A Fun Way to Learn Science on Super Science Sunday YouTube Channel #Review

A Fun Way to Learn Science on Super Science Sunday YouTube Channel

My kids love science. Creating hypothesis, running experiments, and learning about how the world around us works, science satisfies the curiosity we all have. Super Science Sunday is a fantastic YouTube Channel dedicated to showing kids the power of science.

In their most recent video, they are teaching us about how to create a simple air vortex air cannon with simple household supplies. Hosted by a family of four Super Science Sunday shares the fun of science in all its forms: chemistry, geology, engineering, electronics, physics, and more.

YouTube is such a great platform to teach and share with kids about all topics. Super Science Sunday is doing an amazing job of leveraging video to teach science in a fun and interactive way. When my oldest saw I was reviewing this channel, she got so excited to watch the videos with me. She even started exploring the channel on her own.

Super Science Sunday is a great resource for home schooling parents or parents who have kids interested in science. Some of their videos make great inspiration for at home learning on a rainy or snowy day.

Watch their Air Vortex – Air Cannon video – then hop over and subscribe to their channel to stay current on all their new video releases.

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Moroccan Burlap Edge Pillow from Pillows Piled High #EtsyShopReview

Moroccan Burlap Edge Pillow from Pillows Piled High

Come to my house and I have an excessive amount of pillows - from throw pillows on the couch to extra pillows on my bed. I love having pillows to pile around me. Pillows are a great way to accent a room, make it feel homey and comfortable. Plus, they are an affordable way to update your décor when you get bored with a look or want to add some seasonal flair.

So, it is no wonder that I love Etsy Shop Pillows Piled High. Kaci has over 50 handmade pillows of all styles, colors, and patterns. One of my favorites is the Moroccan Burlap Edge Pillow with its rich red color offset by the earthiness of the burlap. It’s a 20”x20” sized pillow made of 100% cotton making it easy to clean.

This pillow would look great on my steel blue arm chair in my living room. It would add the perfect pop of color to a fairly muted chair color.

Kaci makes a ton of wonderful pillows in her Etsy Shop. She provides care instructions for all of her designs. You can even ask her for custom sizes. If you are looking for an affordable way to update your interior décor, stop on by and support Pillows Piled High. You are sure to find a pillow pattern that will look great in your living room or bedroom.

Are you a pillow fanatic?

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Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad #ProductReview

Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad

I cannot imagine a day without my smartphone. There have been plenty of times that I have turned around half way to where I’m going to go back to the house to get my phone. Usually I forget it because I leave it on the charger as long as possible to make sure I can get through the majority of my day.

Since my charger tends to be upstairs attached to the cord in my office, it makes leaving my phone at home easy to forget amidst the morning school chaos with the kids.

I recently discovered the Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad on Amazon. This looks like it could be a great alternative charger for my smartphone that wouldn’t leave me tied to a wall on the opposite side of the house. This wireless charger charging pad is designed to work with your phone’s hardware to charge by simply laying your phone on the pad. It seems pretty easy to use. Just put your Qi-device on the pad and comes with a Blue Led light indicator to show charging start.

One note from the seller: Make sure you have in-built Qi or external Qi receiver on your phone so that it will work with the wireless charging pad. The Qivv Wireless Charger works on most major phones – iPhone, Samsung, HTC, etc.

How long does your smartphone battery last into your day?

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Zippy Dynamics - Dog Lovers Clothing to Protect Your Best Friend #ProductReview

Zippy Dynamics - Dog Lovers Clothing to Protect Your Best Friend

I have 2 dogs – Roxy and Fiona. They are great dogs with tons of energy. They could run for days and they love taking trips with us to the mountains. But it never fails, anytime we go somewhere they can run free they get dirty. A messy dog is not fun to deal with.

Dog lovers understand the dilemma of taking your best friend with you, but not wanting to bring the mess back. Zippy Dynamics has created a cool new piece of dog clothing designed not only to help keep your dogs clean, but also protect them from weather and nature’s elements.

These dog suits are sporty looking outfits that cover the majority of your dog’s body so their fur is protected from the elements. Plus, if you hike with your dog in the woods, this dog clothing will minimize the chance of a tick landing on your dog’s fur and latching on for the ride.

Learn more about Zippy Dynamics on their website and order one for your furry best friend. Zippy Dynamics offers 5 styles in sizes Small, Medium, and Large so they fit dogs of all sizes.

Do you buy your dog clothing?

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Meet Patricia Wood with Nerium International + an Awesome #Giveaway

Meet Patricia Wood with Nerium International + an Awesome Giveaway

***CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER - Name announced in the comments below!***

You’ve got to meet Patricia Wood. Patricia works with the beauty line company Nerium International. Patricia is focused on helping moms find a viable way to earn extra money with a high quality company with amazing products. 
Nerium is rooted in science. Our promise is to provide proven, age-fighting products powered by the most advanced ingredients available. Utilizing the best of nature coupled with the advances in technology, Nerium products offer both a short-term and long-term approach that address the signs of aging, as well as the causes.

I love Nerium’s core values:

  • Be Real
  • Pursue constant development of self
  • Create a positive team & family atmosphere
  • Be determined
  • Practice servant leadership
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Embrace & drive change
  • Slow down to go fast
  • Have fun & Help others to have fun
  • Dream big and act on it daily

The Giveaway

Patricia is giving away a 30 day supply of box of EHT – Mind Enhancement Formula. This breakthrough supplement features the patented EHT® molecule, which helps keep neural connections strong – resulting in increased brain performance and a healthy, focused mind. Each box contains a full 30-day supply. 

Enter to win this 30 day supply of EHT: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Create Balance for Busy Moms: Feng Shui Jewelry, Tibetan Thangka Pendants #GuestPost

Create Balance for Busy Moms: Feng Shui Jewelry, Tibetan Thangka Pendants 

As a busy mom struggling to meet the demands of a highly competitive, fast paced world at home and at work, it often seems impossible to find the time to take care of yourself the way you should. Ignoring aches and pains, not getting enough rest, and not eating right can create many negative impacts on your day to day life that you may not even notice.  

Yoga, meditation, or even simply taking time out to reflect, are just a few of the tools you may enlist to combat the stress that you encounter on a daily basis to improve your mental, and spiritual well-being. However, these activities are time consuming, and require peaceful environments in order to be effective.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry a small token of serenity and peace with you to remind you throughout your day to embrace calmness, and create harmony in your environment? 

That is exactly what Explosion Luck Feng Shui Jewelry and Thangka Pendant Necklaces are designed to accomplish! 

More commonly associated with spiritual methods of interior design and art, the principle ideals of Feng Shui, and the beautiful imagery of Tibetan Thangka tapestries have been flawlessly recreated in Explosion Luck exciting, jewelry store quality line of wearable Feng Shui pendant necklaces.

Feng Shui paintings and Buddha Thangka have adorned the homes of countless generations of successful people, just like you, who are seeking a spiritual pathway to improve their lives, reduce pain and suffering, and increase their overall level of happiness and well-being. Now, that same life affirming power can be carried with you everywhere you go. 

Let Explosion Luck Feng Shui jewelry be a wearable reminder that you are continually inviting peace, good fortune, and prosperity into your life, and the lives of those around you.

These amazingly elegant pendants are made even more precious when given to someone as a gift. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or wedding present, bestowing the gift of unlimited good fortune upon your friends and loved ones is sure to boost your own sense of harmony in the universe. It is after all better to give than to receive! 

Also, remember that Explosion Luck attractive Feng Shui and Tibetan Thangka jewelry also perfectly compliments the more traditional Buddha thangka tapestries and designs that may already adorn your home, or office! Combine the power of these ancient auspicious art pieces designs to magnify their harmonious qualities!

Don’t wait another second! If you want to spread wealth, prosperity and excellent health choose your favorite piece of enlightening Feng Shui jewelry, and purchase it TODAY!

This article is brought to you by Feng Shui experts at explosionluck.com. This guest post is sponsored by the article and 100% of the opinions are the authors.

Affordable Summer Party Dinner for 6 – Under $12 #GuestPost

Who is ready to make a great dinner that is super affordable? My friend, Joy at Kitchen Scentse, is all about sharing yummy recipes for affordable prices. In this week's guest post Joy shares how she created a summer dinner party menu for 6 people under $12. Read more below and make sure you see more at dinnerwithjoy.com

Affordable Summer Party Dinner for 6 – Under $12

I rarely write a post about a specific meal unless it’s for an occasion, and have never included a full menu, but due to the current concern over food prices, I’m doing that this week. Last Sunday I had a chance to prove my plan to control food bills works by delivering a full dinner for 6 for under $12.00, and I did it, shopping in a regular supermarket, using only their flyer .One dish, the potato salad, allowed me to show how substitutions can reduce cost without sacrificing quality too.

The backstory is simple. My pool club hosted a charity fund raiser which combined the traditional Labor Day Picnic with the old practice of bidding for a “boxed “dinner. It was a blind process, the club setting prices for adults and children, a limit on servings to be ordered and agreeing to reimburse the volunteer chefs 50% of the cost. The bidders filled coded forms listing the number of adults and children, and any food allergies. I drew an order for 3 adults and 3 children, absolutely no nuts. 

The meal I delivered was Teriyaki basted chicken with crispy, garlic dusted skin, cold French style green beans with fresh lemon balm, sweet potato salad in lime-ginger-chili marinade with fresh mint, chopped iceberg lettuce salad with fresh oregano and Thai basil in  rosemary-garlic vinaigrette and a peach & plum pie. I considered it important in planning that all the dishes be unaffected by the hot weather.

Obviously, I was mindful of the total cost. The less I spent, the greater the percent of the agreed price for the dinner went to charity. As I said, I didn’t use coupons, bargain racks or special value stores. That doesn’t mean I didn’t look for advantages. Following my usual practice, I carefully studied the market flyers to plan the meal. I found one with enough specials to let me outline the dinner. Featured were fresh chicken, thighs and drums@ $0.98 lb. frozen name brand vegetables, 16oz.bag- 10/$10, lettuce $1.28 each, and peaches and plums @ $0.68 lb. with $25.00 purchase. The sweet potatoes were regular price, but everything else I needed was on special. Adding my own groceries made me eligible for the coupon.

I do admit I used my own staples for the pie crust, condiments, seasonings and fresh herbs for flavorings and didn’t include them in my total, but they aren’t regularly considered in these calculations because they aren’t replenished weekly. I bought the full 3lb. of thighs, used 4 and averaged the price, but I didn’t want 3 lb. of drums, so I paid full price for the 6 I needed. I’ve included that. Had I bought the sale product, the total would have been even less. The accounting is printed below and the recipes follow it. I think you’ll agree this was a complete, nutritious and interesting dinner. 

However, cooking good meals is my business, I’m more proud, considering today’s food prices, of being able to bring this one in so reasonably. I did it by following my Diet for the Food Dollar Plan as explained in my book How to Control Food Bills, available at dinnerwithjoy.com.

Chicken @ $0.98 lb. family pack 3lb or more was $4.22 -10 thighs in pack=$0.42 each= $1.68
Chicken @ $1.18 lb.- 6 drums                                                                     $2.89
French cut green bea                                                                                 $1.00           Lettuce - 1 head iceber                                                                              $1.28          
3 Sweet potatoes @ $1.08 lb.                                                                      $2.36
Peaches and Plums @ $0.68 lb.       6 items, 3 each                                     $2.44 

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