AlignerMeter - The Invisible Braces App #ProductReview

AlignerMeter - The Invisible Braces App 

An individual's teeth and smile divulge some important hints about the person's health. On a primal level, great teeth and a smile convey an overall impression of health and wellness. Socially, studies show that we're naturally attracted to people who smile, as they're viewed as more confident, more approachable, more intelligent and more attractive.

What's more, your good smile can make your date appear more attractive too. When you smile, others naturally mimic this expression, so you can get your date to smile too. That's important because studies have revealed that people are viewed as more attractive when they smile!

As a parent of a young child who has started losing her teeth, I often wonder if we will end up investing in her smile. AlignerMeter is a free smartphone app that could help answer that question for us as she gets older. AlignerMeter allows you to get a profession free orthodontist consultation via your smartphone. 

The AlignerMeter Application captures three photographs of the individual's teeth and sends the images to a board-certified orthodontist who examines and evaluates the photos to determine whether the subject is a suitable candidate for invisible braces or any other type of treatment. Once a positive determination is made, the app informs the user and provides the user with referrals to orthodontists in their area. 

This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The AlignerMeter has expanded its successful app to five different languages. Consumers can set the app to one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese.

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My oldest has a few more teeth before we need to take action towards assessing her mouth. But I love the convenience that AlignMeter offers to busy parents without needing to make an appointment and spend money before knowing if Invisible Braces are what we need.

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