Create Balance for Busy Moms: Feng Shui Jewelry, Tibetan Thangka Pendants #GuestPost

Create Balance for Busy Moms: Feng Shui Jewelry, Tibetan Thangka Pendants 

As a busy mom struggling to meet the demands of a highly competitive, fast paced world at home and at work, it often seems impossible to find the time to take care of yourself the way you should. Ignoring aches and pains, not getting enough rest, and not eating right can create many negative impacts on your day to day life that you may not even notice.  

Yoga, meditation, or even simply taking time out to reflect, are just a few of the tools you may enlist to combat the stress that you encounter on a daily basis to improve your mental, and spiritual well-being. However, these activities are time consuming, and require peaceful environments in order to be effective.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to carry a small token of serenity and peace with you to remind you throughout your day to embrace calmness, and create harmony in your environment? 

That is exactly what Explosion Luck Feng Shui Jewelry and Thangka Pendant Necklaces are designed to accomplish! 

More commonly associated with spiritual methods of interior design and art, the principle ideals of Feng Shui, and the beautiful imagery of Tibetan Thangka tapestries have been flawlessly recreated in Explosion Luck exciting, jewelry store quality line of wearable Feng Shui pendant necklaces.

Feng Shui paintings and Buddha Thangka have adorned the homes of countless generations of successful people, just like you, who are seeking a spiritual pathway to improve their lives, reduce pain and suffering, and increase their overall level of happiness and well-being. Now, that same life affirming power can be carried with you everywhere you go. 

Let Explosion Luck Feng Shui jewelry be a wearable reminder that you are continually inviting peace, good fortune, and prosperity into your life, and the lives of those around you.

These amazingly elegant pendants are made even more precious when given to someone as a gift. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or wedding present, bestowing the gift of unlimited good fortune upon your friends and loved ones is sure to boost your own sense of harmony in the universe. It is after all better to give than to receive! 

Also, remember that Explosion Luck attractive Feng Shui and Tibetan Thangka jewelry also perfectly compliments the more traditional Buddha thangka tapestries and designs that may already adorn your home, or office! Combine the power of these ancient auspicious art pieces designs to magnify their harmonious qualities!

Don’t wait another second! If you want to spread wealth, prosperity and excellent health choose your favorite piece of enlightening Feng Shui jewelry, and purchase it TODAY!

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