7BigRocks – Organizing Planners for Your Life #ProductReview

7BigRocks – Organizing Planners for Your Life

I remember a few years back hearing a motivational speaker talk about the Big Rocks in our lives. These big rocks are the most important people, values, and things we have in our life. If you have a jar that represents how you fill your time and energy, you should always start with the big rocks. 

So, what does this have to do with organizing planners on Etsy? Well 7BigRocks is a weekly planning system that allows you to stay focused on the people, values, and things that mean the most to your life. 7BigRocks offers a tidy organizing system for you to work from when deciding how to spend your time. The system is perfect at the beginning of the year when I spend the most time planning out personal, professional, and other ‘Big Rock’ activities for my life.

This is a 3-month weekly planning system and review process. It’s a downloadable product that you can print and fold to fit a standard A4 size planner. I really like the layout of this program. You have plenty of room to write details you need. Plus, there are extra columns for notes on the week, if you need them. Finally, there is a page for each week that allows you to compartmentalize things you can delegate to others (and free up your time) and tasks you are waiting for. I can see this helping me sort my to-do list and get rid of the stuff that wastes my time.

I could even see implementing this system for my business priorities. So often when you are running a business you get side-tracked with tasks that may not always be the best use of your time. With the extra space for handling contact information, addresses, quick note about the meeting purpose, I see this being one of the more useful planning systems. And I really like the “Delegate” and “Wait For” columns where I can make sure I’m outsourcing the right activities and following up on pending activities. 

It’s a very smart system that is created by the author of “Crazy Busy? How One Simple Change Can Explode Your Productivity, Free Up Your Time, And Get Your Life Back”. This book is written to help people find a better work/life balance and get off the “hamster wheel” of life.

The 7BigRocks system is only $12 for 3 months and is available on Etsy. You download the 3-month pack and print for your planner. If you are like me, and you geek out over a new planning system, then definitely download the 7BigRocks system and see how you like it. I bet you will find yourself more focused on the things that matter in your life.

So, are you a planner? Do you use a specific system? Or do you just need a solid system to help you regain your focus on life and business? Share with me in the comments.

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