World of Leather Craft – Carve Your Favorite Song Into Leather #EtsyReview

World of Leather Craft – Carve Your Favorite Song Into Leather

Everyone has a special song that reminds them of an anniversary, a lost love, a new love, a child, a parent. How special would it be to have a few measures of the melody hand carved into leather for them as a remembrance? Especially, if you have it monogrammed for free. 

World of Leather Craft Etsy shop does just that! They hand carve and stitch any piece of sheet music into a piece of leather. This handcrafted leather wallet features a piece of “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre. However, you can request any piece of music. All pieces are made to order. So, you can give a gift that has a sentimental meaning to both you and the recipient.

World of Leather Craft is a truly unique shop with over 200 custom leather gift options. From Sci-fi to fantasy to celtic themed leather stamped gifts, Etsy artist and shop owner Ellen Sanders has an amazing collection of really cool leather goods. They are all a greatbet for a finely crafted, handmade gift that will last a lifetime.

What song would you have carved into leather? Who would it be for?

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This post is sponsored by World of Leathercraft. All opinions are 100% mine.


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