Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor #ProductReview

Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor

Ah…the newborn baby stage. It’s such a sweet place to be as a parent. But it is an exhausting time to be a parent. And the best piece of new parent advice is “sleep when they are sleeping”. But of course you want to monitor them as they sleep. 

I remember our first monitoring system was the classic radio monitors. They worked fine enough. Through all of the static, I trained my ears to recognize a cough versus a cry or a rolling over baby versus a wide awake baby. It took some practice, but we never had the video system like the Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor.

The Foscam Baby Monitor would probably have eased much of my late night new mom worrying. With the Foscam Babycare Pan/Tilt Video Baby Monitor you can set up the camera, then use the handheld wireless monitor to adjust the angle of the camera around the room. The screen is voice activated so it sleeps when the room is quiet, and turns on when a voice is detected. It comes with night vision with an 800ft line of sight. Since it is a home baby monitor, the video cannot connect with an IP network. The entire product is guaranteed with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

I really like what this monitor has to offer for parents. For me, it is the peace of mind to see my sleeping bundle of joy and knowing everything is okay. I definitely consider it a sleek and affordable baby monitoring system that makes a great gift for any new parent. 

I see myself adding this item to my list of mom-approved baby shower gift ideas that I can use as the next round of babies start with my friends. This system is available on Amazon (Prime eligible) and worth every penny.

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