iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder #ProductReview

iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder

I hate it when I lose my keys. Combine that with an oversized purse, I am constantly in search of my keys through the infinite space filled with kids toys, candy, gum, and (if I’m lucky) some loose change. It can be a struggle in the mornings when we are running late. 

My low-tech fix was to use a caribeaner on my key chain so I can clip my keys to my bag or my jacket. This way I’d never lose them. But that requires me to remember to clip them instead of dropping them in some random place…or the abyss of my purse.

This month I was introduced to the iHere 3.0 rechargeable Bluetooth key finder. This little gadget is a small triangular piece that clips onto your keychain. You can download the iPhone app and sync it with your key finder. Now your smartphone becomes an quick and easy way to track down your keys, your wallet or even your car.

Plus, it is the only rechargeable key finder in the world. No annoying battery replacements. 

iHere 3.0 is available on Amazon for regular retail of $39.99.  iHere 3.0 is a product of Nonda. For My Mom Spark readers you can enjoy an extra discount that is valid until 4/15/15. To save an additional $10 use code: IHERE10F

Do you lose your car keys a lot, too?

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This post is sponsored by Nonda. All opinions are 100% mine.


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