SantaGraphs – Personalized Message from Santa in Time for Christmas #ProductReview

SantaGraphs – Personalized Message from Santa in Time for Christmas

I cannot believe it is time for the holidays already! It feels like the kids just went back to school and it was the end of summer. This time of year is always busy with activities, parties, planning, gift buying, and preparing all the holiday traditions for the family. It pays to plan ahead for the most magical experience of the season – Santa Claus.

No matter how old your kids are, there is still magic in the childlike belief of the jovial elf who gives so many children hope around the world.  While my kids are 8 and 4, I hope to hold onto the belief in Santa as long as possible. One way I can do that this season is with SantaGraphs.

SantaGraphs is a personalized message from Santa that is sent to your kids on a glossy 8x10 photo. You simply order your SantaGraph, create a custom personalized message, and send it. You can send SantaGraphs to your kids to reinforce the magic of Christmas. You can send a humorous message to a co-worker for the office Secret Santa exchange. Or you can send it a special loved one to let them know you are thinking of them during the holiday season.

The team at SantaGraphs handles printed and sending your messages so you don’t have to worry about it. They offer 12 different Santa photo options. Each SantaGraph comes with free shipping. Order early to ensure on time delivery this holiday season.

For all My Mom Spark readers, save $2 on each SantaGraph you order using promo code: CEOMOM.

Will you be sending your kids SantaGraphs this holiday season?

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This post is sponsored by SantaGraphs. All opinions are 100% mine.


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