Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands #ProductReview

Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands

It’s the beginning of the year. I know every year, I make the same resolution as most Americans – get in shape. One type of exercise I really enjoy is yoga. It’s low impact. It’s relaxing. And it’s easy to do inside while the kids are napping.

When doing yoga, you definitely need a high quality yoga mat. I’ve tried it on the carpet. I slip and can’t hold the pose the way I need to for the best workout. Recently, I was introduced to Baymore Yoga Mats & Bands. Baymore Sports are high quality workout products. They offered to send me their hot pink yoga mat and a set of bands to review for my audience. Since I do yoga, I said yes.

When the mat arrived I was excited to try it out. Opening the box I was expecting a hot pink mat, but it was more of a red color. I wasn't offended by the color. Quite frankly, once I tried the mat and realized how much nicer it is compared to my old mat, the color was the last thing on my mind.

This yoga mat is thicker and provides a better grip than my old yoga mat. This means I am more comfortable during my yoga workouts whether at home or in a studio. I can feel that extra thickness as I transition from each pose. Plus, I love the fact that is is eco-friendly.

Baymore also sent me some yoga bands. Honestly, I don’t use resistant bands in my yoga (probably because I still haven’t mastered my poses and it takes all of my concentration to follow the routine). Nonetheless, I thought I’d try the bands and see what they were all about. The set of 3 came in different colors for different resistant strengths. They weren’t labeled which was which, so I tested all of them. I can see how adding them to my yoga routine could kick it up a notch. 

If you are looking for high quality yoga gear to help you with your healthy body goals, check out Baymore Sports on Amazon. They are reasonably priced and the products are high quality.

How do you plan on staying in shape this year?

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This post is sponsored by Baymore Sports. All opinions are 100% mine.


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