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Fretzel Safe Social App for Kids and Parents

There is no getting around exposing your kids to technology. Whether it is handing them your phone to play a game or they have their own tablets, I get a little anxiety about what my young minds might be exposed to if I am not paying attention. As my oldest gets older and want to start communicating with friends via the Internet, social networks, or texting, I know I am going to have to be vigilant about her safety.

In my research of all the social safe kids’ apps, I found Fretzel. Fretzel is a safe texting app for parents and kids. It offers your kids a fun texting solution with built-in monitoring capabilities so that you can approve their friends and review their conversations.

With Fretzel, I have my own dashboard that gives me real time overviews and alerts. I have a detailed notification center for past and present activities – including word usage in chats. I can review and approve friend connections and monitor conversations between friends. Above all, I can also control my child’s time on a device or network. I truly have full control over my kids’ online activities. 

Fretzel is free for kids. The core features are free for parents. They offer a subscription plan to access some of the extra governance features. And, that extra cost is well worth the peace of mind I need as a mom monitoring her child’s online networks. Even though mine are not in the full throws of social networking and chatting online, it is right around the corner. With Fretzel, I can be confident that we have the control we need for both kids to safe online.

How do you monitor your child's time online?

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