Zonkey Escape - Mobile Game for Kids #GuestPost

Zonkey Escape - Mobile Game for Kids

Children have always learned in a variety of ways and with the pervasiveness of today’s mobile technology, even video games are a source of learning.

An example new to the marketplace is a mobile game for children called, Zonkey Escape.

In addition to being fun, inventive and safe, the game also folds naturally into key aspects of child development and education, supported by this excerpt from the Center for Implementing Technology in Education:

Video games are highly engaging and there is great interest in how to harness their power to support learning.  As in any learning situation, students are usually more engaged when they face a challenge that they feel they can meet.  The level of challenge should match the student’s skill level.  If the task is too hard, the student will give up easily, and if it is too easy, the student may become bored. Students also benefit from games that become progressively more complex and difficult.  Thus, an effective game allows students to begin at different levels of challenge and gradually take on more challenge.

“Screens are everywhere now. It is unrealistic to think we’re going to keep kids away,” says Pediatrician, Dr.Tanya Altmann. “It is important to choose the content and screen time wisely.”

For those of you with young children, ZonkeyEscape.com removes the monumental task of sampling the thousands of video games in search of  quality with age-appropriate content.
ZonkeyEscape.com is a safe source of juvenile entertainment having been awarded a G-Rating (ages 3+) from the International Age Rating Coalition  It’s official – Zonkey Escape is the new worry-free electronic baby sitter -  the new Barney & Friends!

Google and iTunes links:

Google Play  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newrosoft.zonkey
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zonkey-escape/id950239745?mt=8

Note: Instructions for game play are provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese with more languages to follow.


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