The Story of Ghost Hunter from Obi Software #GuestPost

Android Game Creator Sold his game; His father went bankrupt and His son rescued

The times have certainly changed for people whose life revolves around the art of gaming and the like. It is already a common fact that highly skilled people sell their talent (like drawing and expertise in Photoshop) online for companies who can put it to good use. Believe it or not, the internet has paved way for a lot of companies to find unique people with extraordinary skills in whatever field they excel on.

Today, I will share the story of a young man who sold his developed and trending game to a local software company. As you can see, he needed the money to support his college fees and family’s needs. According to him, he sold his game for $1 million to support his family when they went bankrupt.

The company ‘Obi Software’ made sure that the game that was sold to them was upgraded to a much better one while still respecting the idea of the original developer. They made it to a New Generation Game, the kind that is continuous or has no end. Obi Software has made two versions of the said game and will publish it on Google Play Store by on March 15 2015. So far so good, Obi Software who bought his game has already recovered their investment. This is a good thing for the company and the original developer.

This is a fine example that you can earn something huge when you utilize the power of the internet. If you want to play the said game, all you need to do is go to Google Play and type the following words on the search bar: Catch it up or Ghost Hunter.

Ghost Hunter is already available for Android in the Google Play store . The game will improve player’s reflection very effectively. Ghost Hunter was developed in a high quality manner by Obi Software.An experience with the ability to through successful play.

Obi Software said of the Ghost Hunter and Catch it up, “When Ghost Hunter went viral and received millions of plays we knew we had to create the perfect follow-up. We’ve brought a lot of thought to this project and we’re confident that by giving the gamer the ability to customize their own experience it not only makes the game increasingly fun, it makes it all the more addicting.”

The new Obi Software game has a sleeker look than its predecessor. Making the most of the new look with high quality graphics .

About :Obi Software
Obi software is founded in 2006 by two best friends. Obi Software celebrates the launch of the newest addition to their gaming line up, Ghost Hunter. Ghost Hunter has been available since the middle of March on , Google Play Store and iTunes.

For more information or links to the app stores please visit

Price Comparison Made Easy with Unit Genius Shopping Engine #Review

Price Comparison Made Easy with Unit Genius Shopping Engine

How much time do you spend each month comparing prices to make sure you are getting the best price per unit for all those items you need around the house and for the kids?

There are many months that I throw my hands up in frustration because I just don’t have the time to take all the steps to watch my local grocery circulars, check online for coupons, and even search the major brands online to see if I qualify for their best shipping offer. It takes a lot of time and effort to save the money.

But what if you could go to a single site to find the best per unit prices?

Unit Genius is the world’s first price per unit comparison engine for all of your household and personal essentials. It is all about finding the absolute best deal--on a price per unit basis--across all of the biggest online retailers like,,,, etc. in just a few seconds.

Basically, when you visit Unit Genius, you select the type of product you want to buy. They give you back the results of your search with a breakdown of the products that fit your search, the price, the price per unit, and where you will find it at that price. This is HUGE for price contentious moms who need to make every dollar matter.

For example, in my search for “tide pacs laundry detergent”, here is the top results, where I can buy them, and how much I save over 5 years. (Amazon won the lowest price with the biggest savings over 5 years!)

Unit Genius is an awesome tool for busy moms looking to streamline their comparison shopping. Check it out and discover how much you can save! 

How do you make sure you are getting the best price on your household & family needs?

Until Next Time,


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Ways to Capture Mom Moments In All Stages of Our Lives #GuestPost

Ways to Capture Mom Moments In All Stages of Our Lives #GuestPost

You’re a Mom, She’s a Mom...but our stories are all different.

My family was formed through adoption and is in the ballet-lessons-gymnastics-team-weekend-basketball-game phase.

Maybe hers is in the graduation-day-first-corporate-job phase.

…or the lucky ones, our Moms, in the read-a-book-to-grandchildren-and-do-some-gardening phase.

The stages of motherhood are worth capturing. No matter where you are in the journey of being a mom, you are creating moments and memories you want to keep forever. How you capture those memories is really up to you. This Mother’s Day, use these ideas to help mom capture her memories of this stage in her life with one of these ideas:

Monograms – Initials - Names
Special Dates – Anniversaries - Birthdays
Family – Kids – Birthstones
Professions – Passions - Hobbies

Wearable Lockets are a great way to incorporate all the special symbols into a beautiful gift for moms, no matter what stage of motherhood they are in. Capturing your story in a wearable locket gives even those who don’t usually wear jewelry a special memento. A locket is an opportunity to keep what they love most close to their heart - memories of childhood summers, the guidance of a loved one who has passed, or future goals and dreams. 

So this Mothers Day, if you were thinking flowers or chocolate, put those things in a keepsake locket instead. This way mom will have these special things close to her heart. 

Hand-painted Origami Owl charms provide endless options. Add Swarovski crystal birthstones and colorful charms representing Mom’s passions. And when her birthday comes, add a few more. Get more gorgeous and affordable ideas.

Please order by May 2nd to guarantee Mothers Day delivery via Standard Shipping.

About the Author:
Lenette Serlo lives in sunny South Florida with three young children, an NCIS-loving husband, and a bunny named Juniper. For balance in life and a little ‘me time’ she works as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. 

Bedtime Bedding – Kickstarter Campaign for Interactive Storytelling Bedding Set for Kids #GuestPost

Bedtime is my favorite part of my day. Not only because I know I will get some quiet time, but also because it has been our routine since the kids were born to read books, cuddle, and talk about our day as they wind down for the night. I love reading with my kids and hearing their interpretation of the story and the characters. This is why I am excited to share an awesome Kickstarter campaign with you. 

Bedtime Bedding Announces Kickstarter Project to Bring Innovative “Storytelling” Bedding Set That Helps Entice Children to Bed 

For many parents it can be a real challenge to get their children to bed without some kind of a fight. Bedtime Bedding has recently announced a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their first Bedtime Bedding set that approaches this problem in an innovative manner. The beautiful set uses the power of storytelling to help children look forward to bedtime and build deeper connection with their parents.

Which child loves to go to bed? Very soon it is quite likely to happen with the Bedtime Bedding set. Bedtime Bedding is a super cute children's bedding set complete with a duvet cover with pockets for fun play, three adorable plush figures and a smart phone app. These features make bedtime stories engaging, thought-provoking and ultimately relaxing – the perfect ingredients that help a child looking forward to bedtime rather than dreading it. 

This fresh, unique idea combines the best aspects of tradition and technology providing an alternative for parents to entice their children to go to sleep on schedule, with a smile on their faces. With a high energy Kickstarter campaign in place that offers great perks for early supporters, Bedtime Bedding may quickly change the way many families put their children to bed, for the better.

“Our product has its roots, how much we’ve loved playing with our parents, especially during bedtime – is definitely one of them,” commented Dora, one of the founders. “This kind of connection shouldn’t be sacrificed in any way, technology should embrace tradition and bring families together. Our answer to that is the Bedtime Bedding set. Something that wonderfully blends into the daily routine of families, encourages children and parents to bond and interact, and makes bedtime a pleasant experience alltogether. We plan to go on Kickstarter in the upcoming weeks, we hope we’ll be able to reach our goal and make a difference in the life of modern families eventually.”

According to the company, the Bedtime Bedding set will bring a long list of benefits to many families. The act of creating bedtime stories using the duvet, plush figures and the smartphone app is a uniquely bonding experience that inspires creative thinking in children. Research has also shown this kind of activity has a magical effect on children's social skills, their ability to communicate and possibly bolsters their learning skills later on.

The smartphone app itself provides countless storytelling ideas for parents who may have troubles on that department after a hard day at work. The application also features tips on how to incorporate the duvet and the plush figures into the play. With the Bedtime Bedding set on board, making up a story for the night is literally child’s play and with the possibility to act it out right away, the whole experience feels complete and natural.

The Kickstarter project has set a goal of GBP 16.000 (approx. USD 24.000) and launched on April 20, 2015.

Support the Bedtime Bedding Kickstarter Campaign

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Brooke Photo Studio – Artful Prints for Your Home #EtsyShopReview

Brooke Photo Studio – Artful Prints for Your Home

Photography was never an art form that I tried to master. I appreciate the artistry of a well-taken photograph, but I’ve only ever used a standard run-of-the-mill digital camera to snap shots of my kiddos as they grow up. 

Perhaps this is why I become fascinated with photographers and their choice of subject matter. Of course so many take the traditional family or wedding photos…those are wonderful in their own right. But when I find a photographer who focuses on the more abstract simplicity of life and nature, I become intrigued with their view of the world.

Brooke from Brooke Photo Studio Etsy shop definitely captures a unique vision of some of childhoods most symbolic images. From flip flops to cupcake lines & a whisk, these every day items take on a whimsical and imaginative composition that you will want to hang on your walls.

Each photo is available in a downloadable version, so you can print and frame it yourself. I got the yellow starfish print. I can’t wait to frame it in an ocean blue frame to match the beach theme in my kids’ bathroom. It’s the perfect yellow!

In addition to photos of objects from the kitchen, garden, and ocean, Brooke also offers unique pattern prints of your home state and initials. If you, like me, enjoy monograms as part of your home décor, the initials make a great framed piece of art that can represent your family name. Or order a letter for each of your kids’ rooms.

There are tons of options at Brooke Photo Studio. Everything is super affordable! So stop by and find the right photo print to order from Brooke and tell her you heard about it on My Mom Spark.

What type of art do you hang in your house?

Until Next Time,


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Laptop Sea – Gaming Laptops for Your Gamers #ProductReview

Laptop Sea – Gaming Laptops for Your Gamers

As my kids get older, I know I won’t be able to escape the attraction to gaming technology - especially my son. I try to pay attention to the latest games or best devices for gaming so I will have some knowledge when he starts begging for his first video games.

Laptop Sea provides a wide selection of laptops that are specifically configured for gamers. From HP to Dell to Acer, Laptop Sea has a great selection of these devices at great prices. Since gaming laptops often require more memory space and a better screen, these laptops give you plenty to choose from. They literally have a sea of laptops for all your work or play needs.

Do you have gamers in your home? What type of technology needs do they have?

Until Next Time,


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Sleepy People - The Place To Buy Everything For A Great Night's Sleep #ProductReview

Sleepy People - The Place To Buy Everything For A Great Night's Sleep

The experts tell us that sleep improves our memory, our mood, and how fast we age. For parents that is even more important!

But, the one secret of motherhood – you learn to operate on a level of exhaustion that seems inhumanely possible to your pre-motherhood days. Agree?

I am constantly exhausted. Even with older kids, they still get up too early. I work way too late after they go to bed. Every day is jam-packed with activities and obligations. That’s why EVERY HOUR counts once I crawl into bed. 

Finding a place that can give me high quality bedding, pillows, and mattresses is super important! Sleepy People is the place you buy everything you need for a great night’s sleep. I’ve been in the market for a new mattress topper that will better contour to my body. Sleepy People has over 20 different toppers to fit my mattress. So, there is plenty to choose from. Plus, they even have a pillow selector quiz you can take by answering a few answers about your sleep habits. The pillow selector will help you find the perfect pillow to improve the quality of your sleep.

So, moms, dads, or any of my wonderful readers who need a better night’s sleep, check out Sleepy People for all your bedding needs.

How many hours a night do you sleep?

Until Next Time,


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Simply Aroma – Essential Oil Starter Pack #ProductReview

Simply Aroma – Essential Oil Starter Pack

Essential oils seem to be making a big move recently. For me personally, I enjoy the fragrance of certain oils. I know many have natural healing elements to them as well. While I haven’t researched all the health benefits of each type of oil, I appreciate the sleep benefits of lavender and the metabolism boosting effects of spearmint. If you are into your health, you probably have at least one bottle in your cabinet somewhere.

Well, recently I was introduced to Simply Aroma, an essential oil direct sales company that offers over 53 different oils for your home. You can buy the oils individually or in packages based on the health benefit you are looking for. For example, they have an allergy package that includes lavender, lemon, peppermint, oxyzen, and a diffuser. 

Plus, if you are interested in learning more about the products and opportunity at Simply Aroma, you can qualify for a free Starter Pack. The Starter Pack includes peppermint, lavender, lemon, wild orange, slenderize, coconut and eucalyptus. To get this pack for free, just sign up for a video about the products, the company, and the opportunity.

So, do you use essential oils in your home?

Until Next Time,


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Pee Wee Pumps – Fashionable Crib Shoes for Your Little Princess #ProductReview

Pee Wee Pumps – Fashionable Crib Shoes for Your Little Princess

My 7 year old has been begging me for months to buy her some high heel shoes to wear to church. Fortunately for me, her foot is not big enough every time she finds a pair she loves. But, her insistence has made me realize that a love for shoes … specifically high heels… is an inherently feminine obsession. 

I love my high heel collection even if I don’t wear them every day. Pee Wee Pumps is taking a woman’s love of the high heel all the way to the crib. Founder of Pee Wee Pumps, Michele, set out on a mission to create a stylish, comfortable, functionally, and fabulous crib shoe for her daughter. 

Pee Wee Pumps are soft crib shoes with a collapsible soft heel for children 0 – 6 months. Designed to securely fit an infant’s foot, the heel portion folds in and is comfortably soft for a baby. Plus, they come in 6 stylish colors/patterns. For me, I love the purple leopard print. They kinda make me wish I had a baby girl again to dress with these fun and fabulous crib shoes.

Watch this video for more information. Then grab a pair of PeeWee Pumps for your little princess or to give as a baby shower gift.

Until Next Time,


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Resilient Lips Lip Plumper #ProductReview

Resilient Lips Lip Plumper

I’m not much for a multi-step make-up regime. By in large, I keep my make up pretty simple on a day-to-day basis. But that doesn’t mean I’m completely disinterested in new make-up trends. For example, women go to great extremes to get big, sexy, fuller lips. While I can see how having fuller lips is sexy, I’m not into any regime that requires injections or needles.

That’s why I was excited to find Resilient Lips Lip Plumper. This clear gloss (also available in soft pink and peach tones) is a natural lip plumper that makes your lips look sexier and fuller after just a few uses. It requires no needles. 

The team at Resilient Lips has exhaustively looked for product and found this unique formula that is backed by an extensive study. It's not like the other lip plumpers on the market - most of which don't work. Their formula doesn’t tingle or burn when you apply it.  Plus, they guarantee their results 100%.

Basically, the Resilient Lips Lip Plumper is like a standard lip gloss I can use every day and it plumps up my lips for that sexier, fuller look. You can get it on Amazon (Prime eligible).

What beauty trend are you into right now?

Until Next Time,


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World of Leather Craft – Carve Your Favorite Song Into Leather #EtsyReview

World of Leather Craft – Carve Your Favorite Song Into Leather

Everyone has a special song that reminds them of an anniversary, a lost love, a new love, a child, a parent. How special would it be to have a few measures of the melody hand carved into leather for them as a remembrance? Especially, if you have it monogrammed for free. 

World of Leather Craft Etsy shop does just that! They hand carve and stitch any piece of sheet music into a piece of leather. This handcrafted leather wallet features a piece of “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre. However, you can request any piece of music. All pieces are made to order. So, you can give a gift that has a sentimental meaning to both you and the recipient.

World of Leather Craft is a truly unique shop with over 200 custom leather gift options. From Sci-fi to fantasy to celtic themed leather stamped gifts, Etsy artist and shop owner Ellen Sanders has an amazing collection of really cool leather goods. They are all a greatbet for a finely crafted, handmade gift that will last a lifetime.

What song would you have carved into leather? Who would it be for?

Until Next Time,


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SubCollection – Vintage, Handmade Clothing #EtsyReview

SubCollection – Vintage, Handmade Clothing

I love shopping online. Specifically, I love finding new shops, new styles, and inspired fashions that are truly one-of-a-kind. From shoes to tops to complete outfits, there are thousands of online shops to choose from. So, how do you choose?

For me, I like online shops who have a unique view of their world. The SubCollection Etsy Shop takes a unique vintage spin on all of her designs.  Each piece is either a handmade original item that comes from a vintage inspiration or a hand-selected item that has been discovered at a flea market or a quirky second-hand shop. As a lover of vintage clothing, shop owner, Sevanya, has an enormous collection of these vintage inspired pieces – from clothing to shoes & accessories.

One my favorite pieces is the 1950s/1960s inspired Maroon dress. The happy red/maroon color features a repeating pattern of abstract birds that cover the entire dress. The airy design looks super comfortable to wear through spring and summer.

So, if you are looking for some fun and funky vintage, handmade clothing, stop by SubCollection on Etsy for some fabulous finds.  Sevanya is offering free shipping for My Mom Spark readers. Use code: LOVEFREESHIPPING on orders over $20 to get your free shipping clothes & accessories from her great shop.

Where do you shop when you are looking for authentic vintage clothing?

Until Next Time,


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OceanBouey – Handmade Greeting Cards #EtsyReview

OceanBouey – Handmade Greeting Cards

One of the top places for me to visit in the world is Hawaii. After hearing about the amazing vacations of several friends recently, I really want to experience island life. The laid back culture and the natural beauty of the islands sounds glorious.

When I was introduced to OceanBouey Etsy Shop, their greeting cards purely encapsulate the type of vibes I would expect to experience in Honolulu. OceanBouey is locally owned in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been open since 2007. They create beautiful water color greeting cards that are blank on the inside so they can be perfect for many occasions. 

One of my favorite cards is the "Doris Duke's @ Cromwell's Beach" by Bobbie Kennedy. The 5x7 blank card embodies the beauty of Hawaii's beaches. Bobbie Kennedy is a Native Hawaiian artist who was born and raised in Hawai`i. She is the daughter of Robert L. Kenndey, an artist in his own right, who had a passion for woodworking with Koa and Norfolk Pine.

All greeting cards at OceanBouey are made to order. They ship worldwide from Honolulu, so you know they are authentic.

Check out their Etsy shop to find the perfect card among their 30+ designs all priced at $4.50 per card.

Do you regularly send greeting cards for non-holiday reasons?

Until Next Time,


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Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood #BookReview

Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood

I love finding new ways to take care of myself. As I get older, anti-aging is a topic that is top of mind. Hollywood actors and actresses seem to have some great tips on how they maintain their agelessness. I’m always impressed with how easy and affordable some of their tips are.

In the book, Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood, author Sandy DeRose shares her passion for healthy living and experience working alongside well-known anti-aging MD. Sandy share 42 secrets that classic Hollywood beauties use to maintain their youthful looks. From Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez, Sandy’s book highlights holistic tips for creating your own at home facial from Catherine Zeta Jones. She even includes resources for Hollywood’s star’s favorite anti-aging products.

I can’t wait to try Cameron Diaz’s kitchen recipe for a moisturizing mask and Queen Latifah’s super simple tip for exfoliating your skin. As a culture who values our youth, I’m okay using natural ways to hold onto a younger look as my kids cause more wrinkles and stress.  These tips are at least a relaxing way to make sure I am taking care of myself.

Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood is available online for only $19.95!

What is your best beauty routine tip for maintaining healthier younger skin?

Until Next Time,


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