Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad #ProductReview

Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad

I cannot imagine a day without my smartphone. There have been plenty of times that I have turned around half way to where I’m going to go back to the house to get my phone. Usually I forget it because I leave it on the charger as long as possible to make sure I can get through the majority of my day.

Since my charger tends to be upstairs attached to the cord in my office, it makes leaving my phone at home easy to forget amidst the morning school chaos with the kids.

I recently discovered the Qivv Wireless Charger Charging Pad on Amazon. This looks like it could be a great alternative charger for my smartphone that wouldn’t leave me tied to a wall on the opposite side of the house. This wireless charger charging pad is designed to work with your phone’s hardware to charge by simply laying your phone on the pad. It seems pretty easy to use. Just put your Qi-device on the pad and comes with a Blue Led light indicator to show charging start.

One note from the seller: Make sure you have in-built Qi or external Qi receiver on your phone so that it will work with the wireless charging pad. The Qivv Wireless Charger works on most major phones – iPhone, Samsung, HTC, etc.

How long does your smartphone battery last into your day?

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