Flair & Paper – Snarky Stationary for Life’s Special Moments #ProductReview

Flair & Paper – Snarky Stationary for Life’s Special Moments

How often do you wander the isles of cards at your favorite big box store looking for the perfect message to help a friend celebrate their special moment? Often I struggle with finding that perfect message, so I settle for a generic card or forego the idea all together {depending on the life event}.

When time allows (and I’ve planned ahead) I do enjoy finding stationary or cards in more unique places – like Etsy. I can easily get lost in all the stationary shops on Etsy. But, one caught my eye – Flair & Paper. Not because of their stationary for life’s special moments, but because of their Snarky Card options.

I’m always a fan of a little snark in my life. Most people don’t appreciate it, so I try to keep it in check. But to find fun cards that have a little bit of snark to their message makes those life’s special moments even more fun. Some of these Snarky Cards I’d probably give to a friend “just because” I know they’d appreciate it. Others I’d definitely save for that special moment when they’d need a little laugh or snark to lift their spirits.

Flair & Paper has a huge selection of custom stationary. All invitations are customized with your event details and they offer coordinating printables. So, if you are looking for some stationary or need a pick-me-up with one of their Snarky Cards, check out Flair & Paper’s Etsy shop for an awesome selection.

Who's the snarkiest person on your friends list that'd appreciate one of these cards?

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