The Mother Duck's Pre-Packed Hospital Bags Make Sure You Have What You Need #Review

The Mother Duck's Pre-Packed Hospital Bags Make Sure You Have What You Need

Hospital Bag. Pre Packed Maternity Hospital Bag for labor & Delivery

After months of being pregnant, those last few weeks can be stressful as you prepare for your new bundle of joy. There are checklists of things you need to do to be prepared at home and at the hospital. As your head spins with all the things you need to remember, one piece of advice is to pack your hospital bag at least 3 weeks in advance.

I remember barely getting everything together a couple days before I went into labor. I still missed things I would’ve liked to have. The Mother Duck has the perfect solution for pregnant moms. Whether you are pregnant with your first, second, or third, they have adorable maternity bags that are pre-packed to make sure you have everything you need for the hospital.

These maternity bags come in several styles. Personally, I like the plaid options (purple & pink is totally my style). Each bag comes completely packed with 30 must-have items while you are in the hospital giving birth. From the basics – toothbrush, hair clips, shower kits, deodorant, a razor, etc. – to other items I would’ve loved to have during my maternity stay – pillow, eye mask, stress ball, headphones, notepad, and more.

Mother Duck has thought of everything you will need during your maternity stay at the hospital. All you need to add is your clothes, a robe, a night gown. These pre-packed hospital bags are a fantastic idea for any expectant mother and will save the expectant fathers some time searching for these items if baby decides to come early.

How far in advance did you have your maternity hospital bag packed?

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Handmade Perfect Party Dresses for Your Princess #EtsyShopReview

Pink Mouse Kids - Handmade Perfect Party Dresses for Your Princess

Having a daughter means being able to do all the fun girly-girl things, like dress up, nails, and make-up. We never did pageants, but she loves dressing up – for dance, for play, and for fun family dinners out. There is always the perfect dress for the next party when you have a daughter. 

This means having the perfect party dress on hand for that next family dinner. Pink Mouse Kids Etsy shop has a ton of great handmade fancy dresses and outfits for girls. One super adorable dress at Pink Mouse Kids is this Girls Fancy Dress. With its super cute design and added tulle for the right girly touch, this dress is made to order and the perfect party dress for any princess. You can order this dress for sizes 6 months to 8 years, so no matter your princess’s size, she can have this boutique dress that is truly one of a kind!

Pink Mouse Kids also has ruffle pants outfits, short sets for summer, and many more dress designs to choose from. They are so cute, all handmade, and made to order by shop owner Karyn. Karyn’s styles have won awards for her children’s clothing designs. You’ve got to check out all the styles at Pink Mouse Kids.

Does your little princess love fancy dresses?

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Love Your Pregnancy with Essential Prenatal Yoga by Yoginiology #Review

Love Your Pregnancy with Essential Prenatal Yoga by Yoginiology

Do you do yoga or take classes? For me, I love a good yoga workout. It stretches, strengthens, and centers my mind. I wish I had known more about the benefits of yoga when I was pregnant with both of my children. For the most part, I had easy pregnancies. However, exercising during pregnancy can be hard to find motivation and energy. 

I do believe if you can find a way to stay motivated to exercise it will help ease your pregnancy. Yoga is a great way to get the benefits of extra stretching and strengthening as your body is going through massive changes.

Essential Prenatal Yoga by Yoginiology is an online prenatal yoga class for expectant moms. Founded by Julie Schoen after discovering how much better she felt physically and mentally during her first pregnancy. Julie is a mom of 3 who takes her passion for yoga and motherhood to help expectant mothers embrace and love their bodies during pregnancy. 

You can learn to love your pregnancy through these prenatal yoga classes. Simply sign up at Yoginiology’s Prenatal Yoga page. Hear more about Julie’s story and get started on your prenatal journey to loving your pregnancy.

What prenatal workouts helped you through your pregnancy?

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5 Reasons You Should Do Prenatal Yoga #GuestPost

I'm not pregnant, but I love yoga and know there are benefits for prenatal yoga. Our guest post today offers some insights to how prenatal yoga can benefit your pregnancy. Please read and share with other pregnant moms so they can enjoy the benefits of prenatal yoga classes.

5 Reasons You Should Do Prenatal Yoga

By Julie Schoen

When I found out I was pregnant with my son back in 2011, I remember feeling both excited and scared, as I’m sure most women do. I thought that through my yoga practice I would be able to both calm my nerves and learn some important skills that would help me during labor. Four months into the pregnancy I was surprised to discover that I felt worse, my anxiety hadn’t subsided, and I was far from the calm, centered mom I expected to be. 

Fast forward to my third trimester and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I was truly happy with my pregnancy. I felt great, looked great, and, most importantly, I was calm and confident heading into my labor.

The change?

I started practicing prenatal yoga. A traditional yoga practice and a prenatal yoga practice, I learned, are two very different things. When I became pregnant for the second time with my daughter I practiced prenatal yoga exclusively. Now I share prenatal yoga with women around the world, helping them create the healthy, happy pregnancy they crave.

Here are five reasons why you should try prenatal yoga now:

It’s A Safe Way To Move: A lot of women come to me with questions about what is safe to do during all trimesters. While there are mixed opinions on running, weight lifting, etc. it is unanimous that prenatal yoga is safe and beneficial. By practicing prenatal yoga you are both strengthening and stretching your body, which helps to keep you comfortable and healthy throughout the nine-month journey.

You Learn To Breathe: As anyone who has had a baby before will tell you, breathing is key when it comes to labor and delivery. Unlike popular breathing classes designed specifically for labor, which can feel forced and unnatural, learning to breathe through your yoga practice will allow you to embody a powerful, calming breath, one that feels natural and supportive.

You Adapt To Change More Easily: Prenatal yoga emphasizes embracing and honoring change. By learning to move gracefully throughout the massive changes that take place, both mentally and physically, you are given the opportunity to really enjoy pregnancy. Letting go of old habits and thought patterns and being present with what is going on today is the best way to love every day (even the hard ones) of being pregnant.

You Gain A Supportive Community: By practicing prenatal yoga you are plugging into a community of women who can understand better than anyone what pregnancy is like. This group of women, whether in your physical community or a global community created online, will help you feel supported and nurtured, an invaluable part of a positive pregnancy.

You Connect with Your Baby: When practicing prenatal yoga you are not only taking time to take care of yourself, but you are also creating an opportunity to connect with your baby on a whole new level. Moving and breathing with your baby helps to form an even stronger bond.

To learn more about Prenatal Yoga and to try a free class, visit

Bath Buddy Toy Organizer – For Kids of All Ages #Review

Bath Buddy Toy Organizer – For Kids of All Ages

I thought once my kids got older and started taking showers that I could get rid of the bath toys. My youngest manages to sneak his action heroes into the shower. Then, of course, they get left scattered on the floor of the tub. This means I’m constantly cleaning up toys in the bath tub – like I did when they were babies in the bath.

Bath Buddy is a great toy organizer that works for those baby bath toys and for older kids who still like a toy in the tub. The mesh bag conveniently suctions to the wall of your bath tub so you can scoop the toys up and let them drain from the bag. The mesh is mold resistant. 

I’m surprised how much it actually holds. The large yellow transformer in the picture is quite a heavy action figure and the Bath Buddy holds strong every time we drop the figure in.

Each Bath Buddy toy organizer comes with additional suction cup hooks so you can hang wash clothes or poofs so they don’t dwell on your bath floor. The Bath Buddy is available on Amazon and is Prime qualified.

How old were your kids when they stopped playing with toys in the bath tub?

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Maximus' Sweet – Lactation Cookies for Breastfeeding Moms #Review

Maximus' Sweet – Lactation Cookies for Breastfeeding Moms

For new moms, the information about breastfeeding is plentiful. There is a lot to think about when you are breastfeeding. Nutrition for you and your baby is top of mind during the months you are breastfeeding your baby. What about your supply? Managing your supply and making sure your milk supply stays as long as you choose to breastfeed is important.

Madelaine at Maxiumus’ Sweet Etsy store sells lactation cookies that help stimulate your supply so you can continue breastfeeding as long as it is right for you and your baby. These lactation cookies are all made to order with high quality ingredients. Each order comes with 22 cookies and recommended to eat cookies per day.

Born out of her necessity to maintain her supply during a stressful time during her newborn’s first year, Madelaine has perfected her recipe of lactation cookies so they are delicious and packed with the exact ingredients to stimulate your supply.  She even has a dairy free/vegan cookie for those moms with allergies or babies with allergies.

Have you ever tried lactation cookies?

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