JS Puzzles - Daily Digital Puzzles Delivered to your Inbox #ProductReview

JS Puzzles - Daily Digital Puzzles Delivered to your Inbox #ProductReview

One of my favorite activities growing up was putting together jigsaw puzzles. Even as a mom, I love sitting down with my 7 year old to do a puzzle. Perhaps it the challenge of putting the pieces together or maybe the reassurance that each piece has it's place in the picture, but either way I find the pastime to be a relaxing activity.

JS Puzzles is a daily digital puzzle service that delivers a unique puzzle to your inbox every day. You simply create a free account and a new jigsaw puzzle comes to you. While I don't always have time to complete a daily puzzle (and sometimes it can get lost in my inbox), I enjoy the idea that I can sit down to complete a puzzle whenever I need a brain break.

JS Puzzles has jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, places, scenery, and more. You can literally find a puzzle theme to fit your mood. Once you select the theme, you can choose how many pieces and whether you want them to be large or small. Then, the puzzle launches with the pieces shuffled on the board. You move them around and they lock into place when lined up next to an adjacent piece.

Another aspect of JS Puzzles, that I like, is the timed leader board for each puzzle. Because I am uber competitive, I like knowing that I can be casually competing with other players' times. So, after I finished my peacock puzzle, I had to check my time against other players. I was nowhere near the fastest time, but I enjoyed the challenge anyway.

Are you a puzzle fan? Have you tried digital jigsaw puzzles? Share your thoughts.

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