WhatIsInTheBox – Cool Wooden Cube Cut-Out Tea Light Home Decor #EtsyShopReview

WhatIsInTheBox – Cool Wooden Cube Cut-Out Tea Light Home Decor

Are you ever looking for creative ways to light up a room in your house? Sometimes I look around and wish I had some accent lighting in particular rooms. Or, I need something to help the kids sleep…and standard night lights don’t last in my house for some reason.

Anyway, I found this Etsy shop called WhatIsInTheBox. Artist and woodscraftsman, Jack Gaston, creates these awesome wooden cube cut-out tea lights for your home décor. The wooden cubes come in a variety of colors depending on your preference. They are all laser-cut damask designs. 

WhatIsInTheBox carries over 41 custom wooden engraved or cut-out items that range from these light cubes to jewelry and music boxes. With 10 color options for the light cubes, I really like the violet light cube. For only $17.95 + shipping these make a great gift for someone or a fun new night light for your kids’ rooms.

Do your kids use a night light?

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Fish Fun Co. – Remote Control Boats for Real Fishing #ProductReview

Fish Fun Co. – Remote Control Boats for Real Fishing

As a mom of a boy, it is a whole new world of superheroes, camping, fishing, and all the boy stuff that I was never privy to growing up in a family of all girls. I’m excited to learn everything I need to know about giving my youngest the true “boy experiences” that come from digging in the dirt, playing with bugs, and putting the worm on the hook.

A cool new toy I’ve discovered – 34” Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat – looks like a great way to have fishing fun. This remote control fishing boat is designed for both kids and real fishermen who want to experience catching real live fish of any size.

Sold by Fish Fun Co., this remote control fishing boat makes an awesome summer toy while at the lake or camping with the family. I guarantee my youngest will be beside himself to learn how to fish while driving his remote control boat.

What is your #1 fishing tip for parents with young kids?

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The Bathtime Covie - Making Baby's Bath Time More Comfortable #GuestPost

The Bathtime Covie - Making Baby's Bath Time More Comfortable 

The Bathtime Covie by Corinne & Company is the first and only cozy infant bathtub cover that is designed to provide babies with added warmth, comfort, and stability that traditional cold, hard, slippery plastic tubs do not provide. This adorable, snuggly soft cotton slipcover is ringed with elastic so that it can adjust, fitting nearly every traditional baby bathtub on the market. The Bathtime Covie makes bathing your baby safer for it reduces exposure to the slippery plastic surfaces of the tub and minimizes direct contact with its cold surface. The Bathtime Covie changes the look and feel of baby bathtubs.  It is washing machine safe, slip resistant and makes for a must have for every new mom!

LaChrissa Grover, the inventor of the Bathtime Covie recalls utilizing a standard bath towel to generate comfort and traction during the bathing of her infant daughter Morgan, now one years old. The bath towel was beneficial yet as it absorbed more water the towel would sink further and further into the tub and made clean up strenuous. “I absolutely dreaded having to wring out the excess water from the towel which now felt like a heavy 50 pound sack of potatoes once bath time was complete,” LaChrissa says.  There was nothing on the market that met my needs” and the Bathtime Covie was born. It is the perfect lightweight solution to protect baby and make bathing most enjoyable.

Coffee Alchemist: Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Delivered To Your Door #ProductReview

Coffee Alchemist: Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Delivered To Your Door

I live on coffee. I love coffee. I typically drink 4-6 cups a day in order to get everything done, keep everyone organized, and to make things happen for my family. Coffee is a must for mommy productivity. 

Recently, I’ve enjoyed exploring new flavors of whole roasted beans instead of the standard grocery store bag of ground coffee. Coffee Alchemists delivers fresh roasted whole bean coffee to your door. Their specialty roasted coffee comes from popular regions from around the world – Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. Since the coffee season varies, not all regional varietals are not always available at Coffee Alchemists.  

Store owner,  John, has been roasting coffee beans since late 2014 as a hobby. His love of coffee and yoga is driving him towards his goal of providing premium fresh roasted coffee by opening coffeehouses in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Do you love coffee too? Order some great coffee from Coffee Alchemists and enjoy exotic fresh roasted coffee from around the world.

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Coupon Jane's Free eBook for Moms that Reveals Where to Get FREE Stuff

Coupon Jane's Free eBook for Moms that Reveals Where to Get FREE Stuff

>> PLUS Money Making and Saving Trends in Cooking & Dieting, Health & Fitness, Small Business & Marketing, Finance & Investing, Internet Technology & Photography, and More... Download the FREE eBook at www.CouponJane.net

Elena Collection USA – Gorgeous Handmade Christening Gowns #EtsyShopReview

Elena Collection USA – Gorgeous Handmade Christening Gowns

Christening is a special milestone for children. The practice of christening (or baptism) varies from religion to religion, but the tradition is founded in the same renewal of Christian faith that is cause for celebration as we accept new and renewed members into the Christian community.

For our family, both of my children were baptized before their 1st birthday. I remember shopping for the perfect gown and gathering all the family as our church family celebrated the life of my children for each of their baptisms. While we went a more modern approach to our children’s attire, I love the intricacy and detail of the christening gowns I found at Etsy shop Elena Collection USA.

Elena Collection USA hand makes gorgeous baptismal gowns for young children. The details and quality are clear in their immaculate pictures of each product. In this GRACY gown, the silk and lace christening gown comes with a bonnet to match. The lace is hand embroidered with silver thread and has a Venetian trim. Each gown is made to order and ships worldwide from Los Angeles, California.

Elena Collection carries over 300 gorgeous dresses for all celebrations in life – from a baby’s christening to their first communion, plus she even has flower girl and wedding dresses that are amazing with hand stitched details. If you are looking for a gorgeous gown, shop Elena Collection USA Etsy shop.

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Zonkey Escape - Mobile Game for Kids #GuestPost

Zonkey Escape - Mobile Game for Kids

Children have always learned in a variety of ways and with the pervasiveness of today’s mobile technology, even video games are a source of learning.

An example new to the marketplace is a mobile game for children called, Zonkey Escape.

In addition to being fun, inventive and safe, the game also folds naturally into key aspects of child development and education, supported by this excerpt from the Center for Implementing Technology in Education:

Video games are highly engaging and there is great interest in how to harness their power to support learning.  As in any learning situation, students are usually more engaged when they face a challenge that they feel they can meet.  The level of challenge should match the student’s skill level.  If the task is too hard, the student will give up easily, and if it is too easy, the student may become bored. Students also benefit from games that become progressively more complex and difficult.  Thus, an effective game allows students to begin at different levels of challenge and gradually take on more challenge.

“Screens are everywhere now. It is unrealistic to think we’re going to keep kids away,” says Pediatrician, Dr.Tanya Altmann. “It is important to choose the content and screen time wisely.”

For those of you with young children, ZonkeyEscape.com removes the monumental task of sampling the thousands of video games in search of  quality with age-appropriate content.
ZonkeyEscape.com is a safe source of juvenile entertainment having been awarded a G-Rating (ages 3+) from the International Age Rating Coalition  It’s official – Zonkey Escape is the new worry-free electronic baby sitter -  the new Barney & Friends!

Google and iTunes links:

Google Play  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newrosoft.zonkey
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zonkey-escape/id950239745?mt=8

Note: Instructions for game play are provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese with more languages to follow.

WINKpen #Kickstarter Campaign that Writers Will Love

WINKpen #Kickstarter Campaign that Writers Will Love

As a writer, even in the digital age, I love to sit with pen and paper. In fact, I’m very picky about the type of pen I use, how it writes, and how it feels in my hand. Beyond comfort, I have never given any thought to the type of ink I use. 

The WINKpen Kickstarter campaign changed that for me. The WINKpen was born out of the concept of using wine as ink. It’s a very cool concept that re-imagines how we think of pens as ‘disposable’ tools. Since the WINKpen is refillable, you can use it over and over again. Plus, it has been designed to use sustainable non-ink alternatives – like wine, tea, or juices. 

 The WINKpen designer, Jess, spent an year and a half to thoughtfully create a high quality design concept for a comfortable writing tool that will give you a whole new perspective on writing. Jess is looking to raise funds to take her prototype to full production. Her Kickstarter video fully explains her project and campaign. Check it out and support her mission with a pledge to fund the WINKpen.

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Little Diva Online – Handmade Fashion for Your Baby Girl #EtsyShopReview

Little Diva Online – Handmade Fashion for Your Baby Girl

I think there is a little diva in all of us. When you have your own baby girl, there is nothing more fun than dressing them up in adorable outfits with bows, chiffon, ruffles, laces…and sparkles. My daughter has continued her love of all these fashion accessories in her own style now that she is older. But I still find it adorable to see baby girls in their hot pink and black, glammed-out onesie with rhinestones and sparkles.

Little Diva Online Etsy shop has all of these diva-licious items for your baby girl. Little Divas Online carries everything from TuTu bodysuits to ruffled onesies. I even love their themed onesies that show off her love of her “Glam-ma”. So cute!

Little Diva Online carries over 200 handmade items – primarily for little girls. They launched in 2006 to create high- quality, fashion forward apparel and accessories for little girls. Each piece is handmade with layers of flouncy chiffon, fluffy feathers, radiant ruffles and the shiniest of sparkles.

If you have a baby girl at home, or friend with one on the way, checkout all the great clothing options at Little Diva Online. They even have a few items for your “Little Dude” with some rough and tumble boy themed apparel.

What is the most diva-licious item you’ve ever bought your baby girl?

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The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle #BookReview

The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle

The best kid’s books are the ones that are centered around a life lesson. Even better are when those life lessons are gentle reminders to us - the parents. The book The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle by Shirim Zarga-Lederman is that gentle reminder of a life lesson that even I need to hear every once in a while.

As book #2 in the Trotters of Tweeville series, this book is about a girl named Harraf Namrattle. Harraf has a problem with saying things that are sometime hurtful or are better left unsaid. So, when Harraf sets out on her adventure, she quickly learns what it means to think before you speak and how her words can be hurtful to her friends.

With an elementary age student and a pre-K student, these types of lessons are great our family night reading. The Kindle version is a fun and interactive way for me to keep both kids’ attention while we read a fun story with colorful characters.

Download your copy of The Trotters of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle on Amazon and read it with your kids. You and your kids will appreciate the lesson in the story.

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PatPat - A Daily Shopping App for Moms #GuestPost

As moms, we are always busy. No matter how busy we are, we have to shop for our family's needs. I've turned to online shopping for the things that I can wait for delivery. But newer than online shopping is the idea of shopping from a smartphone app. This thought is intriguing...and convenient. Check out the latest My Mom Spark guest post from PatPat - A Daily Shopping App for Moms

PatPat - A Daily Shopping App for Moms

An app for everyday maternity and baby essentials at up to 90% off, now available on the Apple App Store & Google Play.  

Silicon Valley – Now available, the app PatPat offers the busy mom an easy and cost effective way to purchase all of her everyday essentials for herself and her little ones for up to 90% off market price.  PatPat connects moms directly to the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and the expense that comes with it. Mom can take advantage of rotating daily deals for maximum bargain savings. 

The app also offers a community of moms – the PatPat Mom’s Group – for app users to join where they can share advice, stories, tips and tricks about everything from babies and bathing to toddlers and teething and everything in between!

Why PatPat?

Everyone loves a pat on the back and needs one from time to time. Imagine sending your friends a virtual pat on the back with deep discounts on their favorite and most used items – purses, diaper bags, toys and more. With the PatCode, moms can share the wealth with their friends while earning free cash credits toward their favorite items available exclusively in the PatPat store. 

How to download?
Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.interfocusllc.patpat
IOS:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pat-pat/id966740633?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8

Flair & Paper – Snarky Stationary for Life’s Special Moments #ProductReview

Flair & Paper – Snarky Stationary for Life’s Special Moments

How often do you wander the isles of cards at your favorite big box store looking for the perfect message to help a friend celebrate their special moment? Often I struggle with finding that perfect message, so I settle for a generic card or forego the idea all together {depending on the life event}.

When time allows (and I’ve planned ahead) I do enjoy finding stationary or cards in more unique places – like Etsy. I can easily get lost in all the stationary shops on Etsy. But, one caught my eye – Flair & Paper. Not because of their stationary for life’s special moments, but because of their Snarky Card options.

I’m always a fan of a little snark in my life. Most people don’t appreciate it, so I try to keep it in check. But to find fun cards that have a little bit of snark to their message makes those life’s special moments even more fun. Some of these Snarky Cards I’d probably give to a friend “just because” I know they’d appreciate it. Others I’d definitely save for that special moment when they’d need a little laugh or snark to lift their spirits.

Flair & Paper has a huge selection of custom stationary. All invitations are customized with your event details and they offer coordinating printables. So, if you are looking for some stationary or need a pick-me-up with one of their Snarky Cards, check out Flair & Paper’s Etsy shop for an awesome selection.

Who's the snarkiest person on your friends list that'd appreciate one of these cards?

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Hip Appeal – Exactly What Moms Need for the Next Workout #EtsyShopReview

Hip Appeal – Exactly What Moms Need for the Next Workout

Over the last few months, I’ve made a major and consistent change to hit the gym at least 2 times a week. This is huge for me because before this year, you were lucky if I set foot in the gym. But, life changes and some extra motivation put me in the gym with a new love for a good workout.

However, I struggle with where to put all of my stuff. I don’t like to carry in a bag to lock it away in the locker. I typically end up juggling keys, water, ID card, and {of course} my phone. But where to put it all so I don’t have to worry about it and can focus on my workout.

Recently I was introduced to Hip Appeal’s Etsy Shop. And THIS was my answer. Hip Appeal creates hip waist bands and running bands designed to hold your phone, your car key, ID and credit cards while you workout. It kind of reminds me of a modern day fanny pack.

The band fits snuggly around your waist over your workout gear. With 3 pockets (2 zippered and 1 cell phone seem pocket), you can securely keep the most important items with you while being hands free to enjoy your workout. The band is stretchy so it fits snuggly around your hips for even the most active workout, running, hiking, or fitness.

Hip Appeal – Hip Wrap Fanny Packs – come in a variety of colors so you can have the perfect color for your next workout outfit. The band is wide enough that it actually looks like the fold-over flap on my yoga pants. So, the band fits right in with my workout style.

…the more I think about it, the more uses I think I could find for using this awesome, modern, stylish fanny pack – shopping with the kids, at games/practices, vacation excursions, etc.

How would you use the Hip Appeal Hip Wrap Fanny Pack?

Until Next Time,


This post is sponsored by Hip Appeal. All opinions are 100% mine.

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