The Story of Ghost Hunter from Obi Software #GuestPost

Android Game Creator Sold his game; His father went bankrupt and His son rescued

The times have certainly changed for people whose life revolves around the art of gaming and the like. It is already a common fact that highly skilled people sell their talent (like drawing and expertise in Photoshop) online for companies who can put it to good use. Believe it or not, the internet has paved way for a lot of companies to find unique people with extraordinary skills in whatever field they excel on.

Today, I will share the story of a young man who sold his developed and trending game to a local software company. As you can see, he needed the money to support his college fees and family’s needs. According to him, he sold his game for $1 million to support his family when they went bankrupt.

The company ‘Obi Software’ made sure that the game that was sold to them was upgraded to a much better one while still respecting the idea of the original developer. They made it to a New Generation Game, the kind that is continuous or has no end. Obi Software has made two versions of the said game and will publish it on Google Play Store by on March 15 2015. So far so good, Obi Software who bought his game has already recovered their investment. This is a good thing for the company and the original developer.

This is a fine example that you can earn something huge when you utilize the power of the internet. If you want to play the said game, all you need to do is go to Google Play and type the following words on the search bar: Catch it up or Ghost Hunter.

Ghost Hunter is already available for Android in the Google Play store . The game will improve player’s reflection very effectively. Ghost Hunter was developed in a high quality manner by Obi Software.An experience with the ability to through successful play.

Obi Software said of the Ghost Hunter and Catch it up, “When Ghost Hunter went viral and received millions of plays we knew we had to create the perfect follow-up. We’ve brought a lot of thought to this project and we’re confident that by giving the gamer the ability to customize their own experience it not only makes the game increasingly fun, it makes it all the more addicting.”

The new Obi Software game has a sleeker look than its predecessor. Making the most of the new look with high quality graphics .

About :Obi Software
Obi software is founded in 2006 by two best friends. Obi Software celebrates the launch of the newest addition to their gaming line up, Ghost Hunter. Ghost Hunter has been available since the middle of March on , Google Play Store and iTunes.

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