The Bathtime Covie - Making Baby's Bath Time More Comfortable #GuestPost

The Bathtime Covie - Making Baby's Bath Time More Comfortable 

The Bathtime Covie by Corinne & Company is the first and only cozy infant bathtub cover that is designed to provide babies with added warmth, comfort, and stability that traditional cold, hard, slippery plastic tubs do not provide. This adorable, snuggly soft cotton slipcover is ringed with elastic so that it can adjust, fitting nearly every traditional baby bathtub on the market. The Bathtime Covie makes bathing your baby safer for it reduces exposure to the slippery plastic surfaces of the tub and minimizes direct contact with its cold surface. The Bathtime Covie changes the look and feel of baby bathtubs.  It is washing machine safe, slip resistant and makes for a must have for every new mom!

LaChrissa Grover, the inventor of the Bathtime Covie recalls utilizing a standard bath towel to generate comfort and traction during the bathing of her infant daughter Morgan, now one years old. The bath towel was beneficial yet as it absorbed more water the towel would sink further and further into the tub and made clean up strenuous. “I absolutely dreaded having to wring out the excess water from the towel which now felt like a heavy 50 pound sack of potatoes once bath time was complete,” LaChrissa says.  There was nothing on the market that met my needs” and the Bathtime Covie was born. It is the perfect lightweight solution to protect baby and make bathing most enjoyable.


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