Price Comparison Made Easy with Unit Genius Shopping Engine #Review

Price Comparison Made Easy with Unit Genius Shopping Engine

How much time do you spend each month comparing prices to make sure you are getting the best price per unit for all those items you need around the house and for the kids?

There are many months that I throw my hands up in frustration because I just don’t have the time to take all the steps to watch my local grocery circulars, check online for coupons, and even search the major brands online to see if I qualify for their best shipping offer. It takes a lot of time and effort to save the money.

But what if you could go to a single site to find the best per unit prices?

Unit Genius is the world’s first price per unit comparison engine for all of your household and personal essentials. It is all about finding the absolute best deal--on a price per unit basis--across all of the biggest online retailers like,,,, etc. in just a few seconds.

Basically, when you visit Unit Genius, you select the type of product you want to buy. They give you back the results of your search with a breakdown of the products that fit your search, the price, the price per unit, and where you will find it at that price. This is HUGE for price contentious moms who need to make every dollar matter.

For example, in my search for “tide pacs laundry detergent”, here is the top results, where I can buy them, and how much I save over 5 years. (Amazon won the lowest price with the biggest savings over 5 years!)

Unit Genius is an awesome tool for busy moms looking to streamline their comparison shopping. Check it out and discover how much you can save! 

How do you make sure you are getting the best price on your household & family needs?

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This post is sponsored by Unit Genius. All opinions are 100% mine.


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