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Kids eBook “Dinosaur Party Adventure”

I remember as a kid, I loved the books that let you ‘choose your own adventure’. You know the books that told you at the end of the chapter, “If you want X to happen, turn to page Y.”? 

Last week, I received “Dinosaur Party Adventure” ebook from author Christina Johnson, which is very similar to these books I loved as a child. The main difference is that it is for younger kids with a fun party theme.

After I downloaded the ebook, I tested the book with my 1st grade daughter who loves to read new books and explore new topics. I handed her the tablet and she was entertained for an hour reading and re-reading the "Dinosaur Party Adventure".

The clickable blue links in the “If X then Y” sentences took you right to the page of the adventure you are choosing. She would test to see which results she liked better. Plus at the end of the book was a fun puzzle game for her to try.

This is a great ebook to read with your child or to let your child read on their own. Check out Dinosaur Party Adventure on Amazon and visit Christina Johnson’s author website to learn more about her other books.

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