Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater #ProductReview

Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s an American tradition – the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Whether you gather with your neighbors in your tackiest holiday sweater or the office hosts an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition, this is a fun way to celebrate the season in a silly way that pays homage to the seriously tacky sweaters of earlier decades.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become such a sought after tradition that if you can’t compile your own concoction of an ugly sweater, there are Etsy shops and online retailers dedicated to helping your through your lack of ugly sweater plight. 

An Etsy Shop called Tabors Treasures tops the cake with this Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater ensemble. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that incorporates tinsel, large Christmas lights, and even references a red-nosed reindeer. The fantastically creative team at Tabors Treasures has taken an upcycled 80s sweater, applied an iron-on transfer of Phil Huxtable with reindeer antlers, and added a flashing red nose. All lights on this sweater come with an on/off switch and batteries. Finally this sweater is trimmed with multi-colored Jingle bells and Christmas ornaments on the front and the back.

If you are looking to take your Ugly Christmas sweater to the next level, consider snatching this incredibly tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater from Tabor Treasures. It clearly gives a “I made it myself” vibe.

Do you own an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

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