The Truth About Baby Weight #GuestPost

Ugh! Baby weight...moms, we all struggle with it! Holly has a great story to share about how she figured out the truth about baby weight. Read her guest post below and share your thoughts!

The Truth About Baby Weight

Before learning what it would take to really lose those last few pounds, I tried and failed at many things for 2 years. I did the Waterfall Diet, saw a Chinese Herbalist, took Dandelion, sat in hot saunas, went low sodium, lowered my carbs, upped my carbs, wore a sweat belt while exercising, was hypnotized, did hot yoga, ate asparagus and parsley and drank celery juice and detox teas. 

I went from Paleo back to Vegan, then to Paleo again with cheese. I followed the 4 Hour Body, Atkins and South Beach. I kick boxed, lifted weights, walked and ran. I utilized my resources and consulted with Celebrity Trainers and Nutritionists. I even sought the Medical advice of a Hormone Specialist, Internist and Endocrinologist in an attempt to check for other underlying, more serious causes of water retention. 

I had blood work done, got tested for food allergies and even applied Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. If someone or something promised to get rid of my water retention or Postpartum fat, then I tried it. As fate would have it, not a single one of these triggered the weight to budge more than a pound. Not a single pound.  

Little did I know at the time, but I was treating the extra weight like it was the same kind of weight gained from overeating or a sedentary lifestyle.  When in fact, it was very, very different.  Once I learned what all my post-pregnancy weight was comprised of, I was able to treat it as such and the excess weight fell off seemingly overnight.

Upon figuring out truth about post-pregnancy weight, I knew that it was my duty to share the information with other Moms, so that's what I'm doing.  If you want to learn how I finally (and quickly) shed the pounds leftover from pregnancy, read more of my story at Truth About Baby Weight



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