Lucid Art Gallery – Art with a Purpose #EtsyShopReview

Lucid Art Gallery – Art with a Purpose

I love original art work. I appreciate the skills artists have to create masterpieces that express a part of their soul is a true gift. I often wish I spent more time honing my own artistic skills, but until I have the time, I love exploring the amazing gifts of Etsy shop owners from around the world. This is one reason I offer my Etsy Shop reviews here on My Mom Spark.

Recently I was introduced to Lucid Art Gallery on Etsy. Artist L’ has spent her entire life exploring and perfecting her artistic skills. She creates amazing mixed media works of art that combine charcoal and watercolors to capture the beautiful essence of the nature around us. From gorgeous flowers to details animals, L’s art is truly an amazing gift she should keep sharing with the world.

Each piece of artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Lucid Art Gallery signed by Artist L’ herself.  One of my favorite pieces is the original art painting Dance of the Love Birds. I love the soft blending of warm and cool color tones that create and intimate entanglement of two soft little birds. This pieces is adorable and would look amazing in my master bedroom. Measuring 15x11 L’ offers framing of her art for an additional charge. Plus, on some pieces she even takes a payment plan. So, if you find a piece you like she makes it easy to bring that art to your home.

On top of her beautiful artwork, L’ also loves to pay it forward with her artwork. Lucid Art Gallery donates a portion of each purchase to "L'illon's WARRIOR ANGEL NETWORK - Water Project", building a Water Well in Africa for children in desperate need. It is truly art with a purpose. So, please pass this forward to any art lovers and philanthropists you may know who want to make a charitable statement and be part of a giving community!

With over 30 original pieces of art Lucid Art Gallery has many options for the art lover in your life. Whether you are looking for an amazing gift for a friend or need a new piece for your home, check out Lucid Art Gallery for the perfect piece of art for your walls.

What type of art do you like to hang in your home?

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This post is sponsored by Lucid Art Gallery. All opinions are 100% mine.


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