Resilient Lips Lip Plumper #ProductReview

Resilient Lips Lip Plumper

I’m not much for a multi-step make-up regime. By in large, I keep my make up pretty simple on a day-to-day basis. But that doesn’t mean I’m completely disinterested in new make-up trends. For example, women go to great extremes to get big, sexy, fuller lips. While I can see how having fuller lips is sexy, I’m not into any regime that requires injections or needles.

That’s why I was excited to find Resilient Lips Lip Plumper. This clear gloss (also available in soft pink and peach tones) is a natural lip plumper that makes your lips look sexier and fuller after just a few uses. It requires no needles. 

The team at Resilient Lips has exhaustively looked for product and found this unique formula that is backed by an extensive study. It's not like the other lip plumpers on the market - most of which don't work. Their formula doesn’t tingle or burn when you apply it.  Plus, they guarantee their results 100%.

Basically, the Resilient Lips Lip Plumper is like a standard lip gloss I can use every day and it plumps up my lips for that sexier, fuller look. You can get it on Amazon (Prime eligible).

What beauty trend are you into right now?

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This post is sponsored by World of Resilient Beauty. All opinions are 100% mine.


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