O’somechef Spiral Slicer #ProductReview

O’somechef Spiral Slicer to Make Awesome Raw Vegetable Pasta

Do you ever get in a rut when cooking meals for your family? I do. Fortunately for me, my kids aren’t terribly picky. When a friend recently got a vegetable spiral cutter for her wedding, I was intrigued by the pasta dishes she was creating. Such a good and healthy idea.

Then I found the O’somechef Spiral Slicer. This kitchen gadget does exactly what it says. It slices hard vegetables in thin spiral slices which is perfect for making vegetable pasta dishes. Simply substitute your pasta for the vegetable spirals.

My favorite thing about the O’somechef Spiral Slicer is its size. Instead of being a full size kitchen tool that would take up cabinet space when I’m not using it, this spiral slicer is not much bigger than my hand. It comes with a cleaning brush, a bag for storage, and it is BPA free. This is perfect for my kitchen and it’s not intimidating to use.

You also get a small recipe book with the slicer so you can start making fresh raw vegetable pasta right away. You will find the O’somechef Spiral Slicer on Amazon.

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MeMoi Leggings & Shapewear for Women #ProductReview

MeMoi  Leggings & Shapewear for Women

My friends and I were just discussing the latest trend of fun and colorful leggings coupled with cute little booties. We all seemed to like this new fashion trend, but feel too old to pull it off in a stylish way.  Plus, I always worry about the lack of support leggings can give my hips and butt. Standard leggings seem to be too thin for me to feel I have the coverage I need to be confident in my outfit.

Obviously there are differing opinions on this style, but leggings for women have been a staple in our wardrobes for as long as I remember. We all have at least a few pairs in basic blacks, browns, and grays. And these are the typical colors for any sort of shapewear or support leggings you find on the market. But what if we could find a selection of support leggings that let us wear the newer trends in confidence?

MeMoi is a fashion store for women looking to change up the look of their leggings and add some extra support in areas where we need it.  MeMoi's fashion forward tights are built on the cutting edge of style and include a wide selection of sultry offerings from classic opaque and sheer tight to sweater and Angora options.

Check out their cute legging video…it’s got a fun twist that you don’t see coming.

What are your opinions of leggings as part of your winter wardrobe?.

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Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands #ProductReview

Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands

It’s the beginning of the year. I know every year, I make the same resolution as most Americans – get in shape. One type of exercise I really enjoy is yoga. It’s low impact. It’s relaxing. And it’s easy to do inside while the kids are napping.

When doing yoga, you definitely need a high quality yoga mat. I’ve tried it on the carpet. I slip and can’t hold the pose the way I need to for the best workout. Recently, I was introduced to Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands. Baymore Sports are high quality workout products. They offered to send me their hot pink yoga mat and a set of bands to review for my audience. Since I do yoga, I said yes.

When the mat arrived I was excited to try it out. Opening the box I was expecting a hot pink mat, but it was more of a red color. I wasn't offended by the color. Quite frankly, once I tried the mat and realized how much nicer it is compared to my old mat, the color was the last thing on my mind.

This yoga mat is thicker and provides a better grip than my old yoga mat. This means I am more comfortable during my yoga workouts whether at home or in a studio. I can feel that extra thickness as I transition from each pose. Plus, I love the fact that is is eco-friendly.

Baymore also sent me some yoga bands. Honestly, I don’t use resistant bands in my yoga (probably because I still haven’t mastered my poses and it takes all of my concentration to follow the routine). Nonetheless, I thought I’d try the bands and see what they were all about. The set of 3 came in different colors for different resistant strengths. They weren’t labeled which was which, so I tested all of them. I can see how adding them to my yoga routine could kick it up a notch. 

If you are looking for high quality yoga gear to help you with your healthy body goals, check out Baymore Sports on Amazon. They are reasonably priced and the products are high quality.

How do you plan on staying in shape this year?

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Lush Décor $200 Shopping Spree #Giveaway

Lush Décor $200 Shopping Spree

Do you ever look around your home and think “I really need to change up my home décor?” Enter to win the Lush Décor giveaway below.

There is something therapeutic about changing the look of a room. I find myself relishing in the process of redecorating or finding new “looks” for my home. I get lost in HGTV DIY programs. I use Pinterest to find the right looks and ideas for different rooms. But, redecorating is often a task that gets put on the back burner for me. But, this year, my goal is to freshen up the look in each room of my house. 

One thing I am learning as I explore new ideas is that I don’t have to do an “HGTV-level” make-over to get a fresh and up-to-date look in my home. By changing the curtains or adding a new bedding set, you can quickly and easily change the look of a room without painting or construction. This year, as I update the look of each room in my house, I want to find the best ways to maximize my budget so I can create a comfortable and inviting home for my children, my husband, and all of those people who come to visit.

So, when I discovered Lush Décor – a home furnishings website that offers bedding, curtains, and throws – I knew this was a great way to update every room in my house without breaking the bank. Plus,they offer free shipping every day on orders over $50!

My Mom Spark Coupon: 10% off 
use code LOVELUSH1

Lush Décor was founded by Jenny Zhu because she wanted to create affordable fashion that can be enjoyed through all the phases of your life. They offer the perfect accents for your home that allow you to create your own look and lifestyle in the place where you live your life – your home.

Lush Décor is sponsoring a $200 shopping spree for their products for all My Mom Spark readers. You can enter the giveaway below. Just follow the steps to enter your chance to win some new home furnishings for you and your home.  


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EASY ENTRY - Comment below by answering "What 1 item you would buy from LushDecor.com?" (be sure to claim your entry after you comment)

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Disclaimer: LushDecor.com is responsible for the distribution of this giveaway to the winner. The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of giveaway end date via the email used in the giveaway form. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older living in the continental United States only. See full giveaway terms & conditions.

The TINE App #ProductReview

The TINE App 

So, I just love how technology is making it easier for us to move beyond the screen and connect with people we care about. I was recently introduced to a new smartphone app called TINE (pronounced “tiny”). This free app is a brilliant cross between post-it notes and YouTube! 

What is the TINE app?

Once you download the free app to your smartphone, you have to order the little stickers that go along with the app. They are called TINE tags and you get them free with your app download. TINE tags have a small QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone.

To use TINE, it is simple. 

  1. Place the sticker where you’d want someone to find it. 
  2. Scan the tag using the app. 
  3. Record an audio or video message and hit Save.

Now you message is saved on that tag. When the person comes along and scans your TINE tag QR code, they will hear or see your recorded message on their phone. TINE even notifies you when someone hears your message.

How can you use it?

As a mom, when I discovered this handy little app, I immediately thought of all the ways I could use this – both for sentimental reasons and some a little more day-to-day functional. Here are just a few of the ways that I use TINE in my house:

  • Record a message or book for my kids. Attach the TINE tags to each page of the book. Scan and record each page into the tag’s QR code. This is a great way for your kids to hear your voice or to share a special message if you are out of town.
  • Attach a special message to a gift you are giving.Turn that gift into an interactive experience for the recipient. I could see the grandparents loving a video of the grandkids singing “Happy Birthday” on their next package.

  • Mark key “honey-do” projects for your honey. Sometimes a project needs more explaining that a simple to-do list. Attach a TINE tag to a key place where the project needs to take place, and record your vision for that project. This works great in our new house where my husband is handling some projects where I have specific details about hanging a picture or painting a wall. 
  • Attach your vacation video to the scrapbook. This is a great way to combine the memories of a scrapbook with the digital media of the 21st century without needing Facebook. Take that vacation video and attach it to your TINE tag’s code. Place that code in your family scrapbook for those nostalgic moments in the future.

There are thousands of ways you can use the TINE app. How would you use it?

Download the app.

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The Right Teether for Your Teething Baby #GuestPost

The Right Teether for Your Teething Baby

Teething! This takes me down memory lane when my now 4 year old was teething. Drooling, biting down on any and everything she could grab and sticking things in her mouth to soothe the discomfort. Teething while it could be discomforting, every baby has to pass through this developmental phase which begins typically around 7 months, but can start as early as 3 months. The hallmark signs are swollen gums, baby chewing on fingers, irritability, tugging at their ears etc. Finding the right product to soothe your child is all a mom can think about during this developmental phase of a child.

I remember purchasing numerous products from the teething ring that you can freeze to the teething keys. None of these products were able to provide the relief I sought for my daughter because of either the poor design for a baby's small hands or the ring could not reach the molar gums further back in her mouth. This was quite frustrating for me as a mom to watch my daughter throw away these teethers because they did not do the job.

Mom and mii™ has created a great product for your teething baby. The right teether for your teething baby - The Bek Monkey Banana teether:

  • Perfect Soothing tool for Baby teething
  • Bek Monkey Banana teether reduces mom's stress by helping soothe baby's teething pain and itching gum
  • Bristle carefully designed to be soft and gentle in your baby's delicate mouth and gums. 
  • Comes with bonus attachment clip to attach to baby on the go and prevent possible contamination when dropped by baby.
  • Strategically designed to be the perfect size and shape for your baby's little hands. Light & Easy Grip for baby to hold to rub sore and itching gums.
  • Made from firm but delicate TPR material (combination of rubber and plastic) odorless, safe and flexible to protect baby's oral cavity.
  • Cute and Unique Banana design to attract baby's attention. Combines positive psychological influence to encourage baby to eat fruits. Special design (peeling Banana leaves) prevents teether from going too deep into baby's mouth, but allowing teether to reach itchy molars gum.
  • Bek the monkey teether is fun, safe, and non-toxic. 
  • Clean with water and dish washing soap before first use. 
  • Dish washer top rack safe and can be sterilized. 
  • Prior to first use, remove all packaging material and discard properly. 
  • Never leave child unattended while using teether, parental supervision advised. 
  • This is not a toothbrush, parents should be cautious that kids with teeth can bite and swallow parts of the teether. 

The Bek Monkey Teether is available on Amazon at Ives Corner. You can find us on Facebook and read more at our blog.

About the Author:
MomandmiiTM is an innovative baby product company. Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative baby care products that add value by saving time, provide comfort, save money, and improve the lives of our customers. MomandmiiTM products are KC certified which ensures high quality and good manufacturing practices are met. MomandmiiTM products are made from FDA approved child safe materials, BPA-Free and Free from child toxic materials.

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Include Everyone: My Kind of Family #BookReview

Include Everyone: My Kind of Family

There is no better lesson for a child to learn than the lesson of inclusion and kindness. Some of the most memorable, yet honest moments, are when a child is trying to understand why people look different or act different. Have you ever caught yourself hushing your child from the all-embarrassing and way-too-loud commentary about another person in public? 

As parents, we’ve probably experienced (or you will soon). But, rather than cringing at our child’s honest and quizzical view of the world, we should embrace it and teach our kids that humans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and with a variety of abilities. 

In the book, Include Everyone: My Kind of Family, author Shannon D. Rhodes offers a refreshing approach of inclusion and kindness. The first unique element of this book is the way it allows the readers to shape their story experience by using their own name for the caregiver (Mom, Dad, Grandma, you decide based on your family dynamic). Then, she highlights the diversity that we see in our lives – ethnicity, disabilities, and lifestyle differences – through a creative and thoughtful story of a young child’s loving and compassionate eyes.

I read this book with my 7 year old who really grasped how the story’s message is to gather everyone together, despite their differences, and find a kind way to engage and interact without any stigmas and for the good of the community.

My Kind of Family is about helping children better understand their emotions, develop self-esteem, and learn good values. The illustrations are beautiful and the main characters are colorless allowing you to color in their skin and hair to match your family’s dynamic. At the end, Shannon provides discussion questions to take the lesson beyond the book and focus on bullying prevention, plus a Pinky Promise for parents and children to share. 

I highly recommend this book for parents of elementary age children. The message is exactly what we should be teaching their young minds to embrace differences and look beyond the surface for a deeper more compassionate approach to life.

Buy the Book Include Everyone: My Kind of Family for only $9.99.

How do you talk with your child about diversity?

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The Lion and The Mouse #BookReview

The Lion and The Mouse

Finding children’s books with good messages is important for me. Both of my kids love to read books and this new children’s book by author Thomas-Bo Huusmann is a great short story to share with your kids.

In The Lion and The Mouse the message is all about finding friendship in unlikely places. You should never judge another person (or animal) based on how they look because you will never know when they come to your rescue.

I downloaded this book right before a family vacation out of the country. Since I couldn’t get wifi, my kids only had a choice of 3 e-books on my tablet. Each night they wanted to hear The Lion and The Mouse. My 3 year old was thrilled with the illustrations and it prompted discussions about friendship that even adults can learn from.

As book 1 in a series on Aesop fables, this is a great book for your kids to read. Download The Lion and The Mouse from Amazon. It’s a great story your kids are sure to enjoy.

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Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor #ProductReview

Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor

Ah…the newborn baby stage. It’s such a sweet place to be as a parent. But it is an exhausting time to be a parent. And the best piece of new parent advice is “sleep when they are sleeping”. But of course you want to monitor them as they sleep. 

I remember our first monitoring system was the classic radio monitors. They worked fine enough. Through all of the static, I trained my ears to recognize a cough versus a cry or a rolling over baby versus a wide awake baby. It took some practice, but we never had the video system like the Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor.

The Foscam Baby Monitor would probably have eased much of my late night new mom worrying. With the Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor you can set up the camera, then use the handheld wireless monitor to adjust the angle of the camera around the room. The screen is voice activated so it sleeps when the room is quiet, and turns on when a voice is detected. It comes with night vision with an 800ft line of sight. Since it is a home baby monitor, the video cannot connect with an IP network. The entire product is guaranteed with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

I really like what this monitor has to offer for parents. For me, it is the peace of mind to see my sleeping bundle of joy and knowing everything is okay. I definitely consider it a sleek and affordable baby monitoring system that makes a great gift for any new parent. 

I see myself adding this item to my list of mom-approved baby shower gift ideas that I can use as the next round of babies start with my friends. This system is available on Amazon (Prime eligible) and worth every penny.

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Website Coding: A New Year – Develop a New Skill

Website Coding: A New Year – Develop a New Skill

If you are in business for yourself or looking for a new skill that can help support your family, the new year is a great time to add to your toolbox of marketable skills. In today’s economy nothing is more valuable than having a foundation in website coding.

Website coding is a great way for moms (and dads) to earn extra money while at home. Whether as a side job, a full-time business, or a skill for your resume, website coding can be done from almost anywhere. All it takes is some knowledge, training, and practice.

Coding is one skill you can use across any industry or business type. So, it is a skill worth developing. If you are interested in learning website coding, let’s take a look at a few things you need to know to maximize your chances for success.

  • Do not start with the technologies difficult to understand. Website coding is highly technical. So make sure you are working with a system that teaches you in a format you can easily understand.
  • Make sure that your friends, relatives and family members will encourage you. It’s always good to have a support team in place to help you on your journey to a new goal. Rally your friends and family and share your new skill so they can help you.
  • Accept help from those you are close to. Those friends and family you rally to support you might have some good ideas on your new venture in website coding. Be open to their opinions and help.
  • Learning a technology needs a high level of dedication and time management skill. Examine your current schedule and find time you can dedicate your time and attention to learning the in’s and out’s of coding.
  • Keep your eye on the goal. You know that website coding is going to help you, your business, or your job opportunities. Whatever your reason for starting this learning adventure, focus on your goal and what it means for your family.

So, where should you get started in learning website coding? Develop Intelligence offers online course for stay at home moms and dads who want to learn a variety of skills on their own time frame. They offer a wide assortment of IT and web development courses that you can find the right skill to fit your interest or unique ability.

So, what website coding course will you take this year?

Until Next Time,


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The Childhood Ear Infection Epidemic #BookReview

The Childhood Ear Infection Epidemic

My oldest suffered from chronic ear infections starting at the age of 14 months. They were horrible! One of her first infections got so bad so quickly that we spent New Year’s 2009 at the Duke ER because it  had escalated into pneumonia. Over the course of 6 months,  we went through every antibiotic known to man before I demanded our pediatrician to refer us to an ear, nose, and throat doctor for some tubes.

During that 6 months period of constant antibiotics, I searched high and low for better ways – healthier ways – to treat her ear infections. I never found any solutions that seemed appropriate for a toddler. So, now, 6 years later, I am excited to share Wendi Combes’ book The Childhood Ear Infection Epidemic (available on Amazon).

Wendi is a registered nurse and has over 20 years of experience in the health industry. Through her experience she has written this short book from a layman’s point of view and should not replace the expert medical advice of a certified doctor. But, this book looks at 8 treatment strategies parents can use to help prevent, sooth, or cure an ear infection.

Since 5 out of 6 kids will have an ear infection before the age of 3, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this book is worth a download to know a little more about your kids’ ear anatomy, causes for infections, and ways to naturally cure an infection.

Wendi has an easy to understand writing style that share the facts we need to know in helping to keep our kids healthy.

Have your kids’ suffered from ear infections? How do you deal with them?

Until Next Time,


This post is sponsored by Wendi Combes. All opinions are 100% mine.

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