Silicone Baking Mat Set – 3 pack #ProductReview

Silicone Baking Mat Set

When it comes to baking, I’m a novice. I don’t do a lot of baking that doesn’t come from a boxed recipe. But one of my favorite recipes to make from scratch is my mom’s sugar cookies. I usually bake them for Valentine’s Day, a batch in the springtime, Halloween, and (of course) Christmas. 

When I bake these cookies with the kids, I’m constantly struggling to keep the flour on the counter and the dough from sticking to everything. Then, I started using these silicone baking mats. They are great for rolling out dough and cutting the cookies without getting stuck to the counter.

The Silicone Baking Mats come in a 3 pack with red, green, and purple edges. Each color is a different sized mat. One edge of each mat has a ruler for measuring. You can use these mats for baking, candy-making, or kneading dough. Plus they are safe to use in the freezer, microwave, toaster oven, and conventional oven. They are super easy to clean (huge PLUS) and they can be used up to 4,000 times so you save money on parchment papers and oils.

You can buy this set of 3 silicone baking mats on Amazon (Prime eligible) and each order comes with a spatula.

Are you a baker? How often do you use a silicone mat when baking?

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Parfum Homme: Online Shop for Men’s Fragrance #Review

Parfum Homme: Online Shop for Men’s Fragrance

Are you in need of great options for the man in your life? Moms, we can’t forget about Dad on My Mom Spark. There is nothing better than a sweet smelling man. I love testing the different options at the department stores to find the right one. When I lived in Europe, I remember wandering the fragrance shops to explore all the regional fragrances that we didn’t get in the US. One of my favorite tours was behind the scenes of a parfumerie  in Southern France.

If you are looking for a great online shop for affordable men’s fragrance, check out Parfum Homme. This online shop has all the top men’s fragrance, plus a few you may not be able to find at your local department store. Parfum Homme is based in Europe, but does deliver to the US. So, you could find some new fragrance for your man!

So, what is your favorite fragrance for your man?

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iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder #ProductReview

iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder

I hate it when I lose my keys. Combine that with an oversized purse, I am constantly in search of my keys through the infinite space filled with kids toys, candy, gum, and (if I’m lucky) some loose change. It can be a struggle in the mornings when we are running late. 

My low-tech fix was to use a caribeaner on my key chain so I can clip my keys to my bag or my jacket. This way I’d never lose them. But that requires me to remember to clip them instead of dropping them in some random place…or the abyss of my purse.

This month I was introduced to the iHere 3.0 rechargeable Bluetooth key finder. This little gadget is a small triangular piece that clips onto your keychain. You can download the iPhone app and sync it with your key finder. Now your smartphone becomes an quick and easy way to track down your keys, your wallet or even your car.

Plus, it is the only rechargeable key finder in the world. No annoying battery replacements. 

iHere 3.0 is available on Amazon for regular retail of $39.99.  iHere 3.0 is a product of Nonda. For My Mom Spark readers you can enjoy an extra discount that is valid until 4/15/15. To save an additional $10 use code: IHERE10F

Do you lose your car keys a lot, too?

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Sass N Frass – The Perfect Boutique For Sassy Moms #Review

Sass N Frass – The Perfect Boutique For Sassy Moms

I call my daughter a “sass-a-frass”. She gets all of that attitude from me. I love it and hate it at the same time. I really see her sass come out when she finds an outfit that makes her feel good. I think that applies to all of us who gets up and gets dressed every morning. I know I feel good when I am wearing an outfit that expresses my style to the world. 

This is why when I was introduced to the online boutique Sass N Frass , I immediately loved the name and knew I would find tons of items that fit my mom style. Sass N Frass is an online boutique that carries stylish women’s clothes, home décor items, and even a section for your sassy daughters. 

Sass N Frass has a bunch of tunic style tops, which are one of my favorite styles throughout all of the seasons. My favorite tunic she carries is the My Mint Crochet Tunic. It is a beautiful color for spring. I love the crocheted shoulders. I could see dressing this tunic up with some leggings for the office or wearing casually on the weekends with a pair of jeans.

Plus, if you are into fashion and style, Sass N Frass offers a direct sales program with tons of benefits. I’m not a rep, but I found her inspiration for the direct sales program inspiring.

So, do you shop online to find new styles & clothes?

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Morena Felting – Felt Friends You Will Love #EtsyShopReview

Morena Felting – Felt Friends You Will Love

Do you or your kids love little figurines they can keep on a shelf and play with when they want? Most of my collectible figurines are off limits for any playtime with the kids. Both of mine, don’t touch mommy’s stuff.

But, what if you could find adorable little figures that are kid-friendly for displaying on a shelf and for tea time with your sweet angels? Morena Felting Etsy Shop creates these types of felt figurines. They are all mouse-themed figures that each come with their own unique story. They are soft with a wire frame on the inside that lets you position them in just the right way for your display in your collection or in a doll house. They are all handmade from the felt to the crochets and knitted clothing.

This adorable felted lady mouse and her child come with a lavender filled carrying bag. When you rub the lavender bag, the delicate fragrance will surround you. The mother stands about 4.5 inches high. The listing is for both of the figures.

One word of caution: these figure are not meant for very young children. But I can see older children playing with these cute mice characters in their dollhouse or for some afternoon tea time.

All felt friends at Morena Felting are handmade by two friends in Serbia who find their art form as a way to succeed in life and business. They carry individual mice characters as well as couples – including a married couple. 

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Divine Kidz – Custom Attire that Sparkles #EtsyShopReview

Divine Kidz – Custom Attire that Sparkles 

When it comes to dressing my kids, I like for them to show off their own style. But, I am kind of particular about the clothes they wear. For example, outfits have to match. I can’t stand to let them walk out of the house without coordinating their tops & bottoms. We spend a lot of time in the morning as they try to dress themselves and make sure that I am not going to make them change their clothes or their shoes.

For my 7 year old daughter, she is really coming into her own with her style. If it sparkles, she loves it. Adding a little bling to any outfit (for kids or adults) is okay in my book. I love when she and I can agree on sparkly items that are age appropriate, cute and stylish.

Divine Kidz Etsy shop is an adorable place to find custom clothing for your prince or princess. I loved seeing all of the custom bedazzled shoes and jeans for kids. They are just adorable…especially these sparkled Minnie Mouse Converse shoes for an infant. They make me wish we had an infant girl in the family to shop for.  These converse come in 11 different color options and are available in any size for infants, toddlers or big kids. They are original Converse shoes that can be customized to your specifications.

Divine Kidz even offers custom Chucks for boys featuring popular Disney Cars characters!

Another piece of custom attire offered by Divine Kidz are distressed jeans for kids of any age. If your diva isn’t patient enough to wait for the distressing to happen by their natural play and everyday wear, Divine Kidz has you covered. They custom distress each pair of jeans so your kids can get that popular aged denim look without waiting for skinned knees and a thousand washes. The jeans are reasonably priced for big kids jeans, too.

If you and your kids are into the latest styles for kids, definitely check out the custom Chucks and distressed denim jeans and send your kids to school in style! You can find Divine Kidz on Etsy with over 80 different custom products. Stop by check them out and order your kiddos some custom clothes for the spring time.

How important is it for you to dress your kids in stylish clothes?

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Cold Snap Studio – Baby Signs for Your Home #EtsyShopReview

Cold Snap Studio – Baby Signs for Your Home

Everyone loves a cute baby. I remember taking my infant out in public and people – strangers – would get so excited to see a new baby they would come over to our family with their hands out ready to touch my brand new bundle of joy. In those early days and months, I knew it was important that we protect our children from unwanted sickness and germs. But, how do you politely tell the sweet grandmotherly figure at church to “Please don’t touch my baby with your stinky hanky”? 

These are the realities of a mom of a newborn baby. And if you’ve ever had a preemie, you are even more cautious of germs. Plus, I remember all the other mommy times throughout the early years where I wanted to have a polite way to tell someone “don’t ring the doorbell during nap time” or “please take your shoes off when you come in my house”. 

When you have particular rules you’d like people to know about before they enter your personal space, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute sign that nicely says what you want to say without putting you in an awkward or rude situation?

Cold Snap Studio on Etsy designs these types of signs for mom, dads, and grandparents. They are adorably designed with cute characters and sweet rhymes that make those uncomfortable life preferences for your babies and family a little more bearable.

The sign above is one of Cold Snap Studios's most popular sign for a baby’s car seat. It is so freaking cute and a much nicer way to tell others "Don't Touch the Baby". It comes in a 2 pack and is laminated (but not waterproof). The image is printed on both sides. The 2 pack of baby signs is only $13.

Do you know a mom who is expecting and would love these signs?

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Anniversary Quotes for the One You Love

Anniversary Quotes for the One You Love

"All the words in the world could not even begin to describe how deeply I am in love with you, from the first moment I saw you until the never-ending heartbeat you have given me. You are not only my love, but you are my Soul."   - by Emily Winters

Finding the right words for the one you love are not always as poetic as you’d hope. When it is your anniversary, you want to have the right words for that special day. You want to tell that special person how much they mean to you and how happy you are that they chose to spend their life with you. Yep, finding the right words for such an important day can be difficult.

So, when you are at a loss for the right words, try Anniversary Quotes for over 16 pages of quotes for husbands, wives, and couples. Each quote conveys just the right words, so you can choose the message that best fits your marriage.

What is your favorite anniversary quotes?

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Reference Me Smartphone App with Multiple Uses #ProductReview

Reference Me Smartphone App with Multiple Uses

Have you ever needed to send a reference for a job or an application and wish you had it right at your fingertips? I know I go searching my smartphone to dig up the right people for the right type of reference. The Reference Me app is coming soon to Android, iPhone and Amazon app stores. This app is designed to store the right references for the right purposes. Whether you have credit references, rental references, business references, personal reference, or employer references, you can keep them all organized in this one simple app. Plus, it allows you to share and request references with a click of the button.

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Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe #EtsyShopReview

Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe

There are many things I love about the convenience of modern technology. I read e-books on a regular basis. But, nothing beats the smell of books – old books, new books, library books. There is something nostalgic about holding a book and reading with your kids or curling up with a classic on a rainy spring day. 

I remember the library collections of adult and kids books that I loved exploring at my grandparents’ houses. Some of my favorite childhood memories were saved in the form of a book that I now share with my kids. Books have an important role in our lives, whether they are vintage or an e-book. Instilling the love of reading in my kids is one that will shape their future forever.

You don’t find many bookstores anymore – especially vintage books that remind us of generations before. This is one reason I love Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe on Etsy. This Etsy shop is a great little shop where you can find unique items and old books to add to your reading nook. Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe carries a wide variety of vintage books, but they also have new books too.

Shoppe owners, Spencer Madrie and Anne Mote, have a love of books. They pride themselves on curating a collection of unique books that just makes them happy. They say “Collecting books is their business”. It’s a very cool concept.

So, if you are looking for unique books that you can’t find on eBay or just have a love of classics, check out Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe for vintage children’s and adult books. They even carry sets of classics and hard to find classics.

Do you share the classics with your children?

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Heart Touching Quotes from Quotes Hunter

Heart Touching Quotes from Quotes Hunter

“Live beautifully. Dream passionately. Love completely.”

I love using quotes to describe a moment in my life or a feeling I am having that I can’t quite explain. Quotes are a great way to express yourself, your feelings, your motivation, or just to keep you focused on what matters in your life at that moment.

I often find myself searching for the right quote to use in my writing or on my fan pages. Quotes banks are everywhere, but sometimes when it comes to finding the right heart touching quote to describe your love for another human being, you need to have a solid solution for the best quotes. Heart Touching Quotes from Quotes Hunter gives the romantics among us a collection of the best quotes about love. And for those of us who might not be as romantic as the next, these quotes on Quotes Hunter is a great place to find the right words to tell your significant other. 

Each of these quotes are expressed in a beautiful graphic. You can find the right inspiration for the moment, the occasion, or the sentiment you are trying to express.

Do you like quotes? What is your favorite love quote?

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Providing Personalized Math Instruction for Young Children and Children with Special Needs #GuestPost

Providing Personalized Math Instruction for Young Children and Children with Special Needs 

Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to accomplish in each subject and for each grade. Recently, a number of States have adopted the same standards for mathematics, called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), to prepare students for success both in college and in the workplace. These standards also apply to students with special needs. However, the process of teaching and assessing these standards, with respect to students with special needs, must incorporate instructional supports and accommodations. 

Instructional supports should foster student engagement by allowing multiple, diverse ways for students to act and express their knowledge. Instructional accommodations should allow students to learn within the framework of the CCSS by, for example, enabling adaptations to the material while maintaining the core contents of the standards.

Of special interests are the common core standards in mathematics for primary education. Studies have shown that the quality of early childhood education greatly impacts a child’s potential for increasing their knowledge of math concepts in later years. In the mainstream classroom, tablet devices are increasingly being integrated to provide an interactive experience that enhances learning of math standards. Unfortunately, although there are currently a number of math apps that address common core math standards in the marketplace, there are very few accessible to children with special needs.  

Gamification of math content is one solution to this dilemma. Mathematics is present in much of children’s play activities and, in various studies, significant learning benefits have been shown when teachers can follow up with children by reflecting on the mathematical ideas that have emerged in their play. As such, offering gaming apps that embed common core math content within a framework that is familiar to both teachers and children with special needs would provide a dual benefit. Not only would could these math-infused gaming apps engage children with special needs in learning with respect to common core math standards, but they can ensure inclusiveness for all children. 

One such math app that addresses this need is OctoPlus, which provides personalized math instruction to young children and children with special needs and integrates various math topics found in the common core math standards. OctoPlus, available on iTunes at, provides kids with fun, interactive math addition problems that are accessible based on a student’s math skill and disability - whether for regular daily practice or to challenge a student beyond their current skill level. 

In fact, in a recent study involving thirty-four participants (“Enhancing Self-Motivation through Design of an Accessible Math App for Children with Special Needs,” Human-Computer Interaction International Conference, 2015), results showed significant measures of self-motivation when using this educational math app.  We believe therefore that with the further development of gaming apps such as these, children with special needs can be accommodated into learning and mastery of the new CCSS standards, thus increasing their opportunities for future success.

Guest Post by Ayanna Howard, Ph.D., Zyrobotics, LLC

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