Drive Safe – Premium Car Cell Phone Holder #ProductReview

Drive Safe – Premium Car Cell Phone Holder

As a mom on the go, I spend a LOT of time in my car. Often times I am in need of directions or searching for my phone to call an appointment. Add in the kids screaming, kicking or fighting, a standard commute can become even more distracting. 

The Premium Car Cell Phone Holder literally can be a lifesaver for those of us who spend too much time in the car trying to get from one appointment to the next or to the next kid’s soccer practice. It allows you to mount your phone to your front windshield or dashboard so you aren’t distracted looking for your phone at the red light.

The Premium Car Cell Phone Holder (by FatJack) fits most smartphones features a large suction cup to attach to any flat surface in your car without falling off. It has a one-touch button release so you can quick grab your phone as you get out of your car. The arm of the cell phone holder rotates 360-degrees so you can make sure to angle the screen at the best angle for the safest driving habits. Plus, it is sold on Amazon for only $17.95 and has a 100% money back guarantee.

Now, I’m not advocating for using your phone while driving down the car. As a standard rule of thumb, I never text and drive. I use my blue tooth if I need to be on the phone. Even with this Premium Car Cell Phone Holder, everyone should make sure you are focused on safely arriving at your next destination. The Premium Car Cell Phone Holder will help to eliminate one hazard of searching for a phone or looking down while driving.

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Discover Modere Beauty Box #ProductReview

Discover Modere Beauty Box

As a mom, it can be hard to find time to discover the latest beauty supplies. With kids in tow, going to the mall is a rarity. Plus, the added anxiety of my kids running around the beauty counter touching and testing perfumes and other samples, is an activity I avoid at all costs. The closest beauty section I get to is at Wal-Mart (not always the best quality). So, when I discovered Modere Beauty Box, this made sense.

Modere is a beauty box service. They offer a box full of high quality, non-toxic, all natural beauty products. The Modere Beauty Box introductory offer (one box per customer) is $60.00 off the retail price of $139.99. So, for only $79.99, the products are high impact and can feel results very quickly on applied to the recommended areas of the skin. Each box contains a booklet with a description of each product on how to best use, and the expected results. The booklet also explains how to earn future shopping credit and other fine products that can be found on their website. 

Modere offers a 7 day risk-free trial of their introductory Beauty Box.  If you like the box you keep the contents and are charged $79.99. If you wish to send the box back use the return label with prepaid shipping back to Modere. 

There is no required monthly subscription, but if you decide to keep the box you are entered into the monthly rewards and Modere experiences program. With easy mobile ordering, this is great for moms on the go and they have amazing reward incentives for their shoppers. 

Imagine the best beauty products showing up to your door for you to explore the latest beauty secrets. They even have an  easy reordering when you find that perfect wrinkle removing cream, so you don’t have to hunt it down online or in stores with your little ones in tow.

Modere is a great gift for moms, daughters, and sisters who need a little extra pampering. They have a great customer service team and dedicated to providing high quality brands to busy moms on the go. 

Check out Modere Beauty Box and order your 1st box.

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A Cab from Oxford to London – a Dream Vacation

A Cab from Oxford to London – a Dream Vacation

During my travels throughout Europe, I never made it to England. One vacation at the top of my bucket list is to experience taking a cab from Oxford and London. I’ve taken the trains across France, Spain, and Italy. But taking a private cab from Oxford to London would allow for a more up close and personal experience of the English countryside.

The perfect English vacation would start in Oxford, home of the oldest university in England. In Oxford, I’d sit in a café, drinking some tea, and read a classic novel.  I’d explore all that Oxford has to offer. Then, after a couple of days in Oxford, I’d take a cab from Oxford to London with London Drivers travel service so I could enjoy the English countryside on my schedule at an affordable and fixed price. 

Once in London, I’d have London Drivers take me to famous attractions like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. There is so much on my list for London, I’d want to spend at least a week in London taking in the culture, the shopping, and the pubs. Yes…England is certainly at the top of my travel list!

Have you traveled to Oxford or London? What was your favorite experience?

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Kuhfs – The Perfect Boot Cuff Accessory - #ProductReview

Kuhfs – The Perfect Boot Cuff Accessory

Ah…boot season! Probably one of my favorite things about the cooler weather is pulling out my winter boots. There are so many styles of boots, but I’m not always in the market for a brand new pair every year. 

Earlier this month, I was introduced to Kuhfs boot accessories. These fabulous women's boot cuffs are a great way to change up the style of your boots without breaking the bank. Each Kuhf is designed to wrap around the top of your boots to add some style and flair to your classic winter boots of any height. Definitely a boot cuff accessory must have for all women this winter season!

Kuhfs carries a variety of patterns and styles – from animal print to designs with sequence – you can find a Kuhf for any occasion so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple pairs of boots. I love the sequence of the New York pair.

Current styles are $39 each. Clearance styles are $25. I can see these in stockings for some of my favorite fashionista friends this holiday season.

This is such a great idea of a product! Plus during the holiday season they are offering free shipping on all orders through December 18th!

What style of boot Kuhfs would you wear?

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Kids eBook “Dinosaur Party Adventure” - #BookReview

Kids eBook “Dinosaur Party Adventure”

I remember as a kid, I loved the books that let you ‘choose your own adventure’. You know the books that told you at the end of the chapter, “If you want X to happen, turn to page Y.”? 

Last week, I received “Dinosaur Party Adventure” ebook from author Christina Johnson, which is very similar to these books I loved as a child. The main difference is that it is for younger kids with a fun party theme.

After I downloaded the ebook, I tested the book with my 1st grade daughter who loves to read new books and explore new topics. I handed her the tablet and she was entertained for an hour reading and re-reading the "Dinosaur Party Adventure".

The clickable blue links in the “If X then Y” sentences took you right to the page of the adventure you are choosing. She would test to see which results she liked better. Plus at the end of the book was a fun puzzle game for her to try.

This is a great ebook to read with your child or to let your child read on their own. Check out Dinosaur Party Adventure on Amazon and visit Christina Johnson’s author website to learn more about her other books.

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Special Letter From Santa – Just in Time for Christmas

Special Letter From Santa – Just in Time for Christmas

Oh, Santa! How many times do you say, “Don’t do that Santa is watching?” or “We will add that to your Christmas list for Santa to bring you.” I’ve already started dropping the Santa reference more than once a day. He's become my scapegoat to encourage good behavior.

Then, I discovered Special Letter from Santa – a great website that has entered my life just in time for the Christmas season. Special Letter from Santa allows you to send a personalized letter from Santa to each of your kids. They personalized the letter with your child’s name, your home town, and a friend’s name. This is such a cool idea to keep the dream alive for children of all ages!

The Value Pack includes a personalized letter, a good behavior certificate, a nice list, and a holiday envelope from the North Pole so there is no doubt that the letter from Santa is real. You simply select your package, complete each child’s information, complete your order, and wait for the excitement to arrive in the mail.  Shipping is free and all orders come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t let the holiday craziness get away from you. Order quickly so your little one’s letter from Santa can arrive before Christmas {make sure you mention you heard it on MyMomSpark}.

So, will you be sending your angel a special letter from Santa?

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PrivateWriting: Academic Paper Writing Service #Review

PrivateWriting: Academic Paper Writing Service #Review

Do you remember being forced to write papers in college (and high school) that felt like pulling teeth? To find a topic, some inspiration, and all the sources you need to compose an academic level paper was not always my cup of tea. While ironic that I now write for my blog, my business, and a variety of content for online marketing, I still remember those painful papers.  

Recently, I was introduced to PrivateWriting Service – an academic paper writing service that offers writing help for essays, dissertations, term papers, and ghost writing. This service offers editing, rewriting and proofreading services, among others. They use their own unique plagiarism detection software, and have developed an APA citation tool, which is helping students around the world.

As I was checking out their site, I really appreciated their explanations of different types of writing and paper styles. For example, for “Argumentative Essays” they give a clear explanation of what an argumentative essay is and how to construct such an essay. They even continue to provide topic suggestions to get you started. It is much more than a paper writing service.

All good writers recognize the need for editing, rewriting, and proofreading. Students can benefit from the helpful information and writing prompts on this site. PrivateWriting services are worth a bookmark for mom bloggers, business writers, students, and copywriters.

What sources do you use for your writing?

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Softy Dolls – Hand Made Goods for Your Little Ones #ProductReview

Softy Dolls – Hand Made Goods for Your Little Ones

There is nothing more special than a handmade toy or gift for your little one. While I enjoy crafting (though I’m not very good at it), crocheting is not a skill I’ve spent much time perfecting. So, when I find unique and whimsical crocheted goods, I’m impressed with the skill it takes to create such goods.

Softy Dolls has an adorable collection of crocheted animals for children. Softy Dolls has a wide assortment of animals from owls to bunnies to giraffes, there is sure to be a cute little animal for a young child in your life.
Each Softy Doll comes with a unique name and cute story about their personality. One of my favorites is Terry a lovable mouse. He is a great listener and offers great advice. Plus, his teal coloring is one of my favorite colors recently. I just thing he is a total cutie.

So, if you value handmade goods, check out Softy Dolls collection of handmade toys and gifts for children. Plus, every order comes with a special holiday gift. Be sure to tell them you heard about Softy Dolls on My Mom Spark.

Do you like handmade gifts?

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Sfoodle – Hand-Picked, Organic Foods Delivered to You #ProductReview

Sfoodle – Hand-Picked, Organic Foods Delivered to You 

How contentious are you about the foods you give to your family? For us, we make an effort to eliminate artificial sweeteners, foods riddled with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), nitrates, nitrates, and limit processed foods. Sfoodle is a marketplace that caters to buyers who care about providing their families with hand-picked, organic foods that are delivered to your door. 

Sfoodle offers an assortment of cooking ingredients made by specialists farmers and food producers . Organic drinks, artisan cheese,  extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, bread and biscuits, tomato sauces (the list goes on).  Selected products listed on Sfoodle are organic, biodynamic or categorized PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Sfoodle does not list factory-made provisions.

Finding all the food you need in one place is a significant advantage for busy people – from the wholesale food buyer to the busy mom wanting quality foods delivered to her door while she is running her household. Sfoodle caters to all types of food buyers who value quality over quantity, but want the convenience of delivery.

Sfoodle even offers wine! For wine enthusiasts who are looking to replenish their collection or someone looking for a high-class bottle that cannot be found in your ordinary supermarket, Sfoodle has it. I really enjoyed browsing their collection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Wines, Pasta, and Sauces. They are clearly high quality and hand packaged. They have an excellent array of Italian and European-inspired foods that will make a foodie {like me} go crazy.

Are you a foodie? What about a Sfoodle foodie?

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Roarr Kids – Comfy Kids Clothes #ProductReview

Roarr Kids – Comfy Kids Clothes 

Boys are so hard on their clothes – at least my 3 year old is. Finding stylish, durable, and comfy boys clothes is quite the tall order. When I found Roarr Kids, I immediately loved all their boys' outerwear jackets, sweaters and pullovers.

As I learned more about Roarr Kids, their clothes are designed by moms (like you and me) who were looking for comfort, style, and durability for their little ones that didn’t look like the same boring styles you find at the big box store. I get it and I love their mission. 

One of my favorite shirts is the Mustache Man Tee in Yellow and Black. This long sleeved shirt is adorned with foe-suspenders around a face with mustache and black top hat. It’s a unique and whimsical design that fits right in with the masculine fascination with mustache...well, everything.

Cool shirt and it comes in a white version as well.

All of the designs at Roarr Kids are different than what you will find at the traditional discount store. But their prices are very reasonable for the quality of the clothes they offer.

This is a very cool line of kidswear that all you stylish moms should check out. As an added benefit for My Mom Spark readers, get free shipping on your order when you use “MomSpark” at checkout!

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AlignerMeter - The Invisible Braces App #ProductReview

AlignerMeter - The Invisible Braces App 

An individual's teeth and smile divulge some important hints about the person's health. On a primal level, great teeth and a smile convey an overall impression of health and wellness. Socially, studies show that we're naturally attracted to people who smile, as they're viewed as more confident, more approachable, more intelligent and more attractive.

What's more, your good smile can make your date appear more attractive too. When you smile, others naturally mimic this expression, so you can get your date to smile too. That's important because studies have revealed that people are viewed as more attractive when they smile!

As a parent of a young child who has started losing her teeth, I often wonder if we will end up investing in her smile. AlignerMeter is a free smartphone app that could help answer that question for us as she gets older. AlignerMeter allows you to get a profession free orthodontist consultation via your smartphone. 

The AlignerMeter Application captures three photographs of the individual's teeth and sends the images to a board-certified orthodontist who examines and evaluates the photos to determine whether the subject is a suitable candidate for invisible braces or any other type of treatment. Once a positive determination is made, the app informs the user and provides the user with referrals to orthodontists in their area. 

This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The AlignerMeter has expanded its successful app to five different languages. Consumers can set the app to one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese.

To learn more about the AlignerMeter App, visit

My oldest has a few more teeth before we need to take action towards assessing her mouth. But I love the convenience that AlignMeter offers to busy parents without needing to make an appointment and spend money before knowing if Invisible Braces are what we need.

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JS Puzzles - Daily Digital Puzzles Delivered to your Inbox #ProductReview

JS Puzzles - Daily Digital Puzzles Delivered to your Inbox #ProductReview

One of my favorite activities growing up was putting together jigsaw puzzles. Even as a mom, I love sitting down with my 7 year old to do a puzzle. Perhaps it the challenge of putting the pieces together or maybe the reassurance that each piece has it's place in the picture, but either way I find the pastime to be a relaxing activity.

JS Puzzles is a daily digital puzzle service that delivers a unique puzzle to your inbox every day. You simply create a free account and a new jigsaw puzzle comes to you. While I don't always have time to complete a daily puzzle (and sometimes it can get lost in my inbox), I enjoy the idea that I can sit down to complete a puzzle whenever I need a brain break.

JS Puzzles has jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, places, scenery, and more. You can literally find a puzzle theme to fit your mood. Once you select the theme, you can choose how many pieces and whether you want them to be large or small. Then, the puzzle launches with the pieces shuffled on the board. You move them around and they lock into place when lined up next to an adjacent piece.

Another aspect of JS Puzzles, that I like, is the timed leader board for each puzzle. Because I am uber competitive, I like knowing that I can be casually competing with other players' times. So, after I finished my peacock puzzle, I had to check my time against other players. I was nowhere near the fastest time, but I enjoyed the challenge anyway.

Are you a puzzle fan? Have you tried digital jigsaw puzzles? Share your thoughts.

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Horse Art: Kathy Shell #BookReview

Horse Art: Kathy Shell (Shepparton Studio Book 1) by Ryn Shell, Kathy Shell, and Gray Nomad

Horse lovers will enjoy Horse Art: Kathy Shell. It is the first book in the Kathy Shell Art Studio series. Horse Art is more than just a coffee table book. This book is part memoir of internationally acclaimed author Kathy Shell. It contains tips for artist, both for ‘how to’ create art and the business of art.

In this first book, Kathy Shell shares an eclectic collection of horse paintings. From her popular collection of Clydesdales paintings to Welsh ponies, Horse Art gives the readers interesting insights to what inspires her art and the history of her Australian heritage.

As a collaboration between Ryn Shell (author), Kathy Shell (artist) and Gray Nomad (non-fiction author), this book is an interesting mix that will draw you in, keep you inspired, and make curious for more works by Kathy Shell. Albeit, it's a short read since it is half pictures, but for horse lovers and those who appreciate Western art, this is a great book.

Book Details – Buy on Amazon:
  • Ryn Shell (Author), Kathy Shell (Author), Gray Nomad (Author)
  • ASIN: B00GX08QHK
  • Kindle eBooks > Arts & Photography > Art > Painting
For more works by these authors:

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Wishgiving Men’s Jewelry #ProductReview

Wishgiving Men’s Jewelry - "Let's create beauty and blessings."

Does your man wear jewelry? From time to time, my husband likes to find unique pieces of jewelry to wear on a daily basis. Aside from his watch and wedding band, he currently doesn’t wear any other jewelry.

However, when I came across Wishgiving Men’s Jewelry I wanted to know his thoughts. Wishgiving jewelry offers a unique collection of handmade men’s jewelry that is both masculine and original. At first glance, my husband (who is not a bracelet wearer) was a little unsure about the designs. 

After taking a closer look at a couple of pieces, he seemed to open up to the idea of wearing a bracelet made out of natural materials that have more meaning than an everyday piece of jewelry.

Wishgiving is a handmade jewelry startup in Los Angeles that is changing the reason people wear jewelry. Wishgiving creates blessings for the wearer by:

  • Creating jewelry that is handmade in the Los Angeles
  • Using natural gemstones and recycled gold and silver
  • Sourcing materials from mines that do not exploit labor

One piece that caught my husband's eye was the Handcrafted Zen/Yoga Bracelet with Black Jade & Rosewood. This piece is made of rare jade stone and polished rosewood beads on a leather string with recycled silver clasp. It has a jagged yet refined style to it. Plus, Jade has been treasured by the Chinese for thousands of years as a gem that promotes longevity and divine love.

So, if you are in the market for a gift for the main man in your life, check out Wishgiving’s collection of men’s jewelry. The chance to wear something made with pure intentions and pure resources, is a blessing and the chance to give a gift that celebrates life in such a simple way is unique indeed.

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