Hand-Crafted Leather Gift for Dad #Review

Hand-Crafted Leather Gift for Dad #Review

Finding a unique one-of-a-kind gift for Father's Day is a kind of scavengerhunt challenge that I enjoy. Searching high and low, near and far, for that one gift that will be used, appreciated, and crafted with quality.

Gone are my days of giving socks and ties for my guy's gifts. ESPECIALLY after I found the beautiful creations from Etsy Shop owner Ronak. In his shop, HeenaHandicraft on Etsy, there are these beautiful hand-crafted leather bags. They look soft, yet masculine. In fact, they are the exact type of overnight/gym bag that my guy has been looking for!

Perfect timing! With today being Father's Day, these leather bags are a great gift idea for any man in your life.

Check out the different styles:

Leather Duffel Bag

Vintage Small Backpack

The rich brown coloring looks like it would be soft and durable for any guy's wear & tear. If you are looking for your next gift for the main man in your life, DEFINITELY check out HeenaHandicraft on Etsy.

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Organic Hooded Baby Towel Gift Set #Review

Organic Hooded Baby Towel Gift Set #Review

One of my favorite times while the kids were little was bath time. The sweet smell of baby shampoo. The cooing and giggles as water trickled over their back. It was always a soothing end after a long day.

For these reasons, bath time gift sets are my go-to gift idea for any baby shower invite. I like to pair the organic hooded towel and washcloth with cute bath toys and my favorite organic baby shampoo. 

When looking at organic bamboo baby towels, you've got to try this set that I found on Amazon by Lucid Top. It comes with a gift box and two wash cloths. Absolutely the best deal and quality that I have been able to find!

Plus check out the adorable bear ears and a guarantee for their quality that is unmatched by any other product in this category! The offer a premium quality, 100% organic bamboo for ultra-softness and extra absorbency. They are perfect for wrapping up your brand new bundle of joy.

Lucid Top is offering a 70% discount on this bamboo baby bath towel gift set. Grab a set for your little one and one for your next baby shower gift.

Do you love bath time with your little ones?

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Over the Top Hair Bows - Bratte & Co #EtsyShopReview

Over the Top Hair Bows - Bratte & Co #EtsyShopReview

"Life is too short to wear boring bows." - Ashley, Bratte & Co Etsy Shop Owner

What mom doesn't love a colorful and sassy hair bow for your little diva? The style recently has been the bigger the better based on my own 'tween daughter has shared with me about the over the top hair bow trend. 

I have to say, I'm kinda loving it! 

By far, the best place to find these one-of-a-kind over the top hair bows is on Etsy. You MUST check out Bratte & Co's Etsy shop for some seriously fantastic OTT hair bows. From My Little Ponies to adorable lady bug hair bows, shop owner, Ashley has some awesome bow-making skills! 

Check out a few of my favorite items from Bratte & Co. 

Ladybug hair bow - 1st birthday bow - Lady Bug - girls ladybug birthday - ott bows - girls birthday gift - hair bow for girls - Red bows  Girls Flower Headband - OTT Hair Bow - Purple Baby Bow - Hair Bow for Girls - Girls Birthday Bow - Girl Baby Shower - Newborn Photo Prop  

PLUS, this 20% discount for all My Mom Spark readers. These bows make perfect birthday gifts or add some infant headbands to a baby shower gift for an extra-personal touch.

What is your favorite OTT trend for kids right now?

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Quick Tips for Preparing Your Family for a New Pup

Quick Tips for Preparing Your Family for a New Pup

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So, you’ve decided to get a dog for your family! Congratulations! It is a quintessential part of the American dream, right? A four-legged furry family member to love and adore with wags and kisses. 

If you had asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you that I’m not much of a “dog person”. However, with one kid begging for a pet (and old enough for the responsibility) and the other allergic to cats, we embarked on the journey of finding the right dog for our family.

Quick Tips for Preparing for a New Pup

Find the right space in your home for a crate. 
Crate training is a must for a well-behaved dog. Choose a crate for your home that will fit your pup when she is full grown. I like to have a collapsible crates that is easy to clean – especially in those first days of your puppy adapting to her new home.

Fill the crate with cuddly (but washable) bedding. 
We all want our pups warm and secure at night or while we are away. Take an old t-shirt to put in with her while you are gone.

Establish a regular schedule for health habits. 
Get in the habit early of establishing those routine cues that help your pup know when it is time to eat, time to go outside, and time to go to bed. Feeding schedules help with a regular bathroom schedule. Be sure not to feed your pup too close to bedtime to avoid messy crates or a midnight wake up call. Remember to reward to behavior you want with treats! Find Healthy Dog Food Options

Find a vet who can help you monitor your new pup’s healthy growth milestones. 
Be a responsible pet parent. Get your new family member properly vaccinated and well acquainted with your local veterinarian. The local vet’s office is a great place to make sure your new-found friend is happy, healthy…and if he were to ever gets lost a great resource for Fido making it back home.

Plan for your pup’s grooming and hygiene. 
Depending on your pup’s breed, you may need to have grooming items on hand for daily care. Three must-have items for your new pup include:

* A dog brush or one of those cool gloves that have the brush teeth are handy (ha! Pun intended!)
Nail clippers keep those claws from scratching up your hardwood floors.
Organic shampoo is gentle on Fido’s skin and coat.

Choose a variety of chew toys….and save your shoes! 
A teething pup is your shoe collection’s worst nightmare. Keep you Jimmy Choo’s safe with a variety of chew toys to fit your dog’s mouth, challenge his attention, and meets his mood. We keep a few soft toy’s with squeekers (p.s. Hear Doggy Flatties with Chew Guard Technology Dog Toy has a silent squeaker and is awesome!) plus a few of the Kong ® Brand chews on hand. If you fill the Kong chew toys with treats or peanut butter, it will keep your pup busy for hours!

Assign roles and responsibilities. 
This is a great way to share responsibilities and for young kids to take part in chores of taking care of your new pup. Part of adding a furry four-legged family member to our household was clear cut responsibilities. We have clear rules and rotations for who is responsible for which pet chore each day.  It has made my transition to being a doggy mommy so much more enjoyable.

Need more ideas...check out these Must Have Dog Supplies  

Adding to your family is a fun and exciting time! Embrace this change like each new phase of your own children’s lives. A pet can create wonderful memories and bonds for the kids, the dog, and the parents. 

Remember, a dog is a commitment. Don’t take it on lightly. Take your time finding the right family member. We took over a year to finally decide on our Giovanni Winston. 

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Nature Prints Art – Beautiful Inspiring Prints for Your Home #EtsyShopReview

Nature Prints Art – Beautiful Inspiring Prints for Your Home

I love shopping on Etsy. It is the perfect place to find great gift ideas for family and friends. I literally get lost for hours shopping unique and wonderful handmade finds from around the world. One of my favorite searches lately has been for home décor – specifically wall art.

I’ve been on the hunt for a warm print for our back room – the den where we spend most of our family time. Finding the right photo or painting has been quite the journey trying to match a mix of styles and combination of furniture. Finally I found something that accents the warmth I want for that room.

Finally, I found Nature Prints Art – an Etsy shop that focuses on photography prints on canvas and metal. The artist and owner at Nature Prints Art has a beautiful Maple Tree print that is available as a canvas or a metal print. It is dynamic and beautiful piece of art that captures the transition of seasons in an elegant and inspiring way. 

I can see this metal print hanging over the fireplace in my backroom. Metal prints are a great option for their durability (around the kids) and the vibrancy of the print quality on the metal. It seems to be the perfect option for our family room.

Nature Prints Art has tons of gorgeous prints for any home and any room. The photography artfully captures nature in its purest form. You can find the right photograph for your home or to give as a gift. A sailing sunset watercolor composition is a great idea for my mom’s upcoming birthday. 

…see I love Etsy for wonderfully inspired ideas! Check out Nature Prints Art – My Mom Spark readers can get 10% off your next order by using the coupon code MYMOMSPARKS982KWHSZX.

Do you like bringing nature prints into your home décor style?

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Finding Your Zen – Things to Zen About #Review

Finding Your Zen – Things to Zen About

How many times in your life do you need to find things to zen about? As a busy mom, there are plenty of moments where taking a deep breath and finding my inner Zen is essential. Sometimes having a little something that reminds me to find balance and Zen is good for my soul.

At a new online store called Things to Zen About. You can find all kinds of items for your life that will remind you to find your inner Zen. From jewelry to home accessories, the team at Things to Zen About scour the world for uniquely Zen-ful items that can bring you some inner peace.

One of my favorite items at Things to Zen About is Good Luck Elephant Pendant with chain. This adorable little golden elephant charm necklace is a fun reminder that you can ‘point your trunk up towards the sky and believe’! The elephant is the oldest symbols of luck. Sometimes, we all could use a little extra luck.

Check out Things to Zen About and let them know you read about them on My Mom Spark!

Do you have a favorite online store with fun finds? Share links in the comments below.

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How Moms Can Earn Extra Money By Becoming A Doula #GuestPost

It is always helpful to find ways to earn a little extra money when you are a mom. There are lots of different ways you can find the right side hustle for you and your family. Today's guest post is a more than a side hustle. Learn how you can make some extra money by becoming a doula.

How Moms Can Earn Extra Money By Becoming A Doula

Doulas are professionals in the healthcare field that provide support to mothers during their pregnancy and labor.  Moms make the best doulas because they have all the qualities that are right for the job: compassion, patience, and understanding.  These qualities are needed as a doula in order to be a caretaker and a companion for women undergoing childbirth.  Moms understand that pregnancy and birth are not only a physical change for a woman, but also an emotional process as well.  Moms who become doulas know this intimately and perform incredibly well during their training.

What is the role of a doula?

A doula serves her client by providing supportive care during pregnancy, labor, and shortly after during the postpartum period.  The support comes in two forms: physical and emotional.  Physical support can come in the form of massages and aromatherapy to help reduce stress and relieve muscle aches caused by pregnancy.  Emotional support is just as important.  A doula gives emotional support through assurance, being an active listener, being a warm companion who is always there, and not being judgmental regarding the mother's choices.

The second important role of a doula is to provide childbirth education to her client in order to empower the mom into making the best choices for herself as well as her newborn.  By answering her client's questions regarding her pregnancy and birth in a non-biased manner, a doula becomes an integral part of helping making the birth a happy and fulfilling experience.

How can a mom become a doula?

Moms can train to become doulas by reading training literature and attending childbirth events. Doula certification programs such as Doulas of North America and Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association have a standardized training curriculum for moms interested in how to become a doula. These programs offer reading material, classes (both online and offline, as well as training workshops for both birth doulas and postpartum doulas.  While having a certification is not required, it makes landing a job much easier due to having past training experience through the certification program.

How much do moms earn as a doula?

After getting certified as a doula, moms can find work by networking with potential clients through the certification programs' contact list and through outreach via social media. As with most jobs, more established doulas tend to earn more due to having more experience.  Furthermore, doulas are more in demand in larger cities such as New York City vs. a rural town.  The average salary of a doula is $30,000.  This salary increases as the doula builds her reputation and brand through word of mouth and social media.  Birth doulas and labor doulas typically earn more than postpartum doulas due having to support the mother during the week before the birth as well as the entirety of her labor.  In contrast, postpartum doulas serve the mother during the few days after the childbirth.

About the Author
Doulatrainingguide.com is a website devoted to educating women interested in a career in healthcare about doula training opportunities and certification requirements. The author is Emily Thompson, who is also the editor of the website and a doula who wants to help future doulas in training.

PARENTS: A 30 Second Video that Will Save Lives

PARENTS: A 30 Second Video that Will Save Lives

30 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler – Back to School Must Have for Moms #Review

30 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler – Back to School Must Have for Moms

I drink a lot of coffee…every day. I never leave in the morning without my perfect blend stirred up in my favorite “go” mug. Up until this week, I thought I was good with 16 – 20 ounces of coffee on my morning carpool and errands.

Then, I met Kersty (TM) – Unlimited Wonderful. Kersty offers a 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with stainless straw and straw brush that is perfect for my busy mornings. I had more than enough coffee to get me through my to do list, and my coffee never got cold! It was fantastic! The insulated tumbler is now my new favorite “go” mug because of it's size and how well it keeps my must have coffee hot.

With school starting in the next couple of weeks, and start times being moved up earlier, my Kersty tumbler might just be my new best friend!

You can order your Kersty 30 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler on Amazon with free Prime Shipping - great quality & price. Check it out and get yourself ready for back to school morning with this perfect “go” mug for your coffee.

Do you take your coffee on the go with you in the morning?

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Maternal Belly Balm – Prevent Stretch Marks and Hydrate Your Skin #Review

Maternal Belly Balm – Prevent Stretch Marks and Hydrate Your Skin

Stretchmarks in pregnancy are normal. Moms everywhere are embracing the stretchmarks they earned during their pregnancies. We view stretchmarks as badges of honor. 

However, if you are pregnant and looking for safe and easy ways to prevent stretchmarks as much as possible, check out Maternal Belly Balm.

This unique blend of butter, essential oils, and botanicals help prevent stretch marks, improves skin elasticity, and hydrates your skin. Maternal Belly Balm is made with natural ingredients – including Chamomile and Comfrey – to be an effective and safe balm that will allow your growing belly to expand while minimizing stretchmarks.

You can buy Maternal Belly Balm on Amazon with free 2-day shipping for Prime members. It makes a great gift for the pregnant mom in your life.

Do you have stretchmarks from your pregnancy?

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Ignite a Healthy Lifestyle with Zen #Review

Ignite a Healthy Lifestyle with Zen

It’s summertime. In addition to all the extra daylight, fruits and veggies, it is a great time to be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is being around like-minded people who understand your journey to health. Surrounding yourself with others to motivate you, share tips, and keep you on track, getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle can be fun and easy.

Jeunesse Global offers a variety of products designed to detox, ignite, and thrive your healthy lifestyle goals. The detox takes care of the bloat while ignite helps your body melt the fat away. Thrive is all about living the healthy lifestyle in all that you do.

If you are interested in learning more about the Jeunesse Global healthy lifestyle system, visit Nicole and ask about her Zen Program. Tell her you heard about it on My Mom Spark.

How do you keep yourself inspired for a healthy lifestyle? 

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How to Deal with Baby Sleeping Issues #GuestPost

Remember the struggles of getting into a good sleep routine with your newborn? It is always great to find sound advice from experts - like those at babypillars.com. Today's guest post shares some great tips on how to deal with your baby sleeping issues.

How to Deal with Baby Sleeping Issues

For new born babies it is well known and expected that they will get up many times at night. Newborn babies that are just now entered the world need their time to adjust, adopt and realize and gain good sleeping habits. For more mature babies this is not the case and they should sleep through the night.

A lot of new parents have a lot of questions regarding baby care, questions like: How to take a baby to sleep? When do babies crawl? What are infant growth spurts? and much more. In this short article we will try to explain and go over things that might be affecting your baby sleeping patterns and what can you do as a parent differently.

Pre-fixed patterns and routines

Your new born baby needs fixed patterns. Your newborn biological clock is not yet set up and if you don’t set a well-known and well establish routine for your newborn they will find it difficult to settle down or to fall asleep. We as parents must follow a fixed pattern in our day by day care of our baby. When you maintain fixed day by day patterns, when they eat, when you play together, when they sleep, they will almost automatically begin to understand when they are supposed to play, when to sleep and so on.

"Start a routine as soon as possible. Help your baby by setting a routine and follow the routine as much as possible"

Sleep during the day

It is very important that you will track your baby sleeping patterns and the times they sleep during the day.  A lot of times sleeping issues in babies' accrue at night and that is because your baby is not tired enough due to long period of sleeping time during the day. You must play with your baby sufficiently to make him or her tired by the end of the day so they will fall asleep due to tiredness and natural fatigue.

"Help your baby in discovering new stimulates and habits during the day that will help them sleep soundly at night"

It varies with the age of your baby, but in any case try not to take your baby to long naps during the day. A baby who is just a few months old should at the most sleep for an hour at a time. For a new born baby that is about 0-3 months old they should sleep for a longer periods of time and up to three hours. Don’t allow your baby to sleep as much as they want during the day. If you do so you are just maintaining their sleeping issues and they are sure to have problems at night time.

The outdoors

It is a best practice as they say to take your baby somewhere during the day. You can take your baby to a family or friend’s house, or even to a park. Your baby would love the change to be stimulated by the environment in which he or she is in. For newborn babies try to find an environment that is not full with a wide range of stimulates rather just a few, a large and hectic shopping mall is not the best place for your little one.

"Nature and the outdoors is a great place to stimulate your baby"


Your baby sleeping habits can be affected by a lot of things that are surrounding them. By keeping a close eye on your baby sleeping patterns, by instilling patterns and routines and by playing and stimulating them during the day you can change your newborn sleeping patterns and issues and teach your newborn baby to sleep through the night.

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