Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog #ProductReview

Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog

Dogs are a wonderful party of your family. They are four-legged, lovable fur babies that warm up any home. Proper walking and exercise of these family members is a necessary chore that must be tended to for the betterment of their health and happiness.

One of my biggest complaints when trying to wrangle our 2 dogs at the same time is that they always want to go separate directions or walk at varying length (depending on what they want to smell). It can make keeping up with each of them quite a hassle. I had always said having a retractable dog leash would make more sense.

The Kollea Durable Retractable Dog Leash does make more sense for ease of walking a dog. The 26 foot long leash can hold up to 110lb dog. It is made of a durable nylon ribbon and designed with an anti-slip handle for secure gripping. One feature that can be super helpful is the reliable lock system so you can be in full control of how far Fido goes, or stop him before he runs into the neighbor’s flower bed. For me, this brake button would be great to set each leash at a different length based on my dog’s preference in distance.

Now, I don’t walk my dogs at night, but if you walk your fur baby at night, the Kollea Durable Dog Leash has an LED detachable flashlight. This seems like it would come in handy during winter months if you are taking a stroll after dinner or before bed.

You can grab the Kollea Durable Dog Leash on Amazon. They offer a 30 Day Money Back Warranty if you don’t like it. Plus, they have a special discount for My Mom Spark readers - Save $4 when you use the code: 6DCICP2G - this expires 12/15/15.

Do you walk your dogs on a retractable dog leash?

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Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater #ProductReview

Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s an American tradition – the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Whether you gather with your neighbors in your tackiest holiday sweater or the office hosts an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition, this is a fun way to celebrate the season in a silly way that pays homage to the seriously tacky sweaters of earlier decades.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become such a sought after tradition that if you can’t compile your own concoction of an ugly sweater, there are Etsy shops and online retailers dedicated to helping your through your lack of ugly sweater plight. 

An Etsy Shop called Tabors Treasures tops the cake with this Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater ensemble. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that incorporates tinsel, large Christmas lights, and even references a red-nosed reindeer. The fantastically creative team at Tabors Treasures has taken an upcycled 80s sweater, applied an iron-on transfer of Phil Huxtable with reindeer antlers, and added a flashing red nose. All lights on this sweater come with an on/off switch and batteries. Finally this sweater is trimmed with multi-colored Jingle bells and Christmas ornaments on the front and the back.

If you are looking to take your Ugly Christmas sweater to the next level, consider snatching this incredibly tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater from Tabor Treasures. It clearly gives a “I made it myself” vibe.

Do you own an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

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Friday Faves - Deals from Amazon for Your Holiday Shopping

Friday Faves - Deals from Amazon for Your Holiday Shopping

It's Black Friday and there are tons of deals! I'm not much for scrambling to the stores for all of the deals, but hand me my Kindle or laptop and I am happy to scroll Amazon's aisles of deals. Here are a few of my Friday Faves!

1.) Kindle for Kids Bundle - My oldest is a ferocious reader. I can see her enjoying her own Kindle for kid's chapter e-books and other learning apps.

2.) Timex Kids' T79051 Watch with Black Canvas Band - My youngest has been begging for a watch. This looks like a durable option that will withstand all of his 4 year old energy...as long as he doesn't lose it.

3.) Journee Collection Women's Riding Boot - I love these taupe colored knee-high riding boots. I'm due for a new pair of boots, so these are worth a little extra splurge!

 4.) Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone - Drones seem to be a hot topic and gift for 2015. This minidrone looks like a manageable size for the kids to fly around the backyard or the park.

5.) Magformers Magnets in Motion - I always love toys that stimulate learning. Both kids love building and creating a Magformers set is a great way to make math and science fun for kids. This set of 83 pieces looks like a fun toy from Santa.

What is on the must-have items on your holiday list this year? Do you prefer shopping in stores or online during the holiday season?

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Reason to Have a Travel Planning Service When Going to Orlando #Review

Reason to Have a Travel Planning Service When Going to Orlando

I took the kids to Disney World this year. I realized that Disney is a whole different beast of vacation planning than other types of vacation. While most of the travel planning was handled by other family members, I was tasked with our in town plans and activities while in the parks. This included rides, dining reservations, and everything in between. It was overwhelming for someone who hadn’t been to Disney since she was twelve.

Yes, there is a ton to do, but you have to relent to the fact you won’t get it all done on your first trip…so, start planning the next one.

Anyway, after pre-planning a little bit and chatting with friends after our trip, I see why so many families choose to have a planning service, like Affordable Travel of Orlando, help with the details. Affordable Travel is a family run business based in Orlando and has local knowledge of all the sites, sounds, and happenings of the city and the parks. By having a planning service help you, families can make sure that most of your needs can be met.  

So, whether you have a long wish list of things you want to do while in Orlando or you just want help navigating the theme park tickets and dining reservation options, my advice is to get some help planning your next family trip to Orlando or Disney World. They will make sure it is the best trip you’ve ever taken.

Be sure to stop by Affordable Travel of Orlando's website to enter to win one of their great Disney themed prizes!

When are you going to Orlando or Disney World next?

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A Place to Sell Your Homemade Candles for Free #Review

A Place to Sell Your Homemade Candles for Free

I love candles. I have one in almost every room of my house. I’ve never tried making my own candles. I know there is a booming business for homemade candles that are more natural than some of the main candle retailers. I think it is great to support local artisans who can make a better alternative – like candles.

If you make homemade candles, where do you sell your candles? On Etsy? On Facebook? Have you ever tried selling on a marketplace specifically for Candles?

Candles.Space is a wonderful space to buy and sell your homemade candles. You can literally start your own candle business for free by listing your homemade candles on Candles Space. You can sell your candles and find all the candle supply and accessories vendors you need to make your creations.

A candle making business can be started in your home for less than $100. Now, you can list your candles online starting your store for free at Candles Space.

So, if you are looking to start a candle making business…or you already make candles. Check out this new marketplace for candle lovers.

Where do you find your candles online?

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Grasshopper Art Statues – Unique Gifts of Good Luck #ProductReview

Grasshopper Art Statues – Unique Gifts of Good Luck 

Did you know that the Grasshopper spreads positive Feng Shui energies everywhere it leaps? I didn’t know that. My friends as Explosion Luck share this unique type of Feng Shui information with each of their collections of statues, art, and gifts.

At Explosion Luck, they have uniquely handcrafted Limited Edition Feng Shui artwork that includes these adorable and colorful GrasshopperArt Statues.  I like the color combinations of the Catch Me If You Can grasshopper art statue. Explosion Luck has several designs and color combinations. These  good luck gifts come in a clear container measuring 4”x4”x5” and would be a great addition to your desk at work.

Do you have any grasshopper lovers on your shopping list this season?

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Crafty Sewing Moms: Light Up Your Sewing Projects with This #ProductReview

Light Up Your Sewing Projects with This LED Lighting Kit

Back a few years ago, I tried my hand at quilting. Needless to say, I didn’t have much of a knack for it. So, when I see all of you crafty sewing moms out there with your fantastic handmade Etsy clothing shops, I have mad respect for what you can do.

Sewing and working with sewing machines take time, focus, and light. Yep, to see those tiny needle eyes or make sure your lines are super straight, you need a great amount of light. This Sewing Machine LED LightingKit from Inspired LED seems like it would be the perfect solution to anyone sewing at any time during the day.

The Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit can light up your workspace with amazing visibility when you are sewing after the kids go to sleep. I’ve been told that the single light that comes with sewing machines does not provide enough light to see the small details of a complex sewing project. With this kit, you can forget about eye strain and start sewing at any time of day.

Are you a crafty sewing mom who would use this lighting kit? If so,  tell us how it would help your next sewing project.

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Escape Monthly – Subscription Box for Travel Lovers #ProductReview

Escape Monthly – Subscription Box for Travel Lovers

I love to travel…or at least I did, before kids. Before becoming a parent, I enjoyed exploring a variety of places around the world. As my kids are getting old enough to enjoy and appreciate traveling, I have incorporated vacations that allow them to discover new places and enjoy seeing the world. Our trip to the Bahamas this past year resulted in my children exploring beautiful beaches, interacting with locals at the market, and trying new foods. I’m always looking for ways to inspire their curiousity and appreciation of our world.

However, in reality, we can’t travel the world in search of these fun treasures from local artisans and small-batch delicacies. EscapeMonthly is an interesting way to explore the world with a curated subscription box delivered to your door each month. Escape Monthly chooses a different location in the world each month, then they curate a box of high-value exclusive products from local delicacies to artisan crafted bath and body products. It's like having a vacation in a box delivered to you every month!

This is a great way to find new and unique ways to explore the world and find new local treasures when I can’t jump on a plane to a fun new place. Plus, I can share these items with my kids as we learn about local culture. As we find new places to add to our travel wish list, I can see a subscription box like Escape Monthly giving us more ideas of places we want to explore in person as time and funds permit.

Check out the latest Free Box Offer to get a free Greek box with your Escape Monthly subscription + save 20% for the life of your subscription when you sign up now. 

Do you travel with your kids? Would your kids love to explore with Escape Monthly?

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Give Feng Shui – Unique Gifts for Guys, Girls, Office, and Home #ProductReview

Give Feng Shui – Unique Gifts for Guys, Girls, Office, and Home

According to Wikipedia, Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.

This sounds like the perfect year to give the gift of feng shui for the holidays or a special person’s birthday. I know I need a lot of harmonizing in my life and surrounding environment. I love the ornate detailing in so many home and office décor items that you can find at the unique online store called Explosion Luck.

Explosion Luck offers unique gifts for guys, girls, office and home. So, you can literally find tons of original gift ideas for anyone on your shopping list. From women’s feng shui pendants to detailed Antique Chinese Bronze Incense Burner. Explosion Luck has a wide selection of art, Buddha statues and paintings, as well as antique and vintage gifts.

I love this Antique Tibetan Amber Pendant Necklace Soul of the Tiger. Its precious Feng Shui energy fills you with strength and courage.    

Curious about the Explosion Luck store? Watch their short video below to see everything they have to offer when it comes to finding unique gifts for guys, girls, your office, and home. 


Who would you share the gift of feng shui?

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Tuff Towel – The Perfect Cleaning Partner for Moms with Messy Kids #ProductReview

Tuff Towel – The Perfect Cleaning Partner for Moms with Messy Kids

If you have kids, stains, spills, and messes are inevitable. There is not a day goes by that I am not cleaning up juice or mud in some part of my house. My kids must have some superpower that gives them the ability to make messes that are impossible to get out. At least once a month I am on the search for another stain remover to get out the latest tough stain from my carpets or off my walls. How do kids manage to make such crazy difficult messes for me to clean?

It a world of constant cleaning, I’ve managed to amass an arsenal of product claiming to get the stains out. However, most don’t get that job done. The Tuff Towel is different. Designed to be washable, the Tuff Towel cleans without chemicals. Its kind of like a cross between a magic eraser and the Shamwow product.

Check out how Tuff Towel compares to traditional microfiber clothes and paper towels:

Designed by Rock-it Products, the Tuff Towel is the perfect cleaning partner for moms like me who have kids with magic mess making abilities. Plus, I love the idea of minimizing the chemicals used in my home. Tuff Towel has delivered a great product that should be in the cleaning closets of every mom, dad, and grandparent. You can get Tuff Towel at Home Depot or order it online.

What is the biggest mess your kids have made…and how did you clean it?

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SantaGraphs – Personalized Message from Santa in Time for Christmas #ProductReview

SantaGraphs – Personalized Message from Santa in Time for Christmas

I cannot believe it is time for the holidays already! It feels like the kids just went back to school and it was the end of summer. This time of year is always busy with activities, parties, planning, gift buying, and preparing all the holiday traditions for the family. It pays to plan ahead for the most magical experience of the season – Santa Claus.

No matter how old your kids are, there is still magic in the childlike belief of the jovial elf who gives so many children hope around the world.  While my kids are 8 and 4, I hope to hold onto the belief in Santa as long as possible. One way I can do that this season is with SantaGraphs.

SantaGraphs is a personalized message from Santa that is sent to your kids on a glossy 8x10 photo. You simply order your SantaGraph, create a custom personalized message, and send it. You can send SantaGraphs to your kids to reinforce the magic of Christmas. You can send a humorous message to a co-worker for the office Secret Santa exchange. Or you can send it a special loved one to let them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

The team at SantaGraphs handles printed and sending your messages so you don’t have to worry about it. They offer 12 different Santa photo options. Each SantaGraph comes with free shipping. Order early to ensure on time delivery this holiday season.

For all My Mom Spark readers, save $2 on each SantaGraph you order using promo code: CEOMOM.

Will you be sending your kids SantaGraphs this holiday season?

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Barber Foods – Quick and Easy Dinner Options for Busy Family #Coupon

Barber Foods – Quick and Easy Dinner Options for Busy Family ($1 off Coupon below)

At least once a week I opt for a frozen meal option as a quick and easy dinner option for me and the kids. With kids’ activities keeping us on the go most nights, I like to have a quick options available. Barber frozen stuffed chicken breasts are a great way to start a quality meal. I just add some vegetables and potatoes for a well rounded option that is healthier than fast food and most other frozen meal options.

Be sure to get this $1.00 off coupon for all My Mom Spark readers. Download it and use it at your local grocery store.

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