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Bedtime is my favorite part of my day. Not only because I know I will get some quiet time, but also because it has been our routine since the kids were born to read books, cuddle, and talk about our day as they wind down for the night. I love reading with my kids and hearing their interpretation of the story and the characters. This is why I am excited to share an awesome Kickstarter campaign with you. 

Bedtime Bedding Announces Kickstarter Project to Bring Innovative “Storytelling” Bedding Set That Helps Entice Children to Bed 

For many parents it can be a real challenge to get their children to bed without some kind of a fight. Bedtime Bedding has recently announced a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their first Bedtime Bedding set that approaches this problem in an innovative manner. The beautiful set uses the power of storytelling to help children look forward to bedtime and build deeper connection with their parents.

Which child loves to go to bed? Very soon it is quite likely to happen with the Bedtime Bedding set. Bedtime Bedding is a super cute children's bedding set complete with a duvet cover with pockets for fun play, three adorable plush figures and a smart phone app. These features make bedtime stories engaging, thought-provoking and ultimately relaxing – the perfect ingredients that help a child looking forward to bedtime rather than dreading it. 

This fresh, unique idea combines the best aspects of tradition and technology providing an alternative for parents to entice their children to go to sleep on schedule, with a smile on their faces. With a high energy Kickstarter campaign in place that offers great perks for early supporters, Bedtime Bedding may quickly change the way many families put their children to bed, for the better.

“Our product has its roots, how much we’ve loved playing with our parents, especially during bedtime – is definitely one of them,” commented Dora, one of the founders. “This kind of connection shouldn’t be sacrificed in any way, technology should embrace tradition and bring families together. Our answer to that is the Bedtime Bedding set. Something that wonderfully blends into the daily routine of families, encourages children and parents to bond and interact, and makes bedtime a pleasant experience alltogether. We plan to go on Kickstarter in the upcoming weeks, we hope we’ll be able to reach our goal and make a difference in the life of modern families eventually.”

According to the company, the Bedtime Bedding set will bring a long list of benefits to many families. The act of creating bedtime stories using the duvet, plush figures and the smartphone app is a uniquely bonding experience that inspires creative thinking in children. Research has also shown this kind of activity has a magical effect on children's social skills, their ability to communicate and possibly bolsters their learning skills later on.

The smartphone app itself provides countless storytelling ideas for parents who may have troubles on that department after a hard day at work. The application also features tips on how to incorporate the duvet and the plush figures into the play. With the Bedtime Bedding set on board, making up a story for the night is literally child’s play and with the possibility to act it out right away, the whole experience feels complete and natural.

The Kickstarter project has set a goal of GBP 16.000 (approx. USD 24.000) and launched on April 20, 2015.

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