Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog #ProductReview

Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog

Dogs are a wonderful party of your family. They are four-legged, lovable fur babies that warm up any home. Proper walking and exercise of these family members is a necessary chore that must be tended to for the betterment of their health and happiness.

One of my biggest complaints when trying to wrangle our 2 dogs at the same time is that they always want to go separate directions or walk at varying length (depending on what they want to smell). It can make keeping up with each of them quite a hassle. I had always said having a retractable dog leash would make more sense.

The Kollea Durable Retractable Dog Leash does make more sense for ease of walking a dog. The 26 foot long leash can hold up to 110lb dog. It is made of a durable nylon ribbon and designed with an anti-slip handle for secure gripping. One feature that can be super helpful is the reliable lock system so you can be in full control of how far Fido goes, or stop him before he runs into the neighbor’s flower bed. For me, this brake button would be great to set each leash at a different length based on my dog’s preference in distance.

Now, I don’t walk my dogs at night, but if you walk your fur baby at night, the Kollea Durable Dog Leash has an LED detachable flashlight. This seems like it would come in handy during winter months if you are taking a stroll after dinner or before bed.

You can grab the Kollea Durable Dog Leash on Amazon. They offer a 30 Day Money Back Warranty if you don’t like it. Plus, they have a special discount for My Mom Spark readers - Save $4 when you use the code: 6DCICP2G - this expires 12/15/15.

Do you walk your dogs on a retractable dog leash?

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