WhatIsInTheBox – Cool Wooden Cube Cut-Out Tea Light Home Decor #EtsyShopReview

WhatIsInTheBox – Cool Wooden Cube Cut-Out Tea Light Home Decor

Are you ever looking for creative ways to light up a room in your house? Sometimes I look around and wish I had some accent lighting in particular rooms. Or, I need something to help the kids sleep…and standard night lights don’t last in my house for some reason.

Anyway, I found this Etsy shop called WhatIsInTheBox. Artist and woodscraftsman, Jack Gaston, creates these awesome wooden cube cut-out tea lights for your home décor. The wooden cubes come in a variety of colors depending on your preference. They are all laser-cut damask designs. 

WhatIsInTheBox carries over 41 custom wooden engraved or cut-out items that range from these light cubes to jewelry and music boxes. With 10 color options for the light cubes, I really like the violet light cube. For only $17.95 + shipping these make a great gift for someone or a fun new night light for your kids’ rooms.

Do your kids use a night light?

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