Home School: Why Bother? #BookReview

Home School: Why Bother?

Schooling is an important decision for mothers & fathers. Where the kids go to school- whether public, private, or at home - is really based on your beliefs in what is best for your child. As a former teacher, I feel parents know what is best for their child’s needs, learning styles, and value system. There are pros and cons to all of the systems, but it is up to us as the child’s parent to make the right decision.

Leslie Dahl wrote a book called “HOME SCHOOL: Why Bother?: How to Maximize the Home School Advantage”. In her book, Leslie covers how parents can take a pro-active, holistic approach to home schooling your children. Using her framework, parents can establish a ‘home school’ lifestyle that ensures your values and child’s needs are properly met by the loving attention of a parent. 

Home schooling is a big picture approach to parenting and educating your children. Dedicated parents with willingness, time and resources can truly use this book to establish the right structure to produce distinctive results in your children’s education, development, and growth.

If you are interested in exploring home school as an option for your children, download “Home School: Why Bother?” from Amazon.

What are your thoughts on home schooling? Do you do it? Why or why not?

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