Tuff Towel – The Perfect Cleaning Partner for Moms with Messy Kids #ProductReview

Tuff Towel – The Perfect Cleaning Partner for Moms with Messy Kids

If you have kids, stains, spills, and messes are inevitable. There is not a day goes by that I am not cleaning up juice or mud in some part of my house. My kids must have some superpower that gives them the ability to make messes that are impossible to get out. At least once a month I am on the search for another stain remover to get out the latest tough stain from my carpets or off my walls. How do kids manage to make such crazy difficult messes for me to clean?

It a world of constant cleaning, I’ve managed to amass an arsenal of product claiming to get the stains out. However, most don’t get that job done. The Tuff Towel is different. Designed to be washable, the Tuff Towel cleans without chemicals. Its kind of like a cross between a magic eraser and the Shamwow product.

Check out how Tuff Towel compares to traditional microfiber clothes and paper towels:

Designed by Rock-it Products, the Tuff Towel is the perfect cleaning partner for moms like me who have kids with magic mess making abilities. Plus, I love the idea of minimizing the chemicals used in my home. Tuff Towel has delivered a great product that should be in the cleaning closets of every mom, dad, and grandparent. You can get Tuff Towel at Home Depot or order it online.

What is the biggest mess your kids have made…and how did you clean it?

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