Silicone Cupcake Liners for Birthday Party Fun #ProductReview

Silicone Cupcake Liners for Birthday Party Fun

Birthday season for our household is right around the corner. That means we will be making (and eating) lots of cupcakes. Every year we go through hundreds of those paper cupcake liners. While it may not seem like a lot, there is a better way than using soggy wrappers for your cupcakes.

Silicone Cupcake Liners by The Little London Bakery are the perfect solution to getting rid of those paper liners. These silicone cupcake molds are reusable, dishwasher safe, and fit standard size cupcake pans. Even better for me (my my eco-conscious), the silicone cupcake liners are eco-friendly since you can quickly wash them after the cupcake goodies are gone. 

I love that these liners come in 6 vibrant colors that make them fun for any themed birthday party for boys and girls. They stack nicely inside each other and take up minimal space in your cabinets. So, if you are looking for a fun, affordable, and eco-friendly ways to celebrate some birthday party fun stock up on your own set of 24 Silicone Cupcake Liners by The Little London Bakery. They are available on Amazon Prime.

So, what is your favorite flavor of cupcake?

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Euphorial Custom Jewelry of Elation #EtsyReview

Euphorial Custom Jewelry of Elation 

I’ve always loved jewelry, but I’ve noticed recent trends going for larger more chunky styles. While I believe there is a time, place, and outfit for that style of jewelry, my personal style tends to lean towards the more simple and classic styles pieces. I only wear stud earrings and a simple thumb ring on a daily basis. So, I really like to find those simple style pieces that have a unique twist or flair to them to make them stand out.

Euphorial Etsy Shop is offers a wide selection of handmade rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Artist and shop owner Jeannette’s work is inspired from organic and geometric shapes with a focus on color, styles, texture and strength as key components of each piece of jewelry. Most pieces are made from sterling silver and they all have a small and dainty design to them. I love the simplicity of the geometric inspirations.

The word “euphoria” means a feeling of well-being or elation. I can totally see the feeling of balance, well-being, and elation being created by each piece listed in the Euphorial Etsy Shop.

One particular pair of earrings stuck out to me in the Euphorial Etsy shop. It’s the Tiny Turquoise Stud earrings. I love how small and simple they are. Turquoise happens to be one of my happy colors most recently, so I can see several outfits that I’d wear these pretty earrings with.  They have a minimalist look that means I can wear them every day. Each stud is 3mm in diameter and crafted in 925 sterling silver. You can order them up to 5mm in diameter. And for only $13.50, these earrings are a great gift to yourself or a girlfriend. I could even see giving these earrings to my daughter for her birthday.

Take a few minutes to shop Euphorial’s creations. I am sure you will find something adorable and affordable to add to your everyday jewelry collection.

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Fretzel Safe Social App for Kids and Parents #ProductReviews

Fretzel Safe Social App for Kids and Parents

There is no getting around exposing your kids to technology. Whether it is handing them your phone to play a game or they have their own tablets, I get a little anxiety about what my young minds might be exposed to if I am not paying attention. As my oldest gets older and want to start communicating with friends via the Internet, social networks, or texting, I know I am going to have to be vigilant about her safety.

In my research of all the social safe kids’ apps, I found Fretzel. Fretzel is a safe texting app for parents and kids. It offers your kids a fun texting solution with built-in monitoring capabilities so that you can approve their friends and review their conversations.

With Fretzel, I have my own dashboard that gives me real time overviews and alerts. I have a detailed notification center for past and present activities – including word usage in chats. I can review and approve friend connections and monitor conversations between friends. Above all, I can also control my child’s time on a device or network. I truly have full control over my kids’ online activities. 

Fretzel is free for kids. The core features are free for parents. They offer a subscription plan to access some of the extra governance features. And, that extra cost is well worth the peace of mind I need as a mom monitoring her child’s online networks. Even though mine are not in the full throws of social networking and chatting online, it is right around the corner. With Fretzel, I can be confident that we have the control we need for both kids to safe online.

How do you monitor your child's time online?

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Coupon Wind - Deals for Online Shopping #ProductReview

Coupon Wind - Deals for Online Shopping

How often do you shop online? For me, I order something online at least once a week. It’s like Christmas on those days when my packages are delivered. Plus there are some major benefits online shopping.

Aside from the convenience factor that saves me trips to the mall on the weekend, shopping online I have a much bigger selection of products. Whether I’m on Amazon or browsing independent online boutiques that specialize in their niche, online shopping provides a huge selection regardless of what I am looking for.

The biggest benefit to online shopping definitely has to be the savings. I can easily price shop between stores or search for a coupon that will give me extra savings. Since finding a bargain online is such a big reason for changing my shopping habits, I love Coupon Wind. Coupon Wind is a coupon site that share savings from hundreds of stores. You can simply search for the store that you need a coupon for or browse through their partner stores to find great deals on everything from ink to shoes.

Do you search online for coupons for the stores where you shop? What’s your #1 tip for finding good deals online?

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Lucid Art Gallery – Art with a Purpose #EtsyShopReview

Lucid Art Gallery – Art with a Purpose

I love original art work. I appreciate the skills artists have to create masterpieces that express a part of their soul is a true gift. I often wish I spent more time honing my own artistic skills, but until I have the time, I love exploring the amazing gifts of Etsy shop owners from around the world. This is one reason I offer my Etsy Shop reviews here on My Mom Spark.

Recently I was introduced to Lucid Art Gallery on Etsy. Artist L’ has spent her entire life exploring and perfecting her artistic skills. She creates amazing mixed media works of art that combine charcoal and watercolors to capture the beautiful essence of the nature around us. From gorgeous flowers to details animals, L’s art is truly an amazing gift she should keep sharing with the world.

Each piece of artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Lucid Art Gallery signed by Artist L’ herself.  One of my favorite pieces is the original art painting Dance of the Love Birds. I love the soft blending of warm and cool color tones that create and intimate entanglement of two soft little birds. This pieces is adorable and would look amazing in my master bedroom. Measuring 15x11 L’ offers framing of her art for an additional charge. Plus, on some pieces she even takes a payment plan. So, if you find a piece you like she makes it easy to bring that art to your home.

On top of her beautiful artwork, L’ also loves to pay it forward with her artwork. Lucid Art Gallery donates a portion of each purchase to "L'illon's WARRIOR ANGEL NETWORK - Water Project", building a Water Well in Africa for children in desperate need. It is truly art with a purpose. So, please pass this forward to any art lovers and philanthropists you may know who want to make a charitable statement and be part of a giving community!

With over 30 original pieces of art Lucid Art Gallery has many options for the art lover in your life. Whether you are looking for an amazing gift for a friend or need a new piece for your home, check out Lucid Art Gallery for the perfect piece of art for your walls.

What type of art do you like to hang in your home?

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Baby Memory book for ALL Families, Mom & Dad, LGBT, and Single Parents #ProductReview

Baby Memory Book for ALL Families, Mom & Dad, LGBT, & Single Parents

There are milestones in our lives that we all want to remember. As parents, documenting our kids’ milestones is a top priority. We take pictures. We update our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds. We write down every “first” our baby achieves so we can remember every special moment as it happens.

Now, if you are like me, you have these memories in one of two places – online in digital format or stacked in boxes in the closet. It doesn’t matter where you are storing these memories because you know you have the best intentions to get those photos and milestones organized into a baby book that we can give our angel when they are older.

For me, the procrastination has as much to do with time as it does with finding the right book to document such special memories. That’s why I’m excited to have found Baby Steps Book Etsy shop. This Etsy shop designs baby memory books for all types of families - Mom and Dad, Single parents, two moms, two dads. Baby Steps Books truly supports parents of all types, shapes, and dynamics.

Baby Steps Books has tons of baby book covers in all types of designs. From chevron print to animal prints, parents can find the right baby book design to match your nursery or to show off your parenting style. Each baby book comes with a page for “From the Heart” (letter from the parent/s), 2 pages for “My Mom”, 2 pages for “My Dad”, plus pages for documenting the stages of pregnancy, the ultrasound, first day, “On the Day I was Born”, Family Tree, and pages for those important milestones throughout the first year. There are over 30 pages in each book to help guide you through documenting each milestone. If that is not enough, they have 17 additional options for pages you can add to your baby memory books.

These baby books truly encapsulate exactly what you need to create a complete and full book for your baby’s life. Baby Steps Books only uses high quality card stock, 3 metal binder rings, fabric covered  hard cover, and paper envelopes. You can personalize your baby’s name on the cover if you want. There are so many options for such a premium quality product.

These memory books make great gifts for both existing parents and expecting parents in any family dynamic.

So, are you like me with a box of pictures you need to get organized into a memory book?

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Baby Steps Books - Baby Milestone Books for All Parents #EtsyShopReview

Baby Steps Books - Baby Milestone Books for All Parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional nuclear family is not the norm or the goal in this day and age.  Parents are no longer have to be made up of just a mom and a dad. Whether you are a single parent or a same sex couple raising your children in a loving home, we all have the same thoughts and desires when it comes to our babies. We want to document each important milestone in a way that we can share with others and our kids.

Baby Steps Books is an Etsy shop started by a graphic designer who loved creating baby-themed designs. Coupled with the support of her brother, Sivan embarked on a journey to design gender-neutral baby books that appealed to families of every dynamic. They have a strong passion for supporting everyone from the nuclear family (mom, dad, and kids), to the single parents, and including same sex couples.

Baby Steps Books offers tons of options for baby milestone books with fun, whimsical, and modern cover designs that are handmade and assembled to order. This allows Sivan to personalize and customize each book to each set of parents looking for a high quality and stylish way to document those important steps in their babies lives. 

In addition to their baby memory books, Baby Steps Books offers collections of baby shower books and milestone stickers. Those milestone stickers are an adorable and easy way to snap those 1 month, 2 month, 3 month photos by simply adding the sticker to a plain white onesie. 

As a mom, I love all the books and the stickers. They have such a clean and modern design. Plus, this high quality book will last through the ages and stages so you can pass these memories on to your children when they get older. I also appreciate the team’s passion for catering a segment of parenting dynamics who don’t always have a fair representation of products to match their family. All families are beautiful and Baby Steps Books embraces that philosophy. They also support the Human Rights Campaign and promote love of all types through their products.

Baby Steps Books make great gifts for any expecting or existing parent. I love their passion and the fact they support such a great cause.

Do you have a baby milestone book? 

Until Next Time,


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Boutique by Bellas – Fashionable Baby Accessories #EtsyShopReview

Boutique by Bellas – Fashionable Baby Accessories

My kids are beyond the days of bibs and baby headbands. But, when I see some of the latest fashions for babies, like big flower headbands and baby boy ties, I kinda wish I had a little one to dress up. I love seeing all of the latest baby styles in friends pictures on Facebook or the fabulously crafty moms who make the bows, headbands, diaper covers, and bibs. Baby accessories have far surpassed the days of pastel blues and pinks.

Moms, if you have young babies or have friends with young babies, you’ve got to check out Boutique by Bellas Etsy shop. They have all types of stylish designs for babies and moms. Their fabrics are brightly colored. Their patterns are bold. Everything in this Etsy shop is inspired to keep your princess chic at all times.

Probably one of the biggest baby trends that I missed with my daughter is the large flower headbands. I love seeing babies in these headbands. Boutique by Bellas has an adorable 3 flower, shabby chic headband option that comes in 13 different color options. This headband is only $4! Great price for what you are getting in fabric and materials.

They even have stylish chevron patterned bibs in 6 color options. Now, your little angel can chow down in style! 

About Boutique by Bellas

Boutique by Bellas is designed by two friends whom have 7-8 month old daughter. They were in need of practical baby accessories that looked chic and cool, so they made their own. Their designs have been wildly popular in their hometown of El Cerrito, CA just by taking their daughter out in public. Given the homegrown feedback, they decided to share their products with the world at reasonable prices for beautiful and functional baby accessories.

While my kids have outgrown these accessories, I know I will be keeping Boutique by Bellas in mind for friends’ baby showers and upcoming birthdays of the little angels in my life. Boutique by Bellas is a great Etsy shop, so stop by and check out their baby accessories.

What stylish baby accessories do you love dressing your kids in? Comment below.

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Nakkashe – Turkish Oya Crochet #EtsyShopReview

Nakkashe – Turkish Oya Crochet

I love discovering new types of artistic mediums. Perhaps this is why I can get lost for hours on end on Etsy, surfing through all you crafty men and women who are making such amazing pieces of art. Plus, I love that you can find people sharing their crafts from all around the world. From painted wine glasses to knitted hats, the level of new forms of artistry is impressive!

So, when I was introduced to the Etsy shop Nakkashe, I was impressed with the level of “crocheting” that is happening in every piece listed. I use the term crocheting in quotes because this technique is not like the crocheted blankets my grandmother would knit. No. This is technique is called Turkish Oya Crochet. It is a stitch knot technique that uses a much finer thread and a tiny sewing needle. The result is beautifully intricate designed necklaces and scarves.

Nakkashe pieces have a ‘boho’ flair to them, which I appreciate. Most of the scarves are silk with the Turkish Oya crocheted details on the end. The necklaces are much more detailed with some beautiful designs. One that I liked is the Red and Black Crocheted Leaf Chocker that you see above. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind statement necklace.

Shop owner, Anakiz, uses the inspirations and colors of her childhood in Turkey to inspire these beautiful creations. She fancies herself a talkative and energetic woman who is committed to reinventing the crafts of her ancestors. 

There is clearly a lot of heart, culture and care given to each of the pieces listed in the Nakkashe Etsy shop. They are perfect gifts for an inspiring woman in your life. With Mother’s Day coming up, I can see a couple pieces that I’d like to have and maybe a few for my own mom.

With the level of care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, the prices are very reasonable. Gifts start as low as $15 and go as high as $60. So, if you need a new and unique idea for Mother’s Day or a Birthday, check out the Etsy shop Nakkashe.

Until Next Time,


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Yours Truly Jo #EtsyShopReview

Yours Truly Jo Etsy Shop

Do you know someone who has ever suffered from depression? Or have one of those days where you just need a little extra reminder to keep moving forward? It can be difficult to find ways to help others (or ourselves) stay focused on the goodness in our lives. Sometimes we want a little pick-me-up or a friend needs a reminder that you are there for them. But, for some, it can be hard to find the right words or sentiments that really get through to them and what they are going through.

Yours Truly Jo is an Etsy shop of handmade greetings created specifically for our friends and family suffering from depression. Jo Morgan, the shop owner, loves helping people find happiness through her greeting cards and wall canvases. Her shop motto is “Creating smiles for those who find it hard to.” Each card/canvas is designed to create an extra burst of happiness in the lives of someone who is struggling with depression. 

Jo’s cards range from “Let’s Talk” to “Smile Anyway” messages that let that person in your life know they are not alone and they have people they can lean on during their time in need. She has over 30 unique designs that will lift the spirits of people suffering. One of my favorites is the “Push yourself beyond your self-created limitations” wall canvas for $20. It is a brightly colored rainbow card that can be given to anyone struggling with a hardship in their life – either personal or professional. It acts as a constant reminder in the room to keep moving forward brightness and good things lie on the other side.

Really, all of the messages at Yours Truly Jo’s Etsy shop are wonderful messages to inspire anyone. They are messages that you don’t see at your local card shop or boutique. And they are messages we all need to hear from time to time. Jo is a life coach who has found a way to take her life’s mission into a creative outlet by selling her beautiful designs on Etsy.

So, if you are looking for some greeting cards or wall art for loved ones in your life who need some extra inspiration shop Yours Truly Jo. Everything is reasonably priced. Cards average $5- $7 and wall art ranges from $20-$35. 

Stop by and check out Yours Truly Jo. Tell her My Mom Spark sent you.

Until Next Time,


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Home School: Why Bother? #BookReview

Home School: Why Bother?

Schooling is an important decision for mothers & fathers. Where the kids go to school- whether public, private, or at home - is really based on your beliefs in what is best for your child. As a former teacher, I feel parents know what is best for their child’s needs, learning styles, and value system. There are pros and cons to all of the systems, but it is up to us as the child’s parent to make the right decision.

Leslie Dahl wrote a book called “HOME SCHOOL: Why Bother?: How to Maximize the Home School Advantage”. In her book, Leslie covers how parents can take a pro-active, holistic approach to home schooling your children. Using her framework, parents can establish a ‘home school’ lifestyle that ensures your values and child’s needs are properly met by the loving attention of a parent. 

Home schooling is a big picture approach to parenting and educating your children. Dedicated parents with willingness, time and resources can truly use this book to establish the right structure to produce distinctive results in your children’s education, development, and growth.

If you are interested in exploring home school as an option for your children, download “Home School: Why Bother?” from Amazon.

What are your thoughts on home schooling? Do you do it? Why or why not?

Until Next Time,


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7BigRocks – Organizing Planners for Your Life #ProductReview

7BigRocks – Organizing Planners for Your Life

I remember a few years back hearing a motivational speaker talk about the Big Rocks in our lives. These big rocks are the most important people, values, and things we have in our life. If you have a jar that represents how you fill your time and energy, you should always start with the big rocks. 

So, what does this have to do with organizing planners on Etsy? Well 7BigRocks is a weekly planning system that allows you to stay focused on the people, values, and things that mean the most to your life. 7BigRocks offers a tidy organizing system for you to work from when deciding how to spend your time. The system is perfect at the beginning of the year when I spend the most time planning out personal, professional, and other ‘Big Rock’ activities for my life.

This is a 3-month weekly planning system and review process. It’s a downloadable product that you can print and fold to fit a standard A4 size planner. I really like the layout of this program. You have plenty of room to write details you need. Plus, there are extra columns for notes on the week, if you need them. Finally, there is a page for each week that allows you to compartmentalize things you can delegate to others (and free up your time) and tasks you are waiting for. I can see this helping me sort my to-do list and get rid of the stuff that wastes my time.

I could even see implementing this system for my business priorities. So often when you are running a business you get side-tracked with tasks that may not always be the best use of your time. With the extra space for handling contact information, addresses, quick note about the meeting purpose, I see this being one of the more useful planning systems. And I really like the “Delegate” and “Wait For” columns where I can make sure I’m outsourcing the right activities and following up on pending activities. 

It’s a very smart system that is created by the author of “Crazy Busy? How One Simple Change Can Explode Your Productivity, Free Up Your Time, And Get Your Life Back”. This book is written to help people find a better work/life balance and get off the “hamster wheel” of life.

The 7BigRocks system is only $12 for 3 months and is available on Etsy. You download the 3-month pack and print for your planner. If you are like me, and you geek out over a new planning system, then definitely download the 7BigRocks system and see how you like it. I bet you will find yourself more focused on the things that matter in your life.

So, are you a planner? Do you use a specific system? Or do you just need a solid system to help you regain your focus on life and business? Share with me in the comments.

Until Next Time,


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Love & Piece – Curated Online Jewelry Boutique #ProductReview

Love & Piece – Curated Online Jewelry Boutique

Ladies, accessorizing your outfit is a honed skill that I have not mastered. I love shopping the latest trends in jewelry. However, I often struggle to know what is the most current fashion in jewelry. I appreciate pieces that are simple, versatile, and elegant. I just never know if what I like is inline with what is in style.

So, when I found the online jewelry boutique Love & Pieces, I was excited because they only curate the most current trends from hot jewelry designers. Browsing their selection, got lost in all the necklaces, bracelets, and rings they offered. There were so many pieces that I loved. Plus, the shop was easy to navigate to find what I was looking for. I could shop by piece or by designer or for the most popular pieces. Regardless what you are shopping for, their team has made their website VERY user-friendly.

Love & Pieces was founded by Elissa who has an eye for finding the best trends in jewelry and curate a collection that is not only trendy, it is fabulous. You won't find these pieces just anywhere. Elissa prides her shop in curating a unique collection from over 20 designers.

Each piece at Love & Pieces is curated with care. They even gift wrap your purchase for no extra charge. So, if you are looking for some new jewelry and want something trendy, shop at Love & Pieces.

Until Next Time,


This post is sponsored by Love & Pieces. All opinions are 100% mine.

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