Divine Kidz – Custom Attire that Sparkles #EtsyShopReview

Divine Kidz – Custom Attire that Sparkles 

When it comes to dressing my kids, I like for them to show off their own style. But, I am kind of particular about the clothes they wear. For example, outfits have to match. I can’t stand to let them walk out of the house without coordinating their tops & bottoms. We spend a lot of time in the morning as they try to dress themselves and make sure that I am not going to make them change their clothes or their shoes.

For my 7 year old daughter, she is really coming into her own with her style. If it sparkles, she loves it. Adding a little bling to any outfit (for kids or adults) is okay in my book. I love when she and I can agree on sparkly items that are age appropriate, cute and stylish.

Divine Kidz Etsy shop is an adorable place to find custom clothing for your prince or princess. I loved seeing all of the custom bedazzled shoes and jeans for kids. They are just adorable…especially these sparkled Minnie Mouse Converse shoes for an infant. They make me wish we had an infant girl in the family to shop for.  These converse come in 11 different color options and are available in any size for infants, toddlers or big kids. They are original Converse shoes that can be customized to your specifications.

Divine Kidz even offers custom Chucks for boys featuring popular Disney Cars characters!

Another piece of custom attire offered by Divine Kidz are distressed jeans for kids of any age. If your diva isn’t patient enough to wait for the distressing to happen by their natural play and everyday wear, Divine Kidz has you covered. They custom distress each pair of jeans so your kids can get that popular aged denim look without waiting for skinned knees and a thousand washes. The jeans are reasonably priced for big kids jeans, too.

If you and your kids are into the latest styles for kids, definitely check out the custom Chucks and distressed denim jeans and send your kids to school in style! You can find Divine Kidz on Etsy with over 80 different custom products. Stop by check them out and order your kiddos some custom clothes for the spring time.

How important is it for you to dress your kids in stylish clothes?

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This post is sponsored by Divine Kidz. All opinions are 100% mine.


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