A Cab from Oxford to London – a Dream Vacation

A Cab from Oxford to London – a Dream Vacation

During my travels throughout Europe, I never made it to England. One vacation at the top of my bucket list is to experience taking a cab from Oxford and London. I’ve taken the trains across France, Spain, and Italy. But taking a private cab from Oxford to London would allow for a more up close and personal experience of the English countryside.

The perfect English vacation would start in Oxford, home of the oldest university in England. In Oxford, I’d sit in a café, drinking some tea, and read a classic novel.  I’d explore all that Oxford has to offer. Then, after a couple of days in Oxford, I’d take a cab from Oxford to London with London Drivers travel service so I could enjoy the English countryside on my schedule at an affordable and fixed price. 

Once in London, I’d have London Drivers take me to famous attractions like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. There is so much on my list for London, I’d want to spend at least a week in London taking in the culture, the shopping, and the pubs. Yes…England is certainly at the top of my travel list!

Have you traveled to Oxford or London? What was your favorite experience?

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