WINKpen #Kickstarter Campaign that Writers Will Love

WINKpen #Kickstarter Campaign that Writers Will Love

As a writer, even in the digital age, I love to sit with pen and paper. In fact, I’m very picky about the type of pen I use, how it writes, and how it feels in my hand. Beyond comfort, I have never given any thought to the type of ink I use. 

The WINKpen Kickstarter campaign changed that for me. The WINKpen was born out of the concept of using wine as ink. It’s a very cool concept that re-imagines how we think of pens as ‘disposable’ tools. Since the WINKpen is refillable, you can use it over and over again. Plus, it has been designed to use sustainable non-ink alternatives – like wine, tea, or juices. 

 The WINKpen designer, Jess, spent an year and a half to thoughtfully create a high quality design concept for a comfortable writing tool that will give you a whole new perspective on writing. Jess is looking to raise funds to take her prototype to full production. Her Kickstarter video fully explains her project and campaign. Check it out and support her mission with a pledge to fund the WINKpen.

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This post is sponsored by WINKpen. All opinions are 100% mine.


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