Cold Snap Studio – Baby Signs for Your Home #EtsyShopReview

Cold Snap Studio – Baby Signs for Your Home

Everyone loves a cute baby. I remember taking my infant out in public and people – strangers – would get so excited to see a new baby they would come over to our family with their hands out ready to touch my brand new bundle of joy. In those early days and months, I knew it was important that we protect our children from unwanted sickness and germs. But, how do you politely tell the sweet grandmotherly figure at church to “Please don’t touch my baby with your stinky hanky”? 

These are the realities of a mom of a newborn baby. And if you’ve ever had a preemie, you are even more cautious of germs. Plus, I remember all the other mommy times throughout the early years where I wanted to have a polite way to tell someone “don’t ring the doorbell during nap time” or “please take your shoes off when you come in my house”. 

When you have particular rules you’d like people to know about before they enter your personal space, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute sign that nicely says what you want to say without putting you in an awkward or rude situation?

Cold Snap Studio on Etsy designs these types of signs for mom, dads, and grandparents. They are adorably designed with cute characters and sweet rhymes that make those uncomfortable life preferences for your babies and family a little more bearable.

The sign above is one of Cold Snap Studios's most popular sign for a baby’s car seat. It is so freaking cute and a much nicer way to tell others "Don't Touch the Baby". It comes in a 2 pack and is laminated (but not waterproof). The image is printed on both sides. The 2 pack of baby signs is only $13.

Do you know a mom who is expecting and would love these signs?

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