The Right Teether for Your Teething Baby #GuestPost

The Right Teether for Your Teething Baby

Teething! This takes me down memory lane when my now 4 year old was teething. Drooling, biting down on any and everything she could grab and sticking things in her mouth to soothe the discomfort. Teething while it could be discomforting, every baby has to pass through this developmental phase which begins typically around 7 months, but can start as early as 3 months. The hallmark signs are swollen gums, baby chewing on fingers, irritability, tugging at their ears etc. Finding the right product to soothe your child is all a mom can think about during this developmental phase of a child.

I remember purchasing numerous products from the teething ring that you can freeze to the teething keys. None of these products were able to provide the relief I sought for my daughter because of either the poor design for a baby's small hands or the ring could not reach the molar gums further back in her mouth. This was quite frustrating for me as a mom to watch my daughter throw away these teethers because they did not do the job.

Mom and mii™ has created a great product for your teething baby. The right teether for your teething baby - The Bek Monkey Banana teether:

  • Perfect Soothing tool for Baby teething
  • Bek Monkey Banana teether reduces mom's stress by helping soothe baby's teething pain and itching gum
  • Bristle carefully designed to be soft and gentle in your baby's delicate mouth and gums. 
  • Comes with bonus attachment clip to attach to baby on the go and prevent possible contamination when dropped by baby.
  • Strategically designed to be the perfect size and shape for your baby's little hands. Light & Easy Grip for baby to hold to rub sore and itching gums.
  • Made from firm but delicate TPR material (combination of rubber and plastic) odorless, safe and flexible to protect baby's oral cavity.
  • Cute and Unique Banana design to attract baby's attention. Combines positive psychological influence to encourage baby to eat fruits. Special design (peeling Banana leaves) prevents teether from going too deep into baby's mouth, but allowing teether to reach itchy molars gum.
  • Bek the monkey teether is fun, safe, and non-toxic. 
  • Clean with water and dish washing soap before first use. 
  • Dish washer top rack safe and can be sterilized. 
  • Prior to first use, remove all packaging material and discard properly. 
  • Never leave child unattended while using teether, parental supervision advised. 
  • This is not a toothbrush, parents should be cautious that kids with teeth can bite and swallow parts of the teether. 

The Bek Monkey Teether is available on Amazon at Ives Corner. You can find us on Facebook and read more at our blog.

About the Author:
MomandmiiTM is an innovative baby product company. Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative baby care products that add value by saving time, provide comfort, save money, and improve the lives of our customers. MomandmiiTM products are KC certified which ensures high quality and good manufacturing practices are met. MomandmiiTM products are made from FDA approved child safe materials, BPA-Free and Free from child toxic materials.

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