, meals, chores and everything else in life. I personally rely heavily on a variety a calendaring options to schedule myself, my kids, and my husband. 

From a shared Google calendar for work, blogging and business schedules to physical calendars on the walls in the kitchen and office to my pocket calendar in my bag, I have a calendar everywhere for everything. It may seem silly and repetitive, but its what works for me. 

Productivity Tips:

  1. Find the right calendar planning option for you (wall calendar, pocket calendar, digital calendar, etc).
  2. Color code your tasks (green for business, purple for personal, blue for spouse, red for kid activities, etc).
  3. Ink the time on your calendar dedicated to key business activities (marketing, accounting, organizing, networking, etc).
  4. Ink the time on your calendar for required family, kid and spouse activities (nightly dinner prep, dance class, football practice, etc).
  5. Don't be flexible with 'inked' calendar items.
  6. Use a pencil for non-essential activities (social activities, play dates, etc).
  7. Don't be afraid to ink in some personal time on your calendar (for reflection, relaxation, a massage, mani/pedi, etc).

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Do you have a calendar strategy? How do you stay organized? Share your productivity tips with us in the comments.

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